• MOG Has Created The Ultimate Streaming Music App; Too Bad It May Never Launch

    MOG demo’d the next version of their popular music service to me today, and I was impressed. It combines a best of breed interface with free on demand streaming and a Pandora-like music recommendation engine. The trouble is, it may never launch because only two of the four major music labels are supporting it so far. MOG has a history of doing cool new things around music. The service… Read More

  • Pandora Hits 20 Million Registered Users (Via Twitter)

    Just in via Twitter: Pandora has registered its 20 millionth user. The three-year old music streaming service is trying to hold its own despite tough economics and recent layoffs. Its music-recommendation engine pumps out personalized radio stations over the Web, and its iPhone app remains one the top free apps on iTunes (currently No. 21). Read More

  • Layoffs At Last.FM Confirmed. Where Else Are Heads Rolling At CBS?

    Today, CBS Interactive is laying off people across several of its properties, I’ve confirmed with the company. CBS is not saying which divisions or how many people are affected. It is positioning the layoffs as part of the integration process it began six months ago when it bought CNET for $1.8 billion. But it is not just the CNET businesses that are being cut. I’ve also… Read More

  • Last.FM Needs More Than A Redesign To Catch Up To Imeem

    Yesterday, CBS sent out a press release touting the success of’s month-old redesign, citing a 20 percent increase in unique visitors and a 36 percent increase in total minutes between June and July. Despite a few bugs on the day of launch, the redesign seems to be paying off. But why is CBS so keen on beating its chest when it comes to Ever since CBS bought in… Read More

  • The Record Industry's Digital Distribution Plan (TotalMusic) Comes Back From the Dead

    The music industry’s attempts to create its own digital distribution business is like a bad horror movie. It just keeps coming back no matter how badly bludgeoned it gets. Back in 2001 in response to Napster, the music labels launched two competing music download sites, PressPlay and MusicNet (the latter became a white-label music service called MediaNet. Meanwhile, Pressplay was bought… Read More

  • Mobbler update brings Last.FM streaming for S60

    S60 users now have a reason to scream stream thanks to the latest update to mobbler. Version 0.2.1 now includes streaming from and ‘scrobbles’ tracks played on your handset to your profile. Adonismobile gave the updated app a spin and said: “there is a new interface with some extra controls and menu options, and you have the option of streaming via Wi-Fi or 3G… Read More

  •'s Buggy, New Design has a new look today that simplifies the navigation of the main site and makes finding music easier. Or at least, it would make finding music easier if the site wasn’t so buggy. (At least for me. I couldn’t even log in without getting an error. This may be due to fans rushing to check out the new features, or simply poor planning). The new features a library of songs… Read More

  • Who Needs Music Labels? Starts Paying Royalties To Unsigned Artists

    Music-streaming service is now paying unsigned artists royalties for every song played on its service. Since the company announced the program last January, 170,000 70,000 artists and small music labels have signed up for it and uploaded 450,000 tracks. What is doing here is creating an alternative to the official royalty-collecting organization for musicians (i.e., SoundExchange). Read More

  • AOL Radio Relaunches, Now Powered By CBS: Going After Local Ads

    Even on the Web, radio is local. People still tune into their favorite college or hometown radio station from hundreds of miles away. Today’s relaunch of AOL Radio (in beta) embraces that aspect of radio in many ways. First and foremost is its partnership with CBS Radio, which is replacing XM Satellite as the provider of music for 150 radio stations on AOL Radio (AOL itself continues… Read More

  • Sonific Heading To The Deadpool: Record Labels Blamed

    Sonific, an online music playing servuce similar to Pandora and Seeqpod, is to close May 1 as the company was unable to obtain licensed music rights in a way that made the service viable. Gerd Leonhard, Co-Founder & CEO writes: 1) There are countless startups providing access to any and all music streams without any license whatsoever. However, when we approached the major record label… Read More

  • MyPlayList Combines Flickr And Online Music

    MyPlayList, a bootstrapped startup from Agentbleu, a Englishman living in France, combines streamed music and Flickr for a free music service that delivers visual as well as musical abundance. MyPlayList uses the XSPF xml format to combine the images from the Flickr image sharing service, with music that is hosted across the internet, and similar to Seeqpod does not host or cache any of the… Read More

  • Grooveshark Launches Web Media Player

    Music sharing and sales startup Grooveshark has launched Grooveshark Lite, a flash app that provides access to all the songs in Grooveshark’s library. For those unfamiliar with the company, Grooveshark allows users to upload and share their music collection with friends, but with a twist: every song uploaded can be purchased DRM-free with the uploader getting a cut of each sale (the… Read More

  • iLike Launches Artist News Stream – Users Triple since Last July To 22 Million

    San Francisco/Seattle based music service iLike launched a “news feed” for favorite artists this week. Users can now see exactly what their favorite artists are up to – when they go on tour, release new songs or videos, etc, the news is presented to them in the feed. Users can select their favorite artist via the iLike website or on their social network applications. Or… Read More

  • SpiralFrog Exceeding Our Lack Of Expectations

    SpiralFrog has just announced the site is up to over 1 million uniques each month and expected to end this month with over 1.2 million uniques. SpiralFrog, for those of you who don’t remember, is the free (as in ad supported, not P2P) legal music service that unlocks over 1 million songs to their users as long as they log back in to their site at least once every month (an easy task if… Read More

  • unleashes totally free music that artists get paid for

    It sounds like nonsense, but it’s true., the popular social network for music, has announced that starting now, all music on the site can be played by anyone, for free. The catch is that after playing it three times you will be notified of their subscription service, but I don’t think we need to look this particular gift horse in the mouth. They’ve got the big… Read More

  • Goodbye, 30-Second Song Clips. Offers Limited Full-Track Streaming and Moves Towards Subscriptions

    It is good to see some creative licensing finally taking hold in the music industry. Today, CBS-owned announced that you can now stream the full track of any song up to three times for free, in addition to its regular music-discovery service which streams related songs you might like in a random order. This is also the first step towards a future subscription service, which will allow… Read More

  • MeeMix Opens Beta To Public, Has Much Work Ahead

    Tel Aviv, Israel based MeeMix, which we first covered in August, is kicking-off the New Year by moving their taste-predicting Internet radio service from closed to open Beta. Internet radio is already a very crowded space dominated by entrenched startups like and Pandora. Smaller players and recent entrants such as SpiralFrog, Jango and Slacker are not increasing the breathing room. Read More

  • Wakoopa Launching "Alexa" For Desktop Apps

    We first wrote about Wakoopa when they launched in April. It’s a downloadable program for application addicts that tracks the software or games you use. We called it a for applications, alluding to the program’s tracking and recommendation system similar to audio scrobbling. While there are obvious privacy concerns (addressed here), over 17,000 people have signed up for… Read More

  • MyStrands Completes B Round, $55 Million Raised To Date

    Social music recommendation service MyStrands has completed the second half of their B round, raising an additional $24 million from Spanish Bank BBVA on top of the $25 million we reported earlier. BBVA is a financial services group with more than $782 billion in total assets, 42 million customers in 40 countries and a market capitalization of approximately $95 billion. This brings total… Read More

  • Pandora, Please Don't Try Too Hard To Be

    I have a special place in my heart for music streaming site Pandora. It was one of the first startups profiled on TechCrunch, back in the summer of 2005. Pandora creates radio stations for users based on input on the songs they like and don’t like. Over time it learns about what you like and tends to play exactly what you are looking for. But it also plays new music that it thinks you… Read More