• Google Releases Full Report On Street View Investigation, Finds That Staff Knew About Wi-Fi Sniffing

    Google Releases Full Report On Street View Investigation, Finds That Staff Knew About Wi-Fi Sniffing

    Earlier today Google released the full report of the FCC’s investigation into the collection of  “payload data” from open Wi-Fi networks — aka passwords, email and search history from open networks — that its fleet of Street View cars obtained between 2008 and April 2010. An earlier and heavily redacted version of the report was released on April 15 but… Read More

  • Boxee Stands With The CEA Against Cable Companies, Courts The FCC Chairman To Stop Proposed Ruling

    Boxee Stands With The CEA Against Cable Companies, Courts The FCC Chairman To Stop Proposed Ruling

    Anti-consumer legislation SOPA and PIPA might be all but dead, but there isn’t time to rest. There is a seemingly never-ending flow of proposed legislation, statutes and bills queued up, ready to bust down doors and storm living rooms. One of the latest involves the forced transition from analog to digital cable — something I wrote about back in 2008. If the FCC caves to… Read More

  • Ron Conway, FCC Chairman Genachowski And Other Tech Stars Team Up To Fight The Spectrum Crunch

    FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, SV Angel’s Ron Conway, Andreessen-Horowitz’ Jeff Jordan, Twilio’s Jeff Lawson, Foursquare mobile VP Holger Leudorf and Lookout founder John Hering all gathered at Founder’s Den HQ this afternoon for the awesomely titled “Desperately Seeking Spectrum” panel, where discussion centered around freeing up broadband spectrum for the… Read More

  • CTIA’s New Alert Guidelines Could Mean The End Of “Bill Shock”

    CTIA’s New Alert Guidelines Could Mean The End Of “Bill Shock”

    Obscenely high phone bills have a habit of coming from out of the blue, but that could all change in coming months. According to Reuters, the wireless trade association CTIA is expected to announce a new set of guidelines today under which all wireless carriers must notify their customers when they’re nearing overage territory. Read More

  • Will The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Create Jobs? (Update)

    Will The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Create Jobs? (Update)

    There have been plenty of questions over whether or not the proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T is in the public interest. We’ve heard from competitors, senators, attorneys generals, and even the DOJ, who formally filed a complaint in federal court saying that “AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a… Read More

  • Next Generation 911 Will Support Text, Photos, Video, And Data

    Next Generation 911 Will Support Text, Photos, Video, And Data

    Nobody ever wants to be in a situation that requires emergency services, but when you are, that whole “dial 911” thing really helps. Sort of. In truth, our emergency response system is pretty outdated when we consider all the various forms of communication that have basically become mainstream. But luckily, FCC Charmain Julius Genachowski recently announced that a five step plan is… Read More

  • FCC Analysis Reveals ISP Speed Winners And Losers

    FCC Analysis Reveals ISP Speed Winners And Losers

    So let’s say you walk into a Best Buy looking for a new tablet. You walk up to the guy in the blue polo and tell him what you’re looking for. After taking you to the tablet section, he whips out a handkerchief and blindfolds you. “They’re all really good!” he promises. “The one on the left is $499, the one in the middle is $549, and the one on the right is… Read More

  • Roku 2 Sneaks Out Of The FCC

    These photos from the FCC show us a few of the new Roku devices coming out in 2011 including the 3000X, 3050X, and 3100X. These guys will have 1080p HDMI, USB support, a microSD slot, and surround sound support. The HD model features an RF remote control. Read More

  • Verizon Gets Hit With FCC Complaint Over 4G LTE Tethering

    Verizon Wireless got hit with an FCC complaint this morning by an organization called Free Press, over the restrictions placed on Verizon’s 4G LTE smartphones. The group claims that Verizon’s rules don’t necessarily jive with the regulatory policies of the Federal Communications Commission when it comes to tethering to Verizon’s speedy 4G LTE network. Read More

  • Sprint-Bound HTC EVO 3D Nabs FCC Approval

    The HTC EVO 3D is possibly one of the most anticipated phones of the summer, and both Sprint and HTC have done an excellent job of teasing out its launch date. Thanks to a RadioShack flyer discovered a few days ago, we were pretty certain the 3D-capable smartphone would hit shelves on June 24. Today, however, we’ve been given a little extra confirmation that the smartphone is on its… Read More

  • Are Comcast And Other ISPs Now Actively Blocking ThePirateBay? UPDATE

    Talk about sinking to a new low. It seems that Comcast and perhaps other ISPs are blocking access to the notorious torrent site, ThePirateBay.org. The word comes from TorrentFreak who also reached out to the TPB team who indicated that they can’t confirm if an ISP is blocking the site but “there’s a significant drop in visitors from the U.S.” All I know is I, a… Read More

  • House Votes Against FCC Net Neutrality Regulation (But It's Probably Safe For Now)

    Last December the FCC approved its “Preserving the Open Internet” regulation to ban blocking of websites or web services by broadband providers, while being equally vague about what the new restrictions held for mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T. As we said in December, Republicans had vowed to give the loophole-filled rules hell when the Congress turned more Republican… Read More

  • FCC Mulls Over Mobile Phone Signal Booster Approval

    Oh, here comes controversy. The FCC has preliminarily approved the use of mobile phone signal boosters, but let’s say it’s only put one foot in the water. A 55-page notice of proposed rulemaking [PDF] has been put online that details what the FCC has in mind. The idea is to give consumers a limited ability to boost their mobile signal in times of need. Wireless providers, like… Read More

  • Thanks, FCC! This Is The Dell Panerai Convertible Tablet

    Looks like the FCC just tipped another product before its official announcement. The Dell Panerai seems to be from the same cloth as the Inspiron Duo convertible netbook although just a few schematics are in the FCC docs. An a/b/g/n Intel Centrino 6230 chipset is listed as the WiFi card of choice, which then confirms that this notebook will have a bit more power than the Insprion Duo as… Read More

  • FCC Approves LightSquared Frequencies, GPS Now In Danger

    It’s illegal to own or operate a GPS jammer in the United States for many valid reasons. More importantly, it threatens many systems us humans find relevant. If GPS goes down, how will people get around cities without getting lost? (Google Maps works so well for public transit.) It’s not surprising that the biggest threat to GPS is actually its owners: the US government. Read More

  • Incoming! Blackberry Playbook Appears On FCC

    Not much here to note but this FCC filing shows that the Blackberry Playbook has pushed through another hurdle towards reality. The filing shows the capacaties – 16, 32, and 64GB – but the rest is classified per RIM’s request to the FCC. I’m actually quite intrigued by this pad but I’d probably never buy one. We shall, as they say, see. Read More

  • Net Neutrality Suffers Congressional Setback

    Back to the drawing board. The House of Representatives struck a mighty blow against Net Neutrality yesterday, with the communications and technology subcommittee voting against the recently adopted Net Neutrality rules. The rules will actually remain in place until Congress or the president do something about them, ie, send them back to the FCC for further re-tooling or worse. Read More

  • Can You Fail Massively Now? Verizon Looking Into Failed 911 Calls During DC Snow Storm

    The FCC are currently investigating Verizon’s “mass call event” problems related to recent snow storms in DC and Maryland. The carrier failed to patch through multiple 911 calls during recent weather events, resulting in trapped motorists in dangerous conditions. Read More

  • ISP-Funded GOP Congressmen Speak Out Against Net Neutrality, Question FCC's Legal Authority

    The Republican Party has a bone to pick with the Federal Communications Commission, and you’ll never guess why. Oh, wait, yes you will. Predictably, several Republican congressmen have come out against the evils of Net Neutrality, despite the fact that it passed several months ago, and despite the fact that it could charitably only be called Net Neutrality Lite. What gives? Read More

  • Verizon Can't Even Stand Net Neutrality Lite, Goes To Court To Challenge FCC's Authority

    Who saw this coming? (Oh, right: everyone.) Verizon has taken umbrage with certain aspects of Net Neutrality, and has taken the rather predictable tract of challenging the FCC’s authority in order to get out of complying with the rules. It’s nothing more than a simple case of if you can’t win an argument based on its own merit attack the credibility of your adversary. Read More

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