Woah, People Really Don't Like IE6

People, especially web developers and designers, tend to have a profound dislike of Internet Explorer 6. That’s not news, but it keeps amazing me how deep this hate runs. Consider my recent article on YouTube prompting IE6 users to please switch to a modern browser, which garnered no less than 391 comments and over 2300 retweets. Needless to say, most people were applauding the Google company for the move and encouraging each other to spread the word etc.

Of course, the main reason why IE6 is still being used at all is because of corporate IT departments across the globe needing to make upgrade decisions. And we all know these things can take (far too much) time, particularly in major companies where the IT force oversees thousands if not hundreds of thousands of computers.

Now a passionate bunch of IE6 haters, their fire apparently fueled by our earlier post, is once again taking to the Web to shout out “Hey IT” and attempt to persuade IT departments into getting a move on the browser upgrade decision making.

The arsenal of weaponry: the website, some funny posters, a Facebook group and a Twitter campaign.

I’m sanely skeptical that this effort will make any difference, but can’t blame one for trying, right?

Update: apparently the Hey IT website isn’t IE6 or IE7-friendly (oh, the irony).

Update 2: there’s also IE6Update.com