• Sony Japan's Super-Cute Walkman S Disney Christmas Edition Box

    Christmas time, limited edition time. In Japan, Sony today announced [JP] the so-called “Walkman S Series Disney Character Christmas Box”, which contains the Walkman NW-S750 big S released earlier this year. Not too surprisingly, buyers get the player with a Christmas design (showing Mickey and Minnie Mouse) and a limited edition wallpaper. Read More

  • What did you get for Christmas?

    Tell us. We want to know. I, for one, got nothing. Just beer. But it was an amazing beer called Stiegle. Read More

  • Review and giveaway: Thirsty Light Snowflake

    Short Version: Much like the original Thirsty Light, the Thirsty Light Snowflake is a single purpose gadget designed to tell you when your Christmas tree is thirsty. Drop the dongle into your tree’s water, and hang the ornament somewhere on the tree. It blends in nicely with your other ornaments, and blinks when there’s no more water. It runs on two AA batteries, and has an… Read More

  • New customized Christmas gifts available from Shapeways

    Shapeways are at it again, with an assortment of custom fabricated gifts available for Christmas. They ran a little contest recently, and the top three entrants are available for purchase now, including the cute “Punk Angel”, a snowflake ornament with custom message, and a snowflake candle holder. Each of these is under $30, so they’re sure to please without breaking the bank! Read More

  • More numbers show that Apple sold a whole bunch of iPod touches during the holidays

    Numbers from two online firms show that iPod touch usage “exploded” on Christmas day. That’s a roundabout way of saying that Apple must have sold a ton of the things during the holidays. Read More

  • Another fond (but bloody) Christmas memory

    I was very excited to receive the N64. It wasn’t ours to keep, being the unit from my parents’ office, but it was ours for the rest of Christmas break. With Mario 64 and Wave Race, my brother and I were pretty much set. I believe we were playing the latter, and we were so into it that if it weren’t so late and the volume so low we wouldn’t have heard the screams. Read More

  • So… what did you get?

    I got a Rebel XSi ( a few weeks ago, but it counted for Christmas), a watch-winder, and was woken up by my two-week old (another present) crying and a kick in the guts from my three-year old. What did you guys get? Read More

  • Christmas Memories: our first VCR

    I have vague recollections of watching Pinwheel on QUBE, but my parents canceled the subscription before I became a television-watching zombie. After that, we were one of the only families I knew that didn’t have cable. All my friends had cable, so I would orchestrate any opportunity to spend the night at friends’ houses so that I could get my television fix at their houses. Then… Read More

  • Merry Christmas

    We hope you’re home, warm, and well-fed. From all of us at CrunchGear, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday. Goodnight. Read More

  • Video: No-good kids receive the Wii for Christmas & freak out

    This is pure, unadulterated Communism. Look at all these kids, getting all “excited” because Santa gave them the Wii. Now Mommy and Daddy are drowning in credit card debt—not to mention that mortgage that just won’t go away—so you and your friends can play Wii Fun Simulator Read More

  • Christmas Memories: The Nintendo Entertainment System

    The year was 1986. The Nintendo Entertainment System had been out for about a year and absolutely every kid in the entire universe had one except for me. I’d resorted to casually inviting myself over to the houses of friends, non-friends, enemies, and strangers, just so I could play Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and RBI Baseball. I wasn’t proud of it, but it had to… Read More

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