• Beware: The Verizon Voyager will apparently kill the iPhone

    Beware: The Verizon Voyager will apparently kill the iPhone

    The Voyager is so awesome, your hand will tremble in fear Oh you heard right my friends. You better watch the hell out come this Autumn, ’cause Verizon has a phone coming out that is going to show that iPhone who’s boss. According to Verizon’s Wireless CMO, the Voyager is not only the “best” phone, but it’s also going to “kill the iPhone”. Strong… Read More

  • Destroy all phones: Portable GSM phone jammer

    Destroy all phones: Portable GSM phone jammer

    Want to know why I don’t got to the movies anymore? Because consistently and without fail all the times I’ve gone in the past two years I’ve sat behind or in front of — always very near — people talking on the phone. Seriously. So in leiu of throwing Junior Mints at them, I suspect I’ll just get this portable phone jammer for $166 and cut them off at the source. Read More

  • Motorola Big in China

    Motorola Big in China

    Motorola announced yesterday contracts with China Mobile Communications Corp, which is part of China Mobile Ltd. The new contracts are worth a cool $394 million for which Motorola has supplied China Mobile with GSM infrastructure equipment including the Horizon II Base stations. This isn’t the first time Motorola has worked with China Mobile, and the two companies have had a relationship for… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Goes Rural

    Verizon Wireless Goes Rural

    Today Verizon Wireless announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Rural Cellular Corporation to further enhance the Verizon Wireless’ network coverage in markets adjacent to its existing service areas, and increase coverage by 4.7 million, and customer base by more than 700,000. The terms of the deal would have Verizon Wireless acquire Rural Cellular for approximately $2.67… Read More

  • Life is Good Indeed

    Life is Good Indeed

    LG Electronics likes to say that “Life’s Good” and for their mobile phone unit, this couldn’t be more true. LG Electronics earned its largest-ever quarterly operating profit in the mobile phone sector, while rival Samsung Electronics actually suffered a decrease in sales. LG’s growth is attributed to an increase in sales of its GSM handsets in Europe as well as… Read More

  • Nokia 6085: High-End Features on a Consumer Clamshell

    Nokia 6085: High-End Features on a Consumer Clamshell

    Nokia today introduces us to a new GSM clamshell, the 6085. A fairly decent mass market phone, the 6085 has all the standard features you’d expect from a phone in this category, including a VGA camera, monochrome external display, Bluetooth and a bonus FM tuner. What makes this phone interesting is that Nokia has decided to add features normally reserved for high-end phones, like support for… Read More