• My day as a Ford crash test dummy

    I have the wrong job. After spending the day at Ford’s Product Development Center, I’m ready to start training to be a test driver. That is as long as it comes with good chiropractic coverage ’cause I’m feeling the pain after riding shotgun in only a few tests. First there was the headache-inducing ride in a 2010 Ford Taurus that demonstrated the AdvanceTrak… Read More

  • Can the Ford Fusion Hybrid travel 1,000 miles on one tank of gas?

    I say no, but that’s just me. What do I know, I just spent 10 days driving 3,200 miles in a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. But I’m not hyper-miller Wayne Gerdes or NASCAR driver Carl Edwards who are about to attempt this feat by spending 43 continues hours driving the hybrid a 1,000 miles. Ford states that the car will need to average 57 mpg to achieve the goal, which I guess is… Read More

  • Video: Ford Active Park Assist demo

    I dropped by the NY Auto Show yesterday and checked out this active park assist thing from Ford. I was a little skeptical about a self-parallel parking car, but it is 2009 and I’m pretty sure we were supposed to have flying cars by now. Check out the demo I got in the Lincoln MKS. Read More

  • Test Drive: 2010 Ford Fiesta

    The NY Auto Show kicks off later this week, but we’ve already seen a few things worth mentioning. We’re on the fence about the P.U.M.A., the new GTi from VW is nice (details later today), but the Scirocco would have been a lot cooler and then there’s the 2010 Ford Fiesta. Oh yes, the Fiesta from Europe is coming stateside and it’s looking pretty mean. We had the chance… Read More

  • Opera Browser Chosen For "Mobile Office" Computer In Ford Pickup Trucks

    Can the Web save the Big 3 automobile companies? Probably not, but making Web-friendly vehicles could help to sell a few more cars. Tech companies have increasingly been showcasing web applications for automobiles. Microsoft was working with Hyundai on making an in-car computing system and OnStar may be incorporating Twitter into its vehicle systems. Now Ford will be allowing owners of the… Read More

  • Video: The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid's instrument cluster

    Ford speak for the Fusion’s new display cluster is SmartGauge Cluster with EcoGuide; I call it the coolest thing about the car. Two LCD displays flank either side of the speedometer and display vast amounts of info. Thankfully though, Ford leaves it up to the driver with four different settings on just how much info it displays. These two screens signal a departure from the standard… Read More

  • Matt Burns, a Ford Fusion, and You

    Our own Matt Burns will be driving from Dearborn, Michigan to San Francisco in a new Ford Fusion Hybrid, a Ford we can all truly be excited about. He’ll be running contests and reporting live from the road so if there’s anyplace you think he should visit, speak now or forever hold your peace. Matt’s trip was even written up in the local Flint news where he describes his job… Read More

  • Test Drive: Ford Flex

    A wee bit ago I took a spin in the Ford Flex here in NYC. While it’s not a geek’s dream, it does have a few high tech goodies that kept my interest. That’s what we’re going to focus on with these Test Drive features going forward since we’re not an auto blog. Read More

  • Test Drive: 2009 Lincoln MKS AWD

    This ain’t your daddy’s Lincoln Town Car. In fact, it’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before. With balls to the wall power and a teeth shattering sound system, the MKS from Lincoln is a whole other beast. And I like it. Like our other Test Drive features, I won’t get into the gearheadesque details of reviewing a car, but, rather, focus on… Read More

  • Video: A stupendously exciting demo of Ford's Sync 3.0

    Ford and Microsoft has been hard at work upgrading their lovechild named Sync 3.0. The latest version upgrades simply adds more features but maintains the easy-to-use voice-activated system. Simply press the button on the steering wheel and say one of the pre-recorded commands. That’s it. Simple and easy. Exciting video demo after the break. Read More

  • Video: First drive of Ford's 140mpg Plug-in Escape

    After a quick breathalyzer test at 11:30 am, we were granted access for a spin in Ford’s upcoming escape. Overall, we came away impressed with the drive but curious about the plug-in’s price will be set at for the 2012 model year. Will it be higher than the seemingly inferior Chevy Volt? Ford’s being tight lipped ’bout it probably while it surveys the… Read More

  • Internet everywhere

    Show of hands: who remembers WebTV? It was a great idea that was ahead of its time. Today, though, it seems like every product under the sun is Internet-connected, whether there’s demonstrable benefit or not. Sure, there’s an in-dash computer in a Ford F150 pickup allows service techs to browse the web. Is that a good idea? Tech companies are struggling with the question of… Read More

  • Active Park Assist demo'd on video

    Info ’bout Ford’s Active Park Assist parallel parking wizardry recently broke cover and now the Blue Oval released a video demo of the system. It seems to work well in the company-made video but excuse me while I hold judgement until a real hands on emerges. Video after the break. Read More

  • Ford to automate parallel parking with Active Park Assist

    Parallel parking is the bane of many student drivers but is an important skill to master. Ford, however, is set to take away all the fun and automate the process in upcoming Lincoln models. The system, dubbed Active Park Assist in Ford speak, seems to create the same result as Lexus’s system but ditches cameras in favor of ultrasonic sensors. Read More

  • Ford's new dash HUD: very cool

    Considering the very nature of vehicular transport is changing, it stands to reason that the all-important cluster of gauges and warning lights ought to change as well. And nothing’s more versatile than an LCD screen. In Ford’s new 2010 hybrids, instead of mechanical gauges and such, you’ll be able to choose your own electronically displayed readouts, and I imagine customize… Read More

  • Ford announces MyKey feature for 2010 fleet

    Debuting with the 2010 Ford Focus is MyKey, a teenage drivers worst nightmare. With the MyKey feature enabled, parents will be able to govern how fast their child can drive and annoy them with other regulations. A chip in the key of said teen driver will trigger software that restricts the vehicle from going over 80 mph along with limiting the audio system’s volume and a six-second beep… Read More

  • Latest Bond movie pimping a Ford Ka

    Nothing screams super-spy, gadget tech like a Ford Ka hatchback: 13-inch rims, 45 mpg, and sexy metallic gold paint job. The last Bond flix had a Euro-spec Ford Mondeo sedan cameo, but Bond’s female counterpart is expected to pilot this European Blue Oval in the Quantum of Solace. Who knows what gadgety is stuffed into the tiny car, but the grill is big enough to house at least four… Read More

  • Microsoft and Ford team up for SINK!

    Please see Microsoft’s Surface. via TC Read More

  • Honda's hydrogen-fueled car coming to California

    Honda will be leasing a limited number of its FCX Clarity sedans in California this upcoming summer. The cars use hydrogen fuel cells that’ll be topped off via a "home fueling station that uses a home’s existing natural gas supply to produce hydrogen." Read More

  • Breaking: Microsoft Preps Car Zune

    Best graphic ever?
    Microsoft this week received a patent that could have a profound effect on the car audio landscape. The newly minted patent covers a portable audio device that can be docked and/or integrated into a car stereo. The union would allow the devices to transfer media and data back-and-forth. The guts of the patent boil down to this key point: Read More