Because Some Days You Just Want To Customize Your Pizza On A Giant Touchscreen Tabletop

Technology is a wonderful thing.

Chaotic Moon co-founder Ben Lamm says he “remembers when it was cool to go to Pizza Hut” with his family and play Ms. Pac-Man on the classic arcade table. It was with that nostalgia in mind that his development firm began working on building a way to bring back the sense of community and engagement that the pizza chain was known for.

Hence, a big fat Pizza Hut touchscreen-enabled table that you can use to customize and order a pizza without having to talk to someone… And then, play games with friends and family while you wait for it to cook.

Chaotic Moon has been working with Pizza Hut for more than three years, and designed a series of mobile apps for the pizza franchise. Building a tabletop experience is just one more step in creating an engaging new interactive feature for Pizza Hut fans.

So what are the chances it’ll actually get built? Pretty high, actually, according to Lamm. The plan is to test out a few prototypes in high-volume Pizza Hut shops and get feedback, after which the concept could be rolled out more widely.