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  • Chaotic Moon Sells To Accenture

    Chaotic Moon Sells To Accenture

    Consulting and technology services company Accenture snatched up creative studio Chaotic Moon today. The Austin-based studio known for coming up with crazy fire shooting drones and other design technology for major brands will now apply that same unique spark to rapid prototyping and tech capabilities within Accenture. Neither company disclosed terms of the deal, but it fits a pattern for… Read More

  • Drones That Shoot Fire, Silly String And More With Chaotic Moon

    Product design firm Chaotic Moon creates prototypes for some of the biggest brands in the world. It has designed tech products for corporations like Samsung, Whole Foods and Intel. But the Austin-based firm got in trouble at last year’s SXSW Interactive festival when its “taser drone” accidentally shocked one of its interns. Naturally, Chaotic Moon is back again this year with… Read More

  • Because Some Days You Just Want To Customize Your Pizza On A Giant Touchscreen Tabletop

    Because Some Days You Just Want To Customize Your Pizza On A Giant Touchscreen Tabletop

    Chaotic Moon co-founder Ben Lamm says he “remembers when it was cool to go to Pizza Hut” with his family and play Ms. Pac-Man on the classic arcade table. Hence, the firm built a big fat touchscreen-enabled table that you can use to customize and order a pizza without having to talk to anyone. Read More

  • Chaotic Moon's Bike Helmet Captures the Crash on Impact

    Attention Bikers! Chaotic Moon Has Built A Video-Powered Black Box For Your Dome

    Chaotic Moon is probably best known for dev work that it’s done for clients like Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily, or the Marvel Unlimited app that just hit the Apple App Store. But when one of their coworkers was hurt in a brutal hit-and-run bike accident, they spent some time on a side project designed to help cyclists who find themselves in a similar situation. Read More