• You Have 12 Seconds To Talk Like A Pirate

    Phreadz and Seesmic competitor 12seconds.tv, which we’ve billed as the true “video Twitter” because it restricts clips to twelve seconds in length, has opened its private beta doors for one day only in celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day. While registration isn’t usually open to the public, today’s visitors to 12seconds.tv will get a chance to record their… Read More

  • UK Guitar Hero World Tour pre-orders get free bass

    The UK version of the Guitar Hero World Tour pre-order bundle will include a free bass guitar. The news comes from UK trade news site MCV which claims that the bundle has been announced by Activision UK – no word on whether this deal would be good in the US as well. A quick look at the US pre-order package on Amazon.com makes no mention of a free bass, though, while the Amazon UK page… Read More

  • Samsung NC10 netbook aims to keep you online and healthy

    Samsung’s upcoming netbook just got official and ships with the standard fare of an Intel Atom CPU, Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0 (nice), 80-160GB HDD, and an LED-lit WSVGA screen; all items we see on a daily basis. But the Samsung NC10 also sports an anti-bacterial keyboard powered by small, nano sized silver ion powder that aims to keep you nice and healthy while cruising the ‘net. Too… Read More

  • In Microsoft's Advertising Corner, Ultimate Fighting Champion Rashad Evans

    It looks like Bill Gates finally found someone who can fight for him. Now that Microsoft killed those awful Seinfeld ads and is finally punching back against Apple on the advertising front, it has someone you don’t want to mess with in its spokesman’s corner: Ultimate Fighting Champion Rashad Evans. The mixed-martial arts fighter has recently been spotted entering the ring sporting… Read More

  • Two variants of the new Microsoft commercial

    The latest Microsoft commercial, dubbed I’m a PC, is a tad long at 1:01 for everyday time slots so there are two alternatives that you will more likely see on a daily basis. Same subject matter, just a little quicker at 31 seconds each. Second one after the jump. Read More

  • Yahoo Rolls Out New Template For SearchMonkey Results

    Yahoo is transitioning to a new layout for its SearchMonkey results, which can be customized by outside developers as part of Yahoo’s Open Strategy. The new design features deep links, which are horizontally aligned under each result’s title and the image is now featured on the right-hand side. With the new layout, the SearchMonkey team (whose leader is departing), believes it… Read More

  • Panasonic finally prices the DMP-BD35 Blu-ray player

    Panasonic has been showing off its BD-Live capable players for sometime, but has been mum ’bout the price – until now. The DMP-BD35 now carries an MSRP of $399, which isn’t a bad price point, but Blu-ray player shoppers might be swayed by the similar LG BD300 player that also includes a Netflix streamer. The higher-end DMP-BD55 drops next month and adds 7.1 analog surround… Read More

  • Casio Japan releases Astro Boy watch

    Casio Japan [JP] announced a limited edition Astro Boy G Shock in honor of legendary anime artist Osamu Tezuka who passed away in 1989. He would have turned 80 on November 3rd (the watch will be released at the end of that month). The Japan-only G Shock is limited to 1,000 units and costs $150. Read More

  • Early-stage European Startups Take Honours At Seedcamp

    Seedcamp, the European-wide competion for startups, ended on a high this week, naming a record seven winners rather than the five they originally set out to award. The seven will each get €50,000 seed funding from Seedcamp’s conglomerate of venture backers, but the stake in each startup will vary, along similar lines to the Y-Combinator model. Read More

  • Helio Ocean II (Oz2) gets the FCC photo treatment

    Now that the Ocean 2 has slipped back until January of ’09 at the earliest, we’ve cruised right by the September confidentiality date of the original FCC filing back in March. As a result, a handful of hardware photos and a whole slew of details have made their way out. Along with the obvious aesthetic similarities, the handset borrows the dual-slide concept of the original… Read More

  • Cisco Picks Up Jabber for Collaboration, IM

    Cisco announced today that it has acquired Jabber, an open-source IM and presence protocol used by Google Talk and Gizmo, for an undisclosed sum. Cisco will try to use Jabber as a means of improving its messaging offerings in the business world. Jabber’s technology enables collaboration across a wide array of presence systems such as, Microsoft Office Communications Server, IBM… Read More

  • Nokia E72 and E75 promo video leaked, quickly pulled

    Even with the first light of the day just peeking over the hills here on the west coast, today already brings a pair of unannounced hardware leaks: the Nokia E75 and E72. The E75 is a QWERTY slider, shown above on left, while the E72 is a QWERTY candybar, shown on right. Outside of their appearance, not a whole lot is known about these new additions to the E series. One of the forum members… Read More

  • Yahoo Launches Social Network — In India

    Yahoo India announced that it has launched yet another social network for the 16-24 age bracket in an attempt to capture the growing market in India. And although scant details are available, it sounds interesting. Dubbed SpotM, the new social network will bring college-aged and those close to going to college together in one space. There’s no word on how Yahoo will be able to… Read More

  • Place Your Bets: Reuters Joins HubDub's Prediction Market

    International news service Reuters has set up shop on HubDub, a prediction market on topics ranging from politics to technology. The new partner section of the site will feature standard HubDub surveys, as well as a selection of top Reuters stories and widgets. You can access the Reuters portal here. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Hold Up Edition

    Review: SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse
    $6,500 watch case: Even I’m not that stupid
    Lazertag looks like I wanted it to look when I was a kid
    Spinning sphere recreates model of Earth’s magnetic field
    Bakelite rotary style iPhone dial, the epitome of functionality Read More

  • Huh. Those Mac Ads Aren't As Funny Any More.

    I sat down to write a post that highlights the really innovative new Apple ad running over two ad units on the New York Times (see video below). The ad unit came out today, the same day as Microsoft released their new set of “I’m a PC” commercials, and shows once again that Apple is always one innovative step ahead of just about everyone else. A video of the ad is… Read More

  • Great news! Farva is coming to Blu-ray

    The best news of the day was just hit my inbox. Super Troopers is coming to Blu-ray December 9. Can you believe it? Car RamRod, Farva, the stoner boys, and hot Ursula are all going to be seen in glorious high definition and heard through DTS HD Master Audio. Plus, the $34.99 Blu-ray edition is going to included exclusive PiP commentary and a Super Troopers drinking game. How sweet is that! God… Read More

  • Facebook, Google, FriendFeed (Who Else?) Dive Into Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Ok, it’s clever. Facebook added a translated version of the site today in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day. But instead of seeing Facebook in French or Esperanto, you can see Facebook in “Pirate.” Just go here and select English (Pirate). Your Profile is now “Me.” Your Friends are now “Me Hearties.” Your status box asks “What arrr ye doin’… Read More

  • Canon 5D Mark II

    Mmmm. Today was a good day. We got a great chance to rock out with the Canon 5D Mark II if by rock out you mean look at from afar and take a few pictures of said camera. Interestingly, the video feature uses the built-in auto and manual focus, so you can feasibily put on studio lenses and get the same bokeh and depth of field effects you’d get in still images on the 21-megapixel… Read More

  • ASUS Aiguru SV1: The future

    As we learned today, ASUS is releasing a Skype videophone that brings the 25th century to the comfort of your home. The device has a full color camera and mini-screen and brings up your Skype contacts for immediate video calling without a PC. This is basically the best thing ever for grandmothers, mothers, and whoever else you might want to video chat with and who is unable, for whatever… Read More

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