• PSA: TomCruise.com launches iPhone version of wildly popular movie star Web page

    The end of the world is not coming on Wednesday. It’s going down today! Everyone’s favorite Scientologist pushed out a press release this morning announcing the launch of his iPhone friendly website. There isn’t a whole lot to it, but you can sign up for updates and there’s an exclusive video that’s chock full of scenes from his 27-year-career. Read More

  • Mobile chip handles music for longer battery life

    Japan’s Oki Electric today announced the ML2650 headphone amplifier. It’ll basically offload music playback from your mobile phone or MP3 player’s main processor, which should result in lower power consumption. That, in turn, should result in much longer battery life for portable devices that feature music playback. The chip itself features “a highly efficient… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Session 2: Memes & News

    TechCrunch50’s second session introduced four companies related to breaking news and online trends. The judges for this panel were: Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube; Marrissa Mayer, VP product and search; Google; Ron Conway, prolific Angel investor; Dan Farber, Cnet, Editor in chief. You can see our coverage of the first panel here. Read More

  • Microsoft confirms new Zune features, prices [Update]

    I guess I won’t have to take my meeting tomorrow with Microsoft. Microsoft confirmed today the new features that were revealed over the weekend and storage capacity changes from a while back. Price cuts are expected for existing Zunes in the lineup. [Update]: MS has confirmed with us what CNET was reporting about an hour ago. Check out the press release after the jump. The gist is… Read More

  • Yammer Launches at TC50: Twitter For Companies

    David Sacks, the founder of genealogy site Geni, just launched a new company called Yammer on stage at TechCrunch50. Yammer is an enterprise version of Twitter. If Twitter asks: “What Are You Doing?”, Yammer asks: “What Are You Working On?” Engineers at Geni created Yammer internally for the company’s own purposes, but Sacks liked it so much he decided to spin… Read More

  • Air Music Remote: One controller for all your media needs

    Movea’s Gyration Air Music Remote with MotionSense may have the longest and stupidest name of all time, but don’t let it fool you because it offers home entertainment buffs the choice of controlling all their media with one remote. The GAMR connects to Windows Media Player and iTunes (displayed on the LCD) over RF and IR for all other A/V equipment. The MotionSense technology… Read More

  • Zune going lateral, multi-platform

    If you read this job description carefully — or just skim it for that matter — you’ll find a reference to bringing a connected experience through the Zune service spanning the Zune, Xbox, PC and mobiles. Portentous! Of course, they couch it in terms of “embarking” and “leading a team from the ground up” so I’m thinking there is a significant… Read More

  • HBO Launches A Web Video Show

    HBO on Monday announced that it will try to use the Web in a slightly different way than its colleagues at NBC and Fox have used it with Hulu: it will launch its own Web video series called “Hooking Up.” Read More

  • A New Way to Search: Use Your Mouse

    Here at TechCrunch 50, there are a slew of interesting companies worth writing about on-stage. But I came across one in the Demo Pit that’s just as noteworthy. Called KallOut, the service allows you to search the Web without minimizing the screen and going to the Web and replaces that with a couple clicks of a mouse. According to the company, its research shows that users can search… Read More

  • Asus' revolutionary 10.2-inch screened netbook gets priced

    Well, it’s revolutionary if you believe what we said before. That article may have been mockery, but it’s so hard to tell with Doug. At any rate, the nice-looking Asus N10 series is out there, ready to be pre-ordered, although at $850 it’s not exactly in the budget netbook realm. I’m sure it’s a nice little laptop, but at nearly a thousand dollars… Read More

  • Rose predicts what Apple is going to rock us with tomorrow

    So, Mr. Rose has posted his predictions regarding Apple’s rocking event tomorrow and the image you see above is what he believes to be the new layout for iTunes. – New design for the iPod Nano (this one)
    – iPod price reductions
    – 2.1 software on iPod Touch
    – iTunes 8.0
    – New audio visualization (this one)
    – Genius playlist
    – Genius sidebar
    Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 for $200

    The limited edition Halo 3 360s are sold out online, but you may get lucky if you run to your nearest Hot Topic store. Sure, it’s only the 20GB model, but it’s $60 cheaper than buying one at Best Buy and it comes with a Play & Charge kit at a $200 discount. But who the heck knew Hot Topic sold such things? via Kotaku Read More

  • HP claims 24-hour battery life for notebooks

    The HP Elitebook 6930p coupled with an optional extended life battery and a handful of other caveats has managed 24 hours of battery runtime. Said caveats include the purchase of said Ultra Capacity battery, Intel 80GB SSD, HP Illumi-Lite LED display and Windows XP. HP’s LED displays are said to boost battery life by up to four hours and the Intel SSD claims up to a seven percent… Read More

  • Mio to use Microsoft’s WiENR in next-gen GPS devices

    Mio and Microsoft have announced that the next generation of Mio’s portable navigation devices will ship on the Windows Embedded NavReady 2009 (WiENR) platform. You’ll recall that Windows Embedded NavReady was announced last June, at which time yours truly came up with the most-excellent “WiENR” moniker. Mio will be one of the first manufacturers to bring WiENR devices… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Session 1: Youth and Culture

    Jason Calacanis and Michael Arrington opened TechCrunch50 today saying they wanted to create the “Sundance Film Festival” for the internet industry where companies are judged on merit. Here are our notes on the companies who presented in the first session of the conference, which showcased four startups that pertain to Youth and Culture. Highlights from the expert panel (Chad… Read More

  • ‘Spore’ gets walloped on Amazon thanks to DRM

    How about that? It seems that people don’t like DRM. The highly-anticipated “Spore” has been released to a mob of angry customers, thanks to digital rights management that basically limits the game to being installed on a total of three different computers. So let’s say that Spore is one of your favorite games and you play it year after year, new computer after new… Read More

  • Swivel head HDMI cable announced by Panasonic

    Panasonic has done something it rarely does to me and I’m now desperately wanting one of these ‘free angle’ HDMI cables ASAP. The v1.3a spec cables come in 1.5- and 3m lengths with 180 degrees of flexibility and the distance of the tip to the start of the cable has been reduced down to 1.2-inches. These ingenious HDMI cables will be available next month for $59.99 and… Read More

  • Mad Catz starts shipping its Fender Precision Bass for Rock Band

    Anyone who thinks using the standard Rock Band bass isn’t authentic enough ::cough:: should check out what Mad Catz is offering. They just started shipping the Fender Precision Bass for the Xbox 360. The bass, which will also work with the game’s upcoming sequel, Rock Band 2: Laughing Out Loud, lacks a whammy bar, just like the real bass. Instead, gamers get to fiddle with the… Read More

  • Bandwidth caps don’t concern some video providers

    So Comcast is implementing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap starting next month. While some consumers are up in arms about the true meaning of “unlimited” internet access, others have focused on how these caps will affect the innovation of web-based services, particularly video streaming and downloading. Roku, maker of the Netflix-streaming box (reviewed here), isn’t too… Read More

  • Marissa Mayer Demos Google's New Online Newspaper Archive Search

    Google announced today that it is expanding the historical newspaper articles that are searchable online. In partnership with newspaper publishers, it is scanning their print archives and making it available on Google’s News Archive Search. Google’s Marissa Mayer is going to demo the News Archive onstage later today. She showed me a sneak peak of what makes this special. The… Read More

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