• Climbers Can Now Make 3G Calls From Mount Everest

    You know the ultimate test of mans survival is becoming a tourist trap when you can make a 3G video call from its lofty summit. Nepalese firm Ncell has installed 3G towers on the top of Mount Everest, allowing those so inclined to whip out the old iPhone and make a few calls from the top. The coverage, which ends at the summit but is situated at 29,029 feet (five miles) in the air, allows… Read More

  • My3G Allows for Facetime Over 3G

    Wondered what jailbreaking was good for? If you’re using an iPhone 4 you can download My3G, a program that convinces iOS that it is using WiFi when it is really using 3G. This, in turn, lets you run Facetime over 3G. The app costs $3.99 and is available in the Rock app depository. Read More

  • AT&T fixes throttle problem on 3G network

    AT&T found a defect in their Alcatel-Lucent equipment about a month ago that, under certain conditions, throttles upload speeds to 100kbps. This of course is not a good thing, so they’ve been working on the problem and identified a software defect that was causing the problem. Good news is, the patch has been released and is currently being pushed out to everyone using the… Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide

    Short Version: A long, long time ago, I can still remember, how the MyTouch 3G’s touchscreen used to make me cry. And I knew that if they had their chance, that T-Mobile could add a keyboard, and maybe we’d be happy for a while. And how May/June made me shiver because T-Mobile has delivered – a MyTouch with a keyboard as useful as a Sidekick’s. Read More

  • The iPad 3Gs are on their way

    If you ordered your iPad 3G fairly early yours should be hitting the FedEx truck come tomorrow morning and in your hot little hand by lunch. I just got a shipping notification and now I can watch it roll from hub to hub and into my home. Read More

  • iPad 3G to ship in the US by May 7th

    Apple in the US has updated its online store today, adding a shipping date and pre-order buttons for the different versions of the iPad 3G. And it looks like Americans will be able to lay their hands on the the 3G variant of the device “by May 7th”. As with the Wi-Fi model, each customer is currently able to pre-order a maximum of just two iPads online. Read More

  • AT&T's CEO (of all people): iPad will be driven by Wi-Fi, not 3G

    As everybody knows by now, Apple ships the iPad in the Wi-Fi version this month, with the 3G subscription-based model following in April (probably). And as it’s AT&T that has secured the right to provide 3G connectivity to iPad users in America, you’d think Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s CEO, would be the first person to promote sales of the 3G model. But it’s… Read More

  • Wi-REACH: Roll your own 3G hotspot

    So you like the idea of the MiFi but you already have a 3G USB stick, eh? The Wi-REACH aims to give you the best of both worlds with a $99 cradle that turns your 3G USB stick into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Read More

  • SlingPlayer Mobile now streams over 3G for your iPhone

    After a little bit of a misunderstanding between SlingPlayer, AT&T and its customers and why it took so long to get content to stream over 3G, things are all sorted and we can now get streaming goodness to feed our inner couch potato. Read More

  • Nexus One still plagued with 3G issues after OTA software patch

    Nexus One owners have been griping about the device’s 3G connectivity issue since its release, and Google felt your pain and came to the rescue (even though they did sorta blame T-Mobile’s small 3G footprint for this). Or so we thought. After releasing an over-the-air update which was intended to resolve this problem, users are still reporting bugs. Read More

  • Google Nexus One gets OTA update, multi-touch goodness

    When Google announced the Nexus One at an event early last month, one journalist asked, “Why doesn’t this have multi-touch? When is it going to get multi-touch?” Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google, said, “It’s something we’re looking into. It’s just a software thing right now.” Well, today our prayers have been answered via an… Read More

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