Larry Ellison

  • Yawn: How Did Big Tech Companies Turn into Big Boring Banks?

    Yawn: How Did Big Tech Companies Turn into Big Boring Banks?

    If you are reading TechCrunch you probably already realize this fact: Flavor-of-the-month consumer Internet companies have a way of hogging the spotlight. If you didn’t, we conveniently published some evidence of it yesterday. But that reality predates us by at least a decade. In 1999 when the world talked about Silicon Valley, they usually meant sexy dot coms. In 2005 when people… Read More

  • Larry Ellison Hearsay: "We Can't Be Successful if We Don't Lie to Customers"

    Long before Mark Pincus talked about making revenue any way he could, there was Oracle’s Larry Ellison. Brash, funny, ladies-man-playboy and intensely competitive, they don’t make tech entrepreneurs like Ellison anymore. Bloomberg’s Game Changers series is taking on Ellison in a special airing tomorrow at 6 pm pacific time on Bloomberg TV. It sounds like it’ll be a… Read More

  • Looks Like Top Gun 2 Is Cleared For Takeoff — All Thanks To Larry Ellison's Son

    Looks Like Top Gun 2 Is Cleared For Takeoff — All Thanks To Larry Ellison's Son

    Of all the movies made in the 1980s, Top Gun is definitely one of the best. It has everything you need in a movie: California, drinking, jets, tragedy, Kenny Loggins, cheesy one-liners, and, of course, volleyball. And it’s about to take flight once again. Yes, just like another 80s classic, Wall Street, the products/director behind the project are said to be prepping for a sequel… Read More

  • Oh Thank God Oracle Has a New Rivalry

    I used to cover enterprise software for BusinessWeek. You’re probably not impressed by that, and you shouldn’t be. That beat is a combination of a punishment and proving ground because despite being a huge market, most enterprise software purchases are ones that IT managers grow to hate and one that few everyday readers care much about. One thing has made enterprise software an… Read More

  • Larry Ellison Still Hates "Cloud Computing Nonsense" (Video)

    According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is a paradigm of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. According to Larry Ellison, it’s nonsense and water vapor. The chief executive of Oracle last week at the Churchill Club sat down with former Motorola CEO Ed Zander for a fireside chat about the future of the company… Read More

  • The 2009 List Of Tech Billionaires And How Much They Lost

    Forbes released its list of the world’s billionaires and it looks like the U.S. tech billionaires took a pretty hefty hit from the economic crisis. The 40 tech billionaires we identified on the list collectively lost $81.5 billion compared to their standing in last year’s list. That is a drop in the bucket compared to the $1.4 trillion in net worth that disappeared from the… Read More