• Samsadness: Samsung sales down

    Samsung lost $16.2 million in profit last year compared to a fraction of that a two years ago. It is the first loss in Samsung history. Interestingly, total revenue was up but profit fell due to smaller margins on phones and televisions. Read More

  • Sharp looking at 10% reduction in production

    Sharp is looking at a 10% reduction in flat screen production in its overseas factories, a reaction to the cooling economy and a recent lawsuit for price fixing. Read More

  • What does the downturn mean for gadget freaks?

    With news of doom and gloom coming at us from every side I would like to take a moment to look at the market as it stands and assess what a slow-down/recession will mean for us, the tech obsessed. To recap, we are in this mess because of what amounts to a credit freeze. Companies that once could request “cash” to cover overnight expenses – we’re talking millions… Read More