• HTML Head-tag earrings get you formatted, indexed, married (to me, at least)

    Much like the bobby pins made with microchips, if you’re a cute girl in Seattle and I see you wearing these HTML HEAD earrings, I will find a way to marry you on the spot, whether you like it or not. Bonus points if you like Warren Ellis, Clive Cussler, Transformers, cute chihuahuas, and PBR. HTML HEAD earrings [PopGadget] Read More

  • Im in ur ______ ______ing ur ______

    <img src="http://old.crunchgear.com/wp-content/pbucket/mad-libs combo, as you use a washable marker to tell everyone, "im in ur mom, borking your unborn retarded sister". OK, that's maybe a bit much, but I'm hardcore, jerks. And it's under $20, so with markers and shipping you can get a perfect gift for your perfect geek and a perfect price. Why don't we… Read More

  • One step to Santa's naughty list

    If you like to pump your music from your iPod for all to hear, and you like to be cruel to animals with seven seconds of memory, have we got the device for you. Meet the iPond, the real-life speaker/aquariam combo that has animal’s rights do-gooders up in arms. Er, fins, or whatever you get up-in for fish. The claim is that the aquarium is up to fifteen times smaller than the fish… Read More

  • Goodreads Raises Angel Round To Help You Find That Perfect Book

    Los Angeles based Goodreads, a social network focused on book lovers, has managed to get to 650,000 registered users and near profitability without any funding at all in their first year since launch. Today they will announce an angel round of financing from James Currier (founder of Ooga Labs and Tickle), Michael Birch (founder of Bebo), Chris Michel (founder of Military.com and Affinity… Read More

  • Why Can't Yahoo Search Marketing Block Fraudulent Transactions?

    Well regarded online marketer Jeremy Schoemaker was until recently a leading affiliate for Yahoo’s Search Marketing program (for those not familiar with the program think Google Adwords, but from Yahoo.) According to Yahoo Jeremy was in the top three of the Yahoo Search Marketing Program in terms of dollars earned and seeing 5 figure monthly returns. Jeremy was even attending major… Read More

  • AllTell to offer Voice2TXT transcription service

    Visual voicemail, visual shmoisemail. Alltell wireless just launched Voice2TXT using SpinVox to transcribe users’ voicemail messages to text, ensuring that a simple message (“Pick me up at the airport, mom, it’s snowing!”) will turn into “PUCK ME UP THE ASHPORT [UNINTELLIGABLE] I LIKE BLOW.” Ok, it won’t be that bad, but I’ll be trying the… Read More

  • Dash Express finally shipping

    I’ve been following the Dash Express — the “flocking” GPS device that tells other Dash devices in its vicinity about traffic problems and can connect to WiFi to look up addresses — for over a year now and every time I’ve met with them they’ve been pushing back the ship date. Well, now you can pre-order the Dash Express for $599 and will ship in February. Read More

  • Nyko upgrades its handy PS3 controller charger

    One of the problems I’ve had with the PS3 is the sort of last-generation feel of the controller connection when you have to charge it up. A USB mini port? That’s so old-school! It works all right, I guess, but it’s ugly and the wires stick out of the ports all the time – what you want is something as advanced as the console it’s for. Nyko has you covered; their… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: AOL 1.0 Floppy, $5,000

    It’s at zero bids, but it would make a great stocking stuffer for, well, nobody. It’s just interesting to know that these things still exist, or at least one of them. It’s an AOL 1.0 floppy disk, and it’s on eBay, and it’s going for just under a grand now. Or you could “buy it now” for $5k. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing. Maybe… Read More

  • Xbox 360 wireless radiations jam your Bluetooth

    This is interesting. It’s almost like an old-fashioned whodunit – but this time it’s the console doing the killing. Some staff at Morrisville State College were noticing a lot of interference in certain places resulting in trouble syncing their Bluetooth headsets. A little investigation that they were being jammed by a mysterious signal covering whole areas of the frequency band. Read More

  • Teen's weed usage nets dad $9,000 for Guitar Hero III

    You come home from work to find your teenaged son smoking pot with his loser friends in your back yard. Do you a) Lecture him about how marijuana’s a gateway drug and will turn him into a smelly hippy? b) Dismiss the dope usage to teenage experimentation? Or c) Sell the copy of Guitar Hero III you bought for him for Xmas in the nick of time online for $9000? We’ll let you guess… Read More

  • Loren Feldman Trashes Seesmic; Founder Loic Le Meur Takes The Bait

    People who don’t follow Loren Feldman are usually surprised when he takes aim at their startup and lets loose. He combines valid points with a highly confrontational approach (he once called me a “pompous elitist asshole” and I still consider him a friend). The results are usually entertaining and combustive. Quite often they also cross the line and could be called… Read More

  • Bizarre: Al-Qaeda To Emulate YouTube Debates?

    The second in command of Al-Qaeda has asked for questions to be submitted to the terrorist network which he’ll then answer in an online interview next month. Ayman al-Zawahri made the offer as part during a video release online where he mocks the British withdrawal of troops from Southern Iraq, claiming that the withdrawal shows that Al-Qaeda is winning. The format of the questions was… Read More

  • Who Will Google Buy Or Clone In 2008?

    Predicting what Google may do in 2008 is about as accurate as predicting the future using a Magic 8 ball; you can make educated guesses but it’s nothing more than that. There are two certainties however; Google will acquire many companies and they will also launch a range of new products and upgrades to existing products. Here’s a few companies that Google may look at in… Read More

  • Lolcats: Bloatwarez edition

    Thanks, Robert! Read More

  • 23andMe Step 2: Spitting In A Tube

    Last week I was able to take the second step towards understanding my genetic trivia – the $1,000 23andMe kit I ordered on December 6 arrived. I spent a few minutes reading the directions and then did as I was told – I spent 5 minutes or so spitting into the provided tube, mixing in a chemical that comes with the kit, and sealing it up for shipment. In 4-6 weeks, they say… Read More

  • Do You Use Google For Vanity Searching? You're Not Alone

    A new study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project has found that 47% of American adult internet users have undertaken a vanity search in Google or another search engine. The survey found that more people today have searched for themselves on Google (and others) than in 2002, when the figure was 22%. 53% of US internet users admit to having looked up information about work colleagues… Read More

  • Facebook Sues Porn Company Over Hacking Attempt

    Facebook has filed a lawsuit against a Canadian porn company alleging that they attempted to hack Facebook’s servers. Istra Holdings Inc trading as Slickcash is alleged to have tried to access Facebook’s servers at least 200,000 times in an attempt to access the personal information of Facebook users. Facebook users though have nothing to fear, as according to court documents… Read More

  • Google Starts Rolling Out Centralized Profiles

    Google is rolling out a centralized profile system that will provide personalized information to each Google product you use. The unimaginatively named Google Profile will share information across all Google products, unifying often disparate Google systems that logins aside haven’t previously shared data with each other. To quote Google: A Google Profile is simply how you represent… Read More

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