• What Are The Best Startups Of 2011? #Crunchies

    What Are The Best Startups Of 2011? #Crunchies

    As open nominations for the 5th annual Crunchies awards enters its final week (nominate here until Dec 13), it’s time to figure out which are the best startups and products of 2011. The Crunchies, which we co-host along with GigaOm and VentureBeat, has 20 categories spanning but the most anticipated awards, the ones we save for last, are Best Overall Startup and Best New Startup of… Read More

  • Airbnb Is Thinking About Partnering With Car-Sharing Services

    Airbnb Is Thinking About Partnering With Car-Sharing Services

    Airbnb, a marketplace that allows people to rent their homes and apartments via the web, is considering entering┬áthe car-sharing space. In a survey sent to us by an Airbnb host, the startup is asking hosts if they would rent out their cars along with their residences. As shown in the screenshots below, Airbnb asks if owners allowed a guest to use a car during a stay, and if owners would rent… Read More

  • The Power Of Online-To-Offline Is Moving Beyond Local Commerce

    The Power Of Online-To-Offline Is Moving Beyond Local Commerce

    While the idea of ‘online to offline’ for purchasing is proving to be powerful in the local commerce world, the trend of linking the physical world to the web is producing a number of startups that are innovating beyond just purchasing from local merchants or finding a product nearby. Many of the most interesting startups that have emerged over the past year or so are making our… Read More

  • Disrupt NYC: The Final Battle (Video)

    After 30 startups launching on stage at Disrupt NYC, it all culminated in the final battle between six finalists: Getaround, BillGuard, Sonar, Do@, ccLoop, and InvoiceASAP. What made this final battle so fascinating to watch was not only the quality of the startups, but the quality of the judges: Fred Wilson, Ron Conway, Marisa Mayer, Roelof Botha, and Josh Kopelman. We put together the… Read More

  • Disrupt NYC, In Tweets

    I am still recovering from Disrupt NYC. It was our biggest event ever, and we’ll be posting more videos and highlights throughout the next few days. But here are a couple of charts that give a snapshot of the activity around the event as measured by Tweets with the event hashtag #TCDisrupt (thanks for the charts, Simply Measured). In the chart above you can see the distribution of… Read More

  • And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt NYC Is…Getaround!

    Three days and 32 startup pitches later, the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt has been determined. Out of the 30 startups and two audience choice winners, we whittled the list down to six finalists, which include Billguard, ccLoop, Do@, Getaround, InvoiceASAP, and Sonar. Without further ado, the two runners-up are Billguard and Sonar (that’s the first time we’ve had two runners-up). Read More

  • Getaround Signed Up 1,600 Cars In A Day; That's 20 Percent Of Zipcar's Fleet

    TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist Getaround is already disrupting the current car sharing industry, only a day after its launch. As we wrote yesterday, GetAround is a car rental market place where you can rent a car by the day, hour or week through a smartphone app. Getaround’s all inclusive package, which includes insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance, a Getaround car-kit, iPhone… Read More

  • The P2P Evolution

    The P2P Evolution

    Many years ago, after graduating college, I came home before moving to NYC, wondering how I would scrounge together the money for the first month’s rent and security deposit so my friends and I could all live together in the Big Apple. I had one month to get the cash, and instead of going out for traditional, hourly-wage work, I decided to go through all of my old stuff and throw it on eBay. Read More

  • GetAround Is The AirBnB For Car Rentals

    AirBnB, a startup that provides a marketplace to connect travelers with people who have some room for accommodation to spare in cities, has seen considerable success (and drawn a little controversy as well) with its model. Today, we’ve come across a nifty startup called GetAround that has taken AirBnB’s model and applied it to car rentals. The startup, which provides a social… Read More