• Google Teams With Twitter For Super Tuesday Tracking

    Google Teams With Twitter For Super Tuesday Tracking

    Google has teamed with Twitter to provide a Twitter/ Google mashup for Super Tuesday. Tweets relating to Super Tuesday are overlaid on a Google Map, along with other data including YouChoose ’08 videos, Google News election headlines and primary state results. The site is live here. Google is also offering gadgets with the results as they come in. Google has tracked big events before in a… Read More

  • Automattic Launches Group Twitter-style Platform

    Automattic Launches Group Twitter-style Platform

    Automattic has released Prologue, a Twitter style service for groups that is also being pitched as a distributed Twitter. According to Automattic’s founder Matt Mullenweg, the new service is way for users to share short messages with a corporate structure, or with private messaging between different groups. Mullenweg says that although it’s not initially aimed at becoming a distributed… Read More

  • Google buys social mobile startup Jaiku

    Google buys social mobile startup Jaiku

    BREAKING NEWS: Jaiku, the Twitter (and Pownce)-like service from Finland, has been bought by Google. Jaiku Founders Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen today posted this on their homepage: “While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new friends at Google over the coming months to expand in ways we hope you’ll find interesting and useful. Read More

  • Jaiku Adds Instant Messaging

    Jaiku Adds Instant Messaging

    Microblogging platform Jaiku has added Jabber-based instant messaging capabilities to its service. The new feature will allow Jaiku users using Jaiku’s Web, iPhone, and Nokia Series 60 smart phone clients to communicate with users on Jabber-based IM networks including Google Talk. Functionality includes the ability to instantly add and read new posts, comments, channel messages, and receive… Read More

  • TwitKu: Single Interface For Twitter And Jaiku

    TwitKu: Single Interface For Twitter And Jaiku

    TwitKu is a new site that is sort of a Meebo (web instant messaging) for the Twitter and Jaiku “presence blogging” services. The site brings your Twitter and Jaiku accounts onto one screen and adds a posting interface that allows you to post just to one of the services, or to both. The benefit for many people that use both services religiously is obvious. Very simple and very useful… Read More

  • Kevin v. Evan

    So I’ve had a week now to play around with Pownce, Kevin Rose’s (the founder of Digg, pictured left) newly launched Twitter killer. Twitter, which launched a year ago, was obviously used as the initial inspiration for the Pownce. They both allow users to sign up, add friends, and broadcast quick notes to people. The main differences: Twitter is mobile-ready, allowing users to receive… Read More