InWin’s Alice is a mid-tower PC case you can match to your cosplay

There’s a huge amount of crossover between the gaming and cosplay communities, and InWin’s Alice computer chassis will appeal to many in the middle of that Venn diagram. The company is currently showing off Alice and its other PC cases at Computex in Taipei.

The interior of InWin's Alice chassis

Named after the Lewis Carroll character, the mid tower case comes in several colors of lightweight ABS plastic, but its real draw is its easily removable fabric covers. InWin sells a large array of covers, so you can switch them up, but of course you can also make them. InWin’s Alice covers are designed to be dust-proof, but the concept also has the bonus of allowing for plenty of airflow and making it easy to clean the inside of your PC or change components.

Some of InWin's fabric covers for its Alice PC case

The Alice will be compatible with 12-inch by 9.6-inch ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards and is just a little over 24 inches tall, with a width of 11.6 inches and a depth of 17.5 inches.