• Microsoft Launches Office 365 For Government

    Microsoft Launches Office 365 For Government

    Google scored an important win over Microsoft a few weeks ago when it won a $35 million U.S. government contract to bring its cloud-based office solution to the Department of the Interior. Microsoft’s legacy solutions, of course, remain a staple in government offices, but as more and more agencies want to move their productivity and collaboration services to the cloud, Microsoft is… Read More

  • U.S. House Passes Controversial CISPA Cybersecurity Bill 248 To 168

    U.S. House Passes Controversial CISPA Cybersecurity Bill 248 To 168

    This afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) by a vote of 248 to 168. Unlike SOPA, which focused on copyright violations, CISPA wants to give Internet companies and the U.S. government the tools to protect and defend themselves against cyber attacks by sharing information with each other. Critics, however… Read More

  • U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Gets Open Source, Publishes on GitHub

    U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Gets Open Source, Publishes on GitHub

    I’ve been harping for a while here on TechCrunch about the benefits of open source software. I often quote Canonical’s Technical Architect Allison Randal, who said “Free software is a fundamentally superior model for developing software.” Free and open source software enabled much of the innovation we write about here at TechCrunch, but it’s been slow to move… Read More

  • The Government Wants To Build An App Store For Real-Life Jack Bauers

    The Government Wants To Build An App Store For Real-Life Jack Bauers

    The US Department of Defense Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit is look for a few good coders to help build apps and an entire app store for bomb technicians and soldiers involved in ordnance handling. This is when sliding to unlock could mean the difference between life or death. The request for proposals is as dull as dirt (you can read it hear) but the requirements are clear… Read More

  • Google to Settle with U.S. Government for $500 Million

    Google to Settle with U.S. Government for $500 Million

    Today, regulators will announce a $500 million settlement with Google over charges related to advertisements for illegal online pharmacies. The pharmacies appearing in Google ads were operating outside the law, leading to a Department of Justice investigation into Google’s advertising practices – an investigation which decreased Google’s profits by 22%, reports the The New… Read More

  • TomTom Traffic Stats: Know Your Traffic Patterns (If You're In Government)

    Some infrastructure news for your Monday afternoon. Pretend this is Civlization V. TomTom has a new traffic database called TomTom Traffic Stats that makes it easier for BIG GOVERNMENT for study traffic patterns and the like. A sort of, “Hmm, maybe we should add a traffic light there, there seems to be a lot of slowing down and confusion as people approach the intersection.” Read More

  • Did America Lose its Cleantech Mojo, or Did Brazil, Germany and China Just Get More? (TCTV)

    Nat Goldhaber of Claremont Creek Ventures thinks that 2011 will be the year of the cleantech IPO…finally. So does that mean that America hasn’t totally lost the cleantech race after all? The most optimistic case is that we’re in a clump of countries leading the pack. The glass-half-empty version: Politics, boneheaded legislation and our lousy capital markets will saddle… Read More

  • Secretary of Energy Chu: We Have Taken Our Technological Leadership For Granted

    Secretary of Energy and Nobel laureate, Steven Chu, dropped by the Googleplex on Friday for a fireside chat on renewable energy and the state of America’s green tech industry. Speaking to Urs Hölzle, Google’s SVP of Operations, Chu told a room full of Googlers that although he was largely optimistic about America’s green future, he was frustrated by how much the US had… Read More

  • Can The Government Track You Via GPS Without Your Knowledge Or Permission?

    The government is coming after you! Run for the hills! Oh, wait, the government owns the hills! Shrill, yes, but there’s a point. A recent article in Time magazine paints a fairly scary picture of the potential for the government to use GPS (originally a military creation, remember) to track your every move. Will this happen? Eh, pretty hard to see that happening—but it could happen. Read More