• Got hot hands? You need a keyboard with a built-in fan

    I possess many faults, but to my great relief, sweaty palms are not among them. Maybe during a marathon Harvest Moon session, but that’s all. I just get so excited! Anyway, if you’re among the proud, the few, the sweaty-palmed, this keyboard may be for you. Its little fan will keep your digits dry all day long… and all night strong. Read More

  • Woah, the Asus Eee Tablet e-reader looks kind of awesome in action

    I’m working on a few reviews of e-readers right now, but what I’m seeing here from Asus pretty much blows them all away. I’d seen pictures, but seeing the camera and writing in motion is a whole other world. The weird part is it’s not actually an e-ink display, it’s a monochrome LCD sans backlight. What the hell, right? Whatever works, I guess, although it brings… Read More

  • Two 14.1" touchscreens joined at the hip – meet the Kno. It's big.

    Honestly? Two 14-inch displays? Tips the scales at 5.5 pounds? I honestly can say this is the least appealing tablet-style device I’ve seen. I’m sorry, but the entire point of this form factor is portability and ease of use. How can you use it at all, when you’re too busy trying not to fall over from the weight? It’s supposed to replace your textbooks — I… Read More

  • $50 Android set-top box: impulse-buy web-connected TV? (update: it's not $50)

    Among the many and sundry delights at Computex, this $50 set-top box running Android might have been easy to miss. Luckily, they blew up the well-known Android home screen to 1080p. So if you missed it, you should probably get your eyes checked. The hardware is still in prototype form, but it’s fully functional and the >700MHz ARM11 CPU handled 1080p content… barely. Using a… Read More

  • Solar briefcase for your laptop-enhanced picnics

    O brave new world, with such products in it! Now honestly, it sounds nerdy, but as a blogger I can’t think of anything nicer than taking a blanket and a wireless broadband card out to a park and blogging all day in the sun (if we had sun here in Seattle this spring). Trouble is, my old MacBook Pro only has enough juice for two hours maximum, what with me constantly having a Super… Read More

  • Phillips' Answer To The Apple TV

    Of all places for an Apple TV competitor to come from, Phillips was not at the top of my list or, rather, even in the top five. Apparently, this brushed aluminum squareish object from Phillips will be a direct competitor so you don’t have to go hacking and possibly bricking your precious Apple hardware. Details are very limited at this time and an actual UI was not up for demo at… Read More