• Wikio merges with Ebuzzing – cue controversy

    [France] Wikio has announced on its blog (in French) that Ebuzzing has joined the “Wikio communication group”. You’ve probably heard of Wikio – you know, a kind’ve competitor to Digg and Technorati in France which expanded to Europe. But you’ve probably not heard of Ebuzzing, which is focused on France. Wikio and Ebuzzing are in fact two major players for… Read More

  • PlasticAxe: A blog about music gaming

    We don’t usually announce blog launches but this one is pretty much beauty: it’s PlasticAxe, a blog about music gaming. Granted he’ll probably run out of stuff to write about on day 10, but Joe Rybicki, formerly of 1UP and a bunch of other gaming sites and magazines, has melded his love of music gaming with his love of WordPress templates and created a niche blog to end all… Read More

  • What If Comments Could Be Retweeted? TweetMeme Is Working On It.

    Twitter and blogs are increasingly feeding into each other. A blog post can go viral if it gets retweeted enough time. But what if it was easy to retweet a comment? TweetMeme, which powers the retweet buttons increasingly found on blog posts (like this one), is working on bringing retweets to comments, at least to comments on its own site. But once it does that, blogs will be able to… Read More

  • Jeff Jarvis Tries To Save Local News (With Spreadsheets!)

    Local news always seems to get the short end of the stick, both in terms of coverage and advertising dollars. And as the entire newspaper industry continues to struggle for survival, the prospects for local news looks particularly bleak. It just doesn’t pay to have a reporter cover a neighborhood farmer’s market when she could be covering the Mayor’s office or something… Read More

  • The Top VC Blogs (According To Google Reader)

    Venture capitalists can be valuable sources of information about the tech community. Not only do they have quality insider information but they also have a knack for figuring out how to evaluate startups. So it makes sense that their blogs can be compelling reads. Larry Cheng, a partner at Fidelity Ventures, has compiled a list of the 100 top VC blogs, according to the number of Google… Read More

  • Village Voice Media Sites Now Get 40 Percent Of Traffic From Blogs; Planning Local Ad Network

    The future of the weekly city paper is the daily blog. Hints of this future can already be seen at Village Voice Media, which owns and operates 15 of the top weeklies in the country, including the Village Voice, SF Weekly, and LA Weekly. Bill Jensen, the director of new media who oversees all the Village Voice Media sites tells me that 40 percent of pageviews comes from the blogs on the sites… Read More

  • Can the Statusphere Save Journalism?

    Recently, I enjoyed a refreshing and invigorating dinner with Walt Mossberg. While we casually discussed our most current endeavors and experiences, the discussion shifted to deep conversation about the future of journalism in the era of socialized media with one simple question, “are newspapers worth saving?” Walt thought for no more than two seconds and assertively replied… Read More

  • reads blog comments over the phone is a new service from Accross Media Limited that reads selected comments to you in MP3 format or over the phone. The service will cost $10 per month for blog posts and $50 per month for a complete feed of your Twitter conversations. Read on for a demo of the service and a free beta key. Read More

  • Microsoft now has a blog about Windows 7's development

    Microsoft has a blog about Windows 7 now. It’s called E7, and it’s aimed at people like us, people who scrutinize the development (or lack thereof) of Windows to the nth degree. It’s supposed to be a conversation, right, about how they’re making Windows 7. The blog will primarily be written by two senior project managers, along with occasional input from the rest of… Read More

  • Mapping the blogosphere

    We make a lot of noise about things like the “blogosphere”, the ultra-intra-connected network of blogs around the globe that this blog is part of. And as blogging culture creates its own universe, somewhere between news, humor, and commentary, it becomes more and more intangible. That doesn’t mean that some enterprising young dataminers can’t make sense of it. Indeed… Read More

  • We're #7 on Kindle's list of blogs

    Yay! Except a monthly subscription to CrunchGear will run you $1.99. Hmm… Read More