Review: Jabra GO 6430 Bluetooth headset

The Jabra GO 6430 headset has the best audio clarity I’ve ever heard from a Bluetooth headset. It’s unmatched. It’s too bad that my ear and the headset don’t get along.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works comes with quick-connect PC dongle
  • Works with Skype and Office Communicator
  • 6 hours of talk time
  • Charging dock
  • MSRP of $190


  • Amazing clarity
  • Charges via microUSB
  • Simple sync to a PC with included dongle


  • Very uncomfortable to wear
  • Very large


The Jabra GO 6430 is absolutely the best sounding headset on the face of this earth. Never before have I heard such detail and clarity from a wireless headset. You would swear that you were talking to God via a fiber optic link.

With that being said, I can’t wear this headset for more than a few minutes. It hurts my ear canal, which is weird because I’ve never had any issues with ear buds or headsets before. But this one bothers me to the point that I stopped using it. That’s a shame because I really enjoyed the sound quality.

The headset ships with a dongle that makes it very easy to link to a computer. Simply plug in the USB dongle, hit the button and you’re connected. There’s no fussing around with Bluetooth settings and whatnot. Even Skype instantly picked up the device and allowed me to use it. I love that.

The headset does have a small limitation in that it does not support streaming media. This is rather strange as even most budget headsets these days will allow users to listen to local media. But for some reason this $190 model does not. Maybe it’s because Jabra felt that the business types that this headset is meant for wouldn’t want to listen to their Tom Jones albums on the go.

The bottom line is that I can still totally recommend this headset because of the sound quality despite the fact that it physically hurt me. Everyone’s ears are different so it might fit others just fine. Just make sure it’s purchased from a retailer with a fair return policy in case it gives you an earache, too.

Product Page

Note to Jabra: Your website for so-called businesses is way over-complicated. It shouldn’t take me five minutes to find this model on the site or a worthless mini-site.

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