• Slydial Lets You Avoid Awkard Calls, Go Straight To Voicemail

    It’s Friday night, you’ve got a blind date in an hour, and the last thing you want to do is make small talk with a stranger. You’d like nothing more to cancel, but there’s no easy way to do it. Text messages and emails are out of the question – they’re too cold and impersonal, especially with so little notice. So you call, hoping with every ounce of your… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Elite gets bundled with Dell laptops

    In what could be seen as an inventory clearing move, Microsoft has teamed up with Dell to bundle the Xbox 360 Elite System with the gaming oriented XPS 1730. The top of the line bundle features a 7200 RPM, 400 GB hard drive along with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9300 (2.5GHz/800Mhz FSB/6MB cache). Read More

  • WoodRatchet: It ratchets your wood

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&file=http%3A//blip.tv/rss/flash/1106949&feedurl=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/rss/&autostart=false&brandname=CrunchGear&brandlink=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/ It’s not every day you find a cool gadget in a free newspaper in the Poconos but here you have it: the WoodRatchet, a system to hold wood at odd… Read More

  • Help us build a $200 web tablet

    I’m tired of waiting – I want a dead simple and dirt cheap touch screen web tablet to surf the web. Nothing fancy like the Dell latitude XT, which costs $2,500. Just a Macbook Air-thin touch screen machine that runs Firefox and possibly Skype on top of a Linux kernel. It doesn’t exist today, and as far as we can tell no one is creating one. So let’s design it, build a… Read More

  • Blurry video surfaces showing Samsung Blackjack 3

    A video posted over at WMExperts, shows a short clip of the upcoming Samsung SGH-i788 that is said to be due in October. The upcoming smartphone will run Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and will feature a 320×320 touchscreen, a 528MHz processor and a 3 megapixel camera. The phone will also have 3G, Wi-Fi, and a GPS receiver. Previous rumors have determined that the phone was going to be… Read More

  • 3rd Annual August Capital Meet-Up Is This Friday – Final 200 Tickets

    The time has come for us to release our final 200 tickets to the 3rd Annual August Capital Meet-Up. To join us this Friday, on July 25th, register at EventBrite. We look forward to seeing you along with hundreds of other techies at August Capital’s amazing outdoor patio in Menlo Park, California. The only tickets left for August Capital are reserved for event sponsors. We still have a… Read More

  • Cherrypal: A lean, green, cloud-oriented machine

    It doesn’t look exciting, really, but it’s worth considering that as people move their entire computer experience online, the local footprint of a personal computer gets smaller and smaller, until eventually it’s this. The Cherrypal is ridiculously underpowered: a 400MHz processor, 256mb of RAM, 4GB of space (used pretty much exclusively for the OS and Firefox), and the… Read More

  • NXT robot solves Rubik's Cube without a PC

    When I was a boy, Legos were good for having crash-em-up derbies (Instructions: You and your friends take a big green board each and build cars. The owner of the Legos gets all the good wheels. Crash the cars into each other. Repeat.) Now they have the damn things solving Rubik’s Cubes like some sort of manic hog-skinning machine that needed some time off. The full instructions and code… Read More

  • Yes, that is Sonic the Hedgehog brandishing a broadsword

    Am I taking crazy pills? No, wait. I mean, is Sonic Team taking crazy pills? Because apparently they’ve made a Sonic game where you fight with a sword instead of running fast. Would you make a Street Fighter game where you collected coins and rode around on karts? How about a Ninja Gaiden game where you roll up a nice big katamari? Sonic and the Black Knight will provide Sonic fans with… Read More

  • PSA: Power Pack 1 now available for Windows Home Server, should resolve data corruption snafu

    Hip hip hooray! Power Pack 1 is ready for download and the most notable feature is support for Windows machines running Vista x64. Otherwise, the service pack should resolve all data corruption issues that WHS was plagued with at launch. Download it here. Read More

  • SIM2 announces a sub-$5K 1080p projector for the US

    SIM2 makes some mighty fine projectors and the only deterrent the Italian company may have from grabbing a huge market share is the price of said projectors. But today SIM2 announced the Domino D60 DLP front projection system that outputs 1080p video for $4,995. With a contrast ratio greater than 10,000:1, a plethora of inputs/outputs (dual HDMI, component, RGB-HD), as well as a powered… Read More

  • Video: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II could be the coolest RTS game

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=36578 I’m not big into RTS or MMOs because I think they’re a waste of time. Nicholas and VV used to hound me about joining WoW, but I refused every single time. AT E3, however, Relic/THQ opened up my eyes to something new and exciting, Dawn of War II. I was sort of tricked into thinking that it wasn’t an RTS because it… Read More

  • That ad stinks! Armpit advertising hits the streets

    Right Guard has come up with a stinky new idea for an ad campaign. Apparently, somebody behind the campaign figures that people tend to spend a lot of time looking at other peoples’ armpits. Or not enough time. I’m not entirely sure. But I do know somebody has been spending way too much time thinking about armpits and potential uses for said armpits. Now, regardless of armpit… Read More

  • Panasonic's new superzoom, the DMC-FZ28

    I swear to god, why don’t they give their products remotely identifiable names? Why not the Panasonic Lightning Bolt or the Panasonic Cougarshot 1000? No, it’s always jumbles of letters and numbers meaningless to anyone outside of their engineering department. But I digress. Name aside, this looks like a pretty capable camera, although apart from the significantly larger zoom… Read More

  • New (and expensive) Panasonic point-and-shoots: FX37 and LX3

    Such descriptive names! These two nice little cameras are just out and have the following characteristics:
    FX37: 10.1 megapixels, 25mm Leica lens, 5x optical zoom, optical image stabilization, “intelligent auto mode” which implies other auto modes are stupid but doesn’t seem to include any particularly revolutionary features other than the always handy face detection… Read More

  • Using the sun to cool down those hot days

    Driven by the long reaching goals of the Montreal Protocol, drafted in 1987 and since signed by 191 countries, technology continues to achieve success for the ozone reducing accord. The worldwide reduction of CFC pollution has slowed the destruction of the ozone layer. Improvements continue as we head towards target dates of 2030 (2020 for developed nations) to cease the use of HCFCs… Read More

  • Fred Wilson – A VC in Europe (but just for this month)

    Last week I had a coffee with Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. Fred is perhaps best known as the blogger “A VC – Musings of a VC in NYC” but he is also an investor in Twitter among other startups. He was on a European “Tech Tour”, but this is not something he normally does. I asked him why a New York VC was suddenly doing a tour of European startups… Read More

  • Reminder: Samsung Instinct Haiku Contest

    To recap: Every week we’ll be giving away a cool Samsung phone culminating in the Samsung Instinct!

    We begin our contest this week gunning for the Samsung Ace. The haiku should focus on sight and must be tweeted to UseYourInstinct. We will close entries for this week at noon on Tuesday, July 22. If you entered the previous contest and didn’t win, feel free to re-enter. Here are… Read More

  • The Techcrunch Web Tablet Project


    Digg This Today at Techcrunch we announced that we are building our own web tablet hardware device. This all stems back from a conversation a few weeks ago when we were discussing the ultimate web browsing/cloud computing client hardware. The iPhone is nice but too small, and most laptops are over-powered for the task. With applications on… Read More

  • We Want A Dead Simple Web Tablet For $200. Help Us Build It.

    I’m tired of waiting – I want a dead simple and dirt cheap touch screen web tablet to surf the web. Nothing fancy like the Dell latitude XT, which costs $2,500. Just a Macbook Air-thin touch screen machine that runs Firefox and possibly Skype on top of a Linux kernel. It doesn’t exist today, and as far as we can tell no one is creating one. So let’s design it, build a… Read More

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