Jaiku Uncaps Invites, Migrates to Google Infrastructure

Things have been quiet over at Jaiku since its acquisition by Google last Fall. People worried that Google may have ruined Twitter’s most formidable competitor by requiring the Finnish startup to labor away for months integrating its service into Google’s technology stack instead of rolling out new features. All the while, new signups have been disabled and invitations limited, which has cut the service off from a healthy stream of new users.

But now we’re seeing some signs of life. Jaiku has moved its software over to a Google data center and has given its existing users an unlimited number of invites to send their friends.

The new data center isn’t Jaiku’s final resting place, merely a step towards running things on Google App Engine. However, it’s an important one for a company that appears to be preparing itself first and foremost for scalability (a problem that notoriously has plagued Twitter).

As VentureBeat points out, Jaiku has also introduced a new terms of service and privacy policy, so it’s getting its legal house in order as well.

Are you a Jaiku member? Share some of your unlimited invitations with outsiders over at InviteShare.