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  • StatCounter: IE6 Usage Falls Below 5% In The US, But IE8 Still On The Rise

    Microsoft’s oft-lamented browser, Internet Explorer 6, may finally be put to rest. This will make many a Web developer happy – but also Microsoft itself. Web analytics company StatCounter claims its latest global data set shows IE6 usage in the US and Europe has fallen to 4.7 percent of the market from 11.5 percent a year ago. That said, IE8 usage in the US increased to 30.5 percent… Read More

  • Where Did Internet Explorer's Browser Share Go?

    Yesterday, browser market share figures came out from Net Applications, and the big news is how Chrome is moving up the ranks at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and even Firefox, compared to December.  But you have to look further back to get a sense of what is really happening. The various flavors of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, and IE8) together have 62.1 percent… Read More

  • Woah, People Really Don't Like IE6

    People, especially web developers and designers, tend to have a profound dislike of Internet Explorer 6. That’s not news, but it keeps amazing me how deep this hate runs. Consider my recent article on YouTube prompting IE6 users to please switch to a modern browser, which garnered no less than 391 comments and over 2300 retweets. Needless to say, most people were applauding the… Read More