Jabra upgrades its Sport wireless headphones with new fitness features

Just in time (fingers sweatily crossed) for it to start being a little less excruciatingly hot outside, Jabra will be offering up refreshes to its line of fitness-tracking wireless headphones.

The higher-end Sport Pulse bring VO2 Max tracking to the proceedings. What, you ask, is VO2 Max tracking? Don’t feel bad, I wasn’t 100-percent sure, either, but the technology has been offered up on a handful of fitness trackers, including, perhaps most notably, the Microsoft Band 2.

Essentially, it’s a measure of the level of oxygen the blood can process. It’s a cardiovascular health metric, and something that has traditionally been relegated to a lab setting. The Sport Pulse brings that measurement to the wearer’s ears, which, combined with its other health monitoring, offers a number with which it’ll aurally coach you through the rest of the workout in-real time. The earbuds also monitor heart, track distance, calories burned, and the like – the standard fitness tracking fare.

jabra 1

The Sport Coach Special Edition, meanwhile, feature TrackFit motion sensing, which offers up rep counting for different exercises, logging data for activities like push-ups, lunges and burpees, and letting you know when it’s time to move on to the next one.

Both headphones feature IP55 rated dust and water resistance, meaning they’ll handle sweat just fine, but probably don’t go swimming with them. According to Jabra, sound, call quality and passive noise cancellation have all been improved, as well. They’re both set for a Q3 launch, priced at $160 for the Pulse and $120 for the Coach.