• Jabra Solemate Max Review: The Sneaker Speaker Balloons To Basketball Player Proportions

    Jabra Solemate Max Review: The Sneaker Speaker Balloons To Basketball Player Proportions

    Jabra, like Jawbone, used to make Bluetooth headsets back when those were all the rage. Their popularity never extended beyond the ranks of particularly annoying real estate agents and I guess “rainmakers” in various fields, however, and so Jawbone, and later Jabra, turned their Bluetooth expertise to another task: making speakers. Jabra’s Solemate line now has an entry in… Read More

  • Gift Guide: Jabra Solemate

    Gift Guide: Jabra Solemate

    I use the Solemate. That’s the highest recommendation that I can give a product. I use the Solemate around my house. The sound easily fills rooms. I travel with the Solemate to compensate for hotel’s lowly clock radios. With Bluetooth and clever storage for a 3.5mm cable, it always ready for an impromptu party. Plus, it charges from microUSB. This is the best portable speaker for… Read More

  • Jabra, Logitech Ink Distribution Agreement, Look For "Logitech powered by Jabra" Products Next Month

    Partnerships can bring big things for the companies involved and Jabra and Logitch just announced an agreement that will allow Logitech to offer several Unified Communications Jabra headsets under the co-branded name of “Logitech powered by Jabra.” This agreement will place Jabra’s UC headsets into Logitech’s US channel partners and business customers with the… Read More

  • Jabra Wave Coming Exclusively To Verizon Stores

    Bluetooth headsets are the gel shoe inserts of the mobile world. You rarely think of them but when you find a good one you’re in heaven. The Jabra Wave, coming this week, looks to be one of the good ones. Read More

  • Review: Plantronics Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth headset

    There’s a small market for Bluetooth headsets that come with auto-pairing dongles. Some peeps need a quick and reliable way to use software like Microsoft Office Communicator and Skype and so I tested out the Jabra GO 6430 a few weeks back. While I found the audio superb, it didn’t fit right in my ear. Plantronics heard my cry and sent me the Voyager PRO UC. This boy is comfy. Read More

  • Jabra announces white version of their Stone headset

    When Jabra announced the Stone headset last year (and tormented Matt), we really liked it. John dug the design, and Jabra’s headset’s never lack in the quality department. What they were lacking was color. Well good news, if you’ve been holding out because you wanted a headset that matched your earbuds, Jabra is ready to help you out. Read More

  • Review: Jabra GO 6430 Bluetooth headset

    The Jabra GO 6430 headset has the best audio clarity I’ve ever heard from a Bluetooth headset. It’s unmatched. It’s too bad that my ear and the headset don’t get along. Read More

  • The Jabra Clipper gives the gift of Bluetooth to any 3.5mm headset

    Jabra wasn’t going to be left out of the MWC fun and so the Clipper was announced. The little Bluetooth device features a novel clip for securing to an article of clothing and a 3.5mm jack for your favorite earphones. Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP, EDR, and AVRCP technology gives the clipper everything it needs including the ability to automagically pause media playback when a phone call comes in. Read More

  • Jabra launches two new bluetooth devices at CES

    Good news for Jabra fans; they just announced two new Bluetooth devices at CES. For the traditional headset wearer we’ve got the Jabra Extreme, and for the speakerphone fan we’ve got the Cruiser Bluetooth speakerphone. Both devices use Jabra’s new Noise Blackout technology, to cut down on the background noise issues. Read More

  • An interview with Johan Birger, part of the Jabra Stone design team

    It’s not every day I get excited about a Bluetooth headset but the Jabra Stone is an exception. The headset, in short, looks like a smooth stone. The earpiece fits into a small, portable charging unit and almost disappears in your pocket. The electronics inside are amazingly small and include dual microphones to reduce wind and traffice noises. In order to get to the bottom of this… Read More

  • Review: Jabra Halo Bluetooth stereo headphones

    I love wireless technology and will write-off a lot of its downfalls for the advantages. For instance, it doesn’t bother me that the audio quality of the Jabra Halo is sub-par, because they are wireless and very comfortable. Plus, I can deal with a lot of connection issues if I can eventually get it to connect, but the Jabra Halo headset failed me one too many times. Read More

  • Jabra, you got me good with the Stone headset teaser pack

    So I got home a few minutes ago, grabbed the mail and sat down to watch Michigan sneak a win over Indiana. I noticed a small, black package in the mail, but I didn’t care about it until I was sure that Michigan was going to hold off Indiana. After all, I thought, it was probably just another flash drive with some random press release on it. After Michigan intercepted the ball – and… Read More

  • Review: Jabra SP200 Bluetooth speakerphone

    Short version: The Jabra SP200 is huge Bluetooth speakerphone with extra large controls and extra loud volume. Read More

  • Review: Jabra BT530 Bluetooth headset

    Short Version: Another Jabra Bluetooth headset with O.K. sound quality and range, but sports a true on/off switch. Not a soft button, but a real, honest to goodness, on/off switch. Praise jebus! Read More

  • Jabra SP700 loaded with Bluetooth goodies and a clip – yes, a clip

    My goodness. Look at all the sexy the Jabra SP700 sports. Bluetooth has never looked so good. Touted as a desktop or car Bluetooth speakerphone, this little guy is going to turn heads. The clip allows it to rest on your desk or clipped to your car’s sunviser. Of course the $99 speakerphone is loaded with a FM modulator and the most impressive goodie piggybacks off it. When a call comes… Read More

  • New Jabra 3-in-1 Bluetooth Headset

    Laptop speakers, a speaker phone and headphones. That’s the Jabra BT8030. It works via Bluetooth, hence the “BT” part of the model number. You’ll get 32 hours of talk time, 26 hours in speaker mode, 600 hours of standby time and -$235 of readily available cash. That seems like a lot, but hey, I’ve always had trouble trying to meditate in the middle of a subway… Read More

  • Jabra Klipsch Stereo For Mobile Phones

    Jabra and Klipsch have teamed up to bring you a speaker dock for your mobile phone. Apparently, consumers want a speaker dock to listen to whatever it is they have crammed on their handset. Would any of you actually use this? You have the ability to hook up whatever else you feel like to the speaker system via mini-USB or AV-in, but why would anyone want to drop $150 for this? Do I really want… Read More

  • LG Jabra Geeks Out

    Walking around most big cities you’ll see tons of people with their Bluetooth headsets yapping away. This is all well and good. But anyone who has their headset in while they’re not actually talking makes me think evil thoughts. Which is why I’m up in the air about this new LG headset. Designed with Jabra, this odd Bluetooth headset, BT135, isn’t the smallest or… Read More

  • NBA, Jabra, and T-Mobile Shoot Hoops Together

    A lot of people are REALLY into their sports. Sports are your personal way of showing off the pride and compassion you have for your hometown. So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset and love basketball, then you’re in luck! T-Mobile is offering a new promotion along with the NBA where subscribers purchasing the Jabra BT 160 Bluetooth headset, can customize it with the logo… Read More

  • Jabra BT-Series Headsets: The BT Stands for Bluetooth Quality

    Here we present the BT8010, a stereo Bluetooth headset that streams audio from a cellphone and or an MP3 player alongside the BT 325s and the 320s. All of them connect to Bluetooth phones and all offer stereo audio from either a Bluetooth enabled MP3 player or a headphone jack. The 8010 actually consists of a “mono” headset that turns into a stereo headset by connecting the two… Read More