• Amazon Debuts "Kindle for the Web", Which Is Pretty Much What It Sounds Like today introduced the beta version of “Kindle for the Web”, which enables people to read and share digital book samples in their browsers without the need to install or download anything. The company says it aims to lure bloggers and website publishers who participate in the Amazon Associates Program to embed samples of Kindle books on their websites (here’s how). Read More

  • Amazon releases IMDb app for Android, makes things a bit more social, or rather its Internet Movie Database (IMDb) subsidiary, is launching an Android app, enabling users to get movies information, trailers and showtimes from their Android devices and shop for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Functionality includes voice search, sharing, option menus and more. Here’s the listing on AndroLib (the app was named IMDb Movies & TV). Read More

  • Jeff Bezos On The iPad: "It's Really A Different Product Category"

    Jeff Bezos On The iPad: "It's Really A Different Product Category"

    A day after Amazon made it abundantly clear it’s gunning for world domination in the e-reading space by lowering the price of the Kindle from $259 to $189 – following competitor Barnes & Noble’s decision to slash the price of its Nook e-reader down to $199 – chief executive Jeff Bezos sat down with Fortune’s JP Mangalindan for a fairly interesting… Read More

  • Everyone Can Now Move Data In And Out Of Amazon S3 Faster And Easier

    Amazon Web Services this morning announced the general availability of AWS Import/Export for Amazon Simple Storage Service (aka S3), with a new web service interface that enables easy management of data transfers and migrations. According to the press release, the new feature accelerates moving large amounts of data in and out using portable storage devices for transport. For large data sets… Read More

  • Amazon's releases BlackBerry app on App World company Audible this morning announced that its BlackBerry app is now available on BlackBerry App World (apart from only on its own website). If that’s not enough to make you rush over there, the company is also including, for a limited time, a free download of David Baldacci’s bestselling thriller Divine Justice. With the Audible app, BlackBerry users in the U.S. and… Read More

  • Amazon To Introduce New 70% Royalty Option For Kindle Digital Text Platform

    Right off the heels of announcing an expansion of its Kindle Digital Text Platform to authors and publishers around the world, Amazon has announced that it will soon introduce a new 70 percent royalty option in the program that will allow them to to earn a larger share of revenue from each Kindle book they sell. For each Kindle book sold, authors and publishers who choose the new royalty… Read More

  • Amazon Opens Up Kindle Digital Text Platform To Authors Outside The U.S. this morning announced that it is expanding its self-service Kindle Digital Text Platform worldwide, giving more authors and publishers the chance to upload and sell books in English, German and French to customers around the world in the Kindle Store. Until today, DTP was only available to authors and publishers based in the United States. Amazon says additional language options… Read More

  • SpeedTrack Sues Just About Every Major Online Retailer Over Patent Infringement

    Can you spell “patent troll”? Software developer SpeedTrack has filed suit against nearly two dozen major online retailers, including, Best Buy,, Nike, Costco and Dell, accusing the major online retailers of infringing some patent that supposedly covers a search mechanism customers can use to locate products on their websites. The complaint, filed yesterday… Read More

  • Amazon No Longer Allows Associates To Bring In Traffic Via Paid Search

    Amazon has decided to make some changes to its Associates program, no longer allowing third parties to bid on keywords that would send visitors straight to Amazon websites where they’d earn a referral fee for each purchase. The change only applies to the Associates programs in North America, and the company is referring Associates based outside the U.S. and Canada to check their… Read More

  • Is That Really An Audio Interface For Sale On Amazon?

    We’re pretty sure it’s not, but then again what do we know? The item is listed on Amazon through the Musician’s Friend storefront. Get it while it’s hot – there are only 5 left in stock. Update: that didn’t last long. Listing has been updated with a more relevant picture. if you have some time to kill, read the reviews and the comments on Reddit (where we… Read More

  • Insane Black Friday game deals at Amazon: ‘Left 4 Dead’ for $20 (PC), console titles more than half off

    If you’re either still awake on Thursday night or have just woken up early Friday morning and you’re getting set to head out to hunt for some video game deals, you might be able to get most of your purchases taken care of from the comfort, warmth, and non-threatening glow of your home computer. Starting at 3 AM Eastern, will be showing just about every retailer how… Read More

  • New York's Amazon tax starts this Sunday

    It’s all over, folks. Fortune is reporting that the state of New York’s sales tax on goods purchased at starts this Sunday, June 1st. Peter’s already been enraged about it here and here and I’m guessing he’s not going to be too thrilled about this post either. He’s pretty excitable as it is, so hopefully he won’t read this. The… Read More

  • Pick up some vino soon from Amazon's wine section?

    Nice. As a subscriber to’s $79-per-year “Amazon Prime” thing (free 2-day or $4 overnight shipping), I’m anxiously waiting for the day that I can literally buy everything from there and have it show up quickly. Next up? Wine. According to ComputerWorld, there’s a job posting somewhere on Amazon’s site for a “senior wine buyer for its… Read More

  • Amazon to add to its downloadables will reportedly purchase digital audiobook provider in the second quarter of this year for $300 million. Smart, smart, smart. The purchase will allow Amazon to offer up Audbile’s 80,000+ audio programs (mostly books, newspapers, and certain radio programs) for download to its digital content customers. Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has an audio jack that… Read More

  • France wants Amazon to gouge book buyers, or else

    The other day at the subway station, a Frenchman asked me if I could spare him a dime so he could buy a bottle of pop. Soda. Whatever you call it from wherever you are right now. Anyway, I didn’t have any cash on me so I couldn’t help him out. But it got me to thinking. This guy probably would have had that dime if he didn’t have to pay full price for books all the time… Read More

  • Microsoft to offer DRM-free music this November

    Microsoft is planning a revamp of the Zune Marketplace this November which will include about a million DRM-free music tracks out of it’s 3-million track catalogue. That’s a good sign because it’s hopefully showing that the tide is shifting, albeit slowly, away from digital rights management altogether. It’s unknown whether Microsoft will charge a premium for the… Read More

  • Oops: Pre-prod HTC Units Possibly Sent To Retailers

    Uh oh. It seems as though the new HTC Advantage has been shipped to CompUSA,, and possibly elsewhere as pre-production units. Users are being greeted with the message “test only, not for sale” when the device is booted up for the first time. The glitch can easily be fixed by updating the software via a PC but if these devices aren’t yet ready for production from… Read More

  •'s Best Of 2006 List Released released its year-end “Best of” lists, which tallies up not only the best-selling items for the site’s various stores, but also the most positively reviewed, most wished-for and most frequently purchased as gifts. Apple’s 30GB 5G iPod nearly swept electronics, only losing “most positively reviewed” to the Sony DSCF707 Cyber-shot 5-megapixel… Read More

  • Amazon to Sell Xbox 360 for $100

    Rumor has it that Amazon will soon be selling an Xbox 360 bundle for $100. This would be a significant markdown, as the regular Core System goes for $299.99, while the Premium Package goes for $399.99. The holiday promotion package is said to include the Xbox 360 Core System and possibly other accessories. Perhaps Amazon will be pairing Core Systems with 20GB hard drives in order to make room… Read More