Sprint To Sell The iPhone 4S With Unlocked MicroSIM Slot

It’s beginning to look like CDMA iPhone 4S customers may have the edge when it comes to international roaming. Macworld reports that Sprint will be selling their version of the iPhone 4S with an unlocked MicroSIM card slot right out of the gate.

That’s right: no arguing with CSRs and no warranty-voiding unlock procedures. It would seem that since Sprint knows you’re bound to them for two years anyway, they’re more than happy to keep sending you bills while you’re living in up in Mallorca.

The news is sure to please seasoned international travelers, as now all it takes is a foreign MicroSIM card (or a full-sized one and a bit of ingenuity) to dodge those hefty roaming charges. Sure, tracking down a fresh SIM card whenever you touch down in a foreign airport takes a little extra work, but I like to think the savings outweigh the hassle.

The only thing that’s still up in the air is whether or not a Sprint iPhone will play nice with a domestic AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card. Macworld’s Jason Snell believes it’s solely for international roaming, and I’d be inclined to agree, but we’ll have our answer when someone inevitably tries it this Friday.

Meanwhile, Verizon has also confirmed the availability of unlocked iPhone 4Ss, albeit with a catch. Avid travelers can wait 60 days after purchasing their shiny new iPhone, after which Verizon will unlock the phone’s GSM capabilities. It’s not a huge surprise from Verizon — it’s long been part of their policy for the few CDMA/GSM phones they had — but it’s a certainly a welcome one.