• Ford's Sync AppLink is the missing link between driver and smartphone

    Ford keeps rolling out updates to its Sync ecosystem, this time giving drivers hands-free control of select BlackBerry and Android apps with AppLink. The system will first be available for the 2011 Ford Fiesta later this year with the upgrade rolling out to all Sync-equipped vehicles next year. While the voice-activated service only works with certain apps, it’s still a welcomed addition. Read More

  • Video hands-on: 2010 Ford Taurus SHO

    The 2010 Ford Taurus SHO is quite possibly the geekest car to ever wear the blue oval. It’s packed with nearly every technology option that Ford has available. Let’s call it the working-nerds Audi A8 because while it doesn’t have an NVIDIA Tegra-powered entertainment cluster with Google Earth and handwriting input, there are more than enough gadgets and gizmos to keep most… Read More

  • MyFord Touch Driver Connect Technology

    Ford announced today their move to upgrade their SYNC in-car communications system into MyFord Touch. This all-encompassing system integrates not only your cell phone or portable media device, but now your GPS, air conditioning, audio library, and much more. Multiple touch screens will replace the traditional dashboard of your car, and remember that mobile Wi-Fi hotspot we were talking… Read More

  • Ford and MIT studying driver stress levels

    Your next Ford might have flowers, pastel colors, or calming scents coming from the interior. All of this will be aimed at reducing stress, and allow the driver to better connect with their vehicle. Read More

  • Ford's SYNC might change the way we use Internet in our cars

    Ford is set to announce the next version of SYNC at CES this year, but an interesting feature leaked early. Apparently SYNC 3.0 will play nicely with USB modems and turn the car into a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot. The official announced hasn’t been release just yet so keep in mind a key detail my be missing, but so far we like it. This solution is dramatically more versatile and… Read More

  • Ford lets people reserve a 2011 Ford Fiesta online

    Ford revealed recently that they’ve had over 1,000 pre-orders placed online, using their new car-reservation site for the 2011 Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta has been available in the UK since last year, but this will be the first time in many years since there has been a new Fiesta in the US. Read More

  • Ford's using wheat straw in a 2010 Flex component

    Here’s a little known fact: Henry Ford used natural material like hemp and stray to reinforce plastic components in his cars. Now, Ford is at it again with a small quarter trim bin found in the third row of the Ford Flex made out of wheat straw bio-filled polypropylene. Wheat straw! Read More

  • Ford does the unthinkable, announces the $650 car

    Holy cats, Ford is going downmarket. Way down. Way, way down. Daniel Grossman, VP of Ford Motor Company, just announced to ONN the $650 car, which will be the least expensive, and cheapest, car available in any market. That’s right. A car I can afford to buy on my salary. My wife will be so excited. Watch the video announcement after the jump. Read More

  • Sound & Vision goes ears-on the Lincoln MKT THX II sound system

    The days of automakers shoving the same OEM radio into all of their cars are long gone – at least for vehicles over $20k. Now if you drop enough coin, you can get a system that will rival your home theater gear. Sound & Vision recently spent sometime with the THX II sound system found in the Lincoln MKT crossover. Spoiler: your audiophile dad should like it. Read More

  • Nuance and BMW vs Ford and Microsoft

    Ford and Microsoft have found great success partnering together on Sync and the rest of the automotive industry have finally taken notice. We’ve taken Sync for a ride or two and know that it works as advertised. We even took a 2010 Mustang for a spin over the weekend and even without the full-fledged Nav system with touchscreen, Sync worked great. BTW- Ford kicked some ass on the new… Read More

  • Ford, Nissan, Tesla all to get Energy Department loans

    The U.S. Government created a requirement that by 2020, the majority of cars sold here must get at least 35 miles per gallon. This requires a big commitment on the part of auto makers and so the Energy Department was authorized last year to lend $25 billion dollars. The first round of financing is expected to be announced today with Ford, Nissan, and Tesla getting all getting a sizable… Read More

  • Ford ships its 1,000,000th Sync-powered vehicle, Ballmer gets it

    Now, I can’t say I feel one way or the other about Ford and Sync in particular, but this is a worthwhile milestone. Cars are changing fast, and although I doubt they’ll look like these F-Zero-wannabes any time soon, the coalescing of all those dash controls into a single unit is a serious advance. Ford’s Sync is the poster child for these systems, what with… Read More

  • My day as a Ford crash test dummy

    I have the wrong job. After spending the day at Ford’s Product Development Center, I’m ready to start training to be a test driver. That is as long as it comes with good chiropractic coverage ’cause I’m feeling the pain after riding shotgun in only a few tests. First there was the headache-inducing ride in a 2010 Ford Taurus that demonstrated the AdvanceTrak… Read More

  • Can the Ford Fusion Hybrid travel 1,000 miles on one tank of gas?

    I say no, but that’s just me. What do I know, I just spent 10 days driving 3,200 miles in a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. But I’m not hyper-miller Wayne Gerdes or NASCAR driver Carl Edwards who are about to attempt this feat by spending 43 continues hours driving the hybrid a 1,000 miles. Ford states that the car will need to average 57 mpg to achieve the goal, which I guess is… Read More

  • Video: Ford Active Park Assist demo

    I dropped by the NY Auto Show yesterday and checked out this active park assist thing from Ford. I was a little skeptical about a self-parallel parking car, but it is 2009 and I’m pretty sure we were supposed to have flying cars by now. Check out the demo I got in the Lincoln MKS. Read More

  • Test Drive: 2010 Ford Fiesta

    The NY Auto Show kicks off later this week, but we’ve already seen a few things worth mentioning. We’re on the fence about the P.U.M.A., the new GTi from VW is nice (details later today), but the Scirocco would have been a lot cooler and then there’s the 2010 Ford Fiesta. Oh yes, the Fiesta from Europe is coming stateside and it’s looking pretty mean. We had the chance… Read More

  • Opera Browser Chosen For "Mobile Office" Computer In Ford Pickup Trucks

    Can the Web save the Big 3 automobile companies? Probably not, but making Web-friendly vehicles could help to sell a few more cars. Tech companies have increasingly been showcasing web applications for automobiles. Microsoft was working with Hyundai on making an in-car computing system and OnStar may be incorporating Twitter into its vehicle systems. Now Ford will be allowing owners of the… Read More

  • Video: The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid's instrument cluster

    Ford speak for the Fusion’s new display cluster is SmartGauge Cluster with EcoGuide; I call it the coolest thing about the car. Two LCD displays flank either side of the speedometer and display vast amounts of info. Thankfully though, Ford leaves it up to the driver with four different settings on just how much info it displays. These two screens signal a departure from the standard… Read More

  • Matt Burns, a Ford Fusion, and You

    Our own Matt Burns will be driving from Dearborn, Michigan to San Francisco in a new Ford Fusion Hybrid, a Ford we can all truly be excited about. He’ll be running contests and reporting live from the road so if there’s anyplace you think he should visit, speak now or forever hold your peace. Matt’s trip was even written up in the local Flint news where he describes his job… Read More

  • Test Drive: Ford Flex

    A wee bit ago I took a spin in the Ford Flex here in NYC. While it’s not a geek’s dream, it does have a few high tech goodies that kept my interest. That’s what we’re going to focus on with these Test Drive features going forward since we’re not an auto blog. Read More