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  • Don Bluth Is Crowdfunding A Dragon’s Lair Movie

    Don Bluth Is Crowdfunding A Dragon’s Lair Movie

    Hey, 10-year-old me. What’s up. Yeah, we got fat. Sorry. I’m working on it though. Trust me: we’re living a good life right now. Anyway, I wanted to travel back in time to tell you that that Don Bluth is making a Dragon’s Lair movie. That’s right: it’s a movie based on the video game that cost way too much per play to warrant your parents shelling out… Read More

  • X-Arcade Tankstick review

    There was a time in college that I wanted to buy a Golden Tee arcade machine because…well…it’s just about the coolest game ever. I also hated going to Clodfelters and paying up to $20 to play the damn thing when I was getting crunk. So my roommates and I had it all planned out. We were going to get one off of eBay and to recoup our costs we’d hold tournaments and leave it… Read More