• Amazon Stops Hiding Competitors’ E-Reading Apps On The Kindle Fire

    Amazon Stops Hiding Competitors’ E-Reading Apps On The Kindle Fire

    Amazon has stopped pretending that a group of e-reading apps it allowed onto its Android Appstore weren’t available on the Kindle Fire. For whatever reason, the company was effectively hiding e-reading apps from companies like Wattpad, Kobo and Bluefire, even though they worked perfectly fine on the low-cost tablet computer. Confused about why its app didn’t appear for users on… Read More

  • Amazon Invests In Turkish E-Commerce Startup Ciceksepeti

    Amazon Invests In Turkish E-Commerce Startup Ciceksepeti

    Amazon has acquired a minority stake in Ciceksepeti, which operates an online flower and gifts store in Turkey. Founded by CEO Emre Aydin in 2006, the company delivers flowers, jewelry, plush toys and other gifts to customers across the country, including same-day deliveries in most metropolitan areas. Read More

  •’s Big Redesign Is Arriving Soon For All’s Big Redesign Is Arriving Soon For All

    For days, our inboxes have been filled with tips and screenshots about’s redesign, which offers a cleaned up Amazon homepage, without the old site’s iconic blue and orange navigation. Instead, the new site features a much bigger search bar, bigger buttons, and less clutter – all changes that practically scream “tablet-optimized!” The changes, of… Read More

  • Amazon Shuts Down Associates Affiliate Program In Connecticut Over Online Sales Tax

    Similar to a move made in Illinois a few months ago, Amazon has shut down its Associates program in Connecticut after the state imposed a sales tax measure that would tax any purchases made online starting July 1. We’ve embedded the note sent to participants in the Amazon Associates Program below. As you may know, the program allows website owners to earn money from advertising and… Read More

  • Amazon Launches Private Fashion Sales Site

    Amazon this morning announced that it is debuting a brand new private sales site, featuring fashion items straight from designers and boutique brands. The membership-only website,, will offer daily events featuring up to 60 percent off a selection of styles, along with free four-day shipping shipping and returns. Read More

  • After Amazon, Masterobjects Takes Google To Court Over Instant Search Patent

    Yesterday, I broke the story of a small search software outlet named Masterobjects taking on in a notable patent infringement lawsuit. The patent-in-suit, US patent no. 7,752,326, describes a method to immediately start showing search results even while a user is still typing his query into the search box – instant search if you will. Well, turns out Google is indeed the… Read More

  • Slammed With Lawsuit Over Instant Search Patent Slammed With Lawsuit Over Instant Search Patent

    When you go to and start typing in the top search box, you will automatically see a number of search suggestions for items on sale before you finish typing your query. The company also offers such enhanced search capabilities via browser add-ons and toolbars as well as its mobile applications for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. MasterObjects, which offers AJAX and… Read More

  • Kindle DTP, Now Kindle Direct Publishing, Extends 70% Royalty Option To Canada

    Amazon’s Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP) is no more, at least not by that name. Starting today, the self-publishing program will be known as Kindle Direct Publishing. With Kindle Direct Publishing, anyone can self-publish books on the Kindle Store, free of charge. Read More

  • Amazon Web Services Introduces 'Elastic Beanstalk' For Easier App Deployment

    Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing business of, this morning announced a new offering dubbed AWS Elastic Beanstalk, aimed to simplify the deployment and management of AWS cloud applications developed by third parties. AWS Elastic Beanstalk is designed to let developers upload their application and then keep their hands off while the system automatically handles the… Read More

  • Cloud Archiving Startup Sonian Raises $9 Million From Amazon, Webroot And Others

    Sonian, a startup that specializes in cloud-powered information archiving solutions, this morning announced that it has secured $9 million in Series B funding. Previous backers Summerhill Venture Partners and Prism VentureWorks were joined by strategic investors and Webroot. Sonian says it will use the funds for continued research and development for its information archiving… Read More

  • On Cyber Monday, Amazon Sold 158 Items Per Second (13.7 Million In Total)

    Amazon this morning announced that on its peak day for this year, November 29, customers ordered more than 13.7 million items worldwide across all product categories, which translates to a – self-proclaimed – record-breaking 158 items per second. November 29 was, of course, Cyber Monday in the United States, the Monday immediately following Black Friday. Read More