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  • Facebook App now available for S60 V5

    Not getting enough social interaction on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic? Maybe a native Facebook app will help. In an effort to expand its footprint on mobile devices, Facebook has just launched an S60 V5 friendly app on Nokia’s Ovi store. Status updates, wall posts, photo uploads – if it’s something you’d expect of a Facebook app, it probably has it. AllAboutSymbian… Read More

  • Video: Eco Trip looks at what happens to your phone when you stop loving it

    The day has finally come. That new phone you’ve been drooling over for months, hanging on each and every word of any blog post you can find about it.. it has arrived. You speed home from the store, tear apart the box, and start dabbling. It’s pure geek bliss. Six months later pics of the followup have leaked, or the next big thing has been announced. Your once beloved phone is… Read More

  • Qualcomm beefs up Snapdragon: Specs up, battery usage down

    Qualcomm made a big announcement in the progress of mobile chipsets today. They’re beefing up their SnapDragon line by a large margin to offer blazing processor speeds for the handsets that use them. The 45NM (We’re talking nano-meters) chipset technology will vastly improve process power and battery life, giving consumers hardware that is up to par with new mobile operating… Read More

  • Acer joins Open Handset Alliance, launching Android handsets in Q4

    The Open-Handset Alliance is opening the doors to its newest member: Acer Inc. Acer has been talking about pushing out Android for some time now – so this really just puts an official seal on the whole thing. We should expect to see the first fruits of the Acer/Android pairing hit store fronts in Q4 of this year. Read More

  • The Next Big Feature Of Xbox Live: Twitter!

    Microsoft has just announced that some new features are coming the Xbox 360 at E3. Facebook and integration into the Xbox Live dashboard are two of them. The game Metal Gear Solid is another. But the one they seem to be touting the most right now? Twitter! Yes, it seems the software giant, who has made some nice moves in the gaming space has just as big of an obsession with Twitter… Read More

  • Does Apple want to double charge you for apps?

    Apple? Greedy? Perish the thought! Some bleeding edge iPhone users may beg to differ though: this past weekend, some of them were prompted to pay up again when trying to re-download an already-purchased app. Read More

  • Samsung's Pixon12 is the world's first 12-megapixel camera-phone

    Megapixels don’t “mean” anything until you’re the first company to reach a milestone. That’s why so much attention is being paid to Samsung today, on a day when plenty of “real” news—GM declaring bankruptcy, an Air France jet going down, Carlo Ancelloti joining Chelsea, etc.—will overshadow anything coming out of the tech world. Anyhow… Read More

  • Hands-on with the official Verizon update for the Blackberry Storm

    Great news: The Blackberry Storm is finally usable. Most of our issues with the phone were resolved with the first official Verizon update for the Storm. It’s now a quality phone that’s worthy of the BlackBerry name. As of Sunday, May 31, the update is available via either directly from the support section of or from an OTA download. We downloaded the update over the… Read More

  • Hitachi to produce mini LCDs with world's highest resolution

    FED and SED are practically dead, Plasmas never really took off and OLED are still too expensive to produce. Now Hitachi Displays wants to change this by dramatically improving the good old LCDs, at least for mobile devices (even for these, OLED are far from being a regularly used). Read More

  • China Mobile to take 50%+ of the Application Market pie

    China Mobile, you’re doing it wrong. TelecomAsia reported that China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone operator, wants a big slice of the app revenue pie. Real big. They seek nothing less than 50% of all revenue generated by mobile apps from third-party developers. That’s considerably larger than the likes of Apple and Google’s Android, which both limit their cut… Read More

  • Twitter Goes Down, Spymaster Makes Fun Of Them

    Yes, Twitter is down. Yes, again. Yes, they’re looking into it. Yes, this is another Twitter post. But, I come bearing gifts. Spymaster, the somewhat controversial and addictive Twitter-based game obviously doesn’t work nearly as well when Twitter is down. In fact, it doesn’t work at all. The creators have made a fun little Fail Whale graphic of their own, indicating the the… Read More

  • Friday iPhone App Roundup: 3 apps you probably shouldn't buy…

    Each Friday for the foreseeable future, we’ll be showcasing a handful of recently launched applications from the iPhone App Store. Generally, we’ll highlight the best apps to hit our inbox, shining a guiding light on the gems that might otherwise get lost in the endless torrent of app releases. Unfortunately, the best apps to hit our inbox this week .. really weren’t very good. Read More

  • If Your Phone Requires A Headset Adapter, Your Phone Sucks.

    Listen up, 2.5mm-to-3.5mm headset adapters. You too, crappy shape changers required by an absurd chunk of the worthwhile phones out there: We’re through. Game over. Just like voicemail and hand shakes, we’re officially declaring war on any middleman component required to pump audio from a cell phone to decent headphones, along with the phones that use them. There was a time when… Read More

  • Finally! Verizon announces new Storm software

    Well, it’s about time! After a few missteps, Verizon has finally gotten their act together and managed to get a much needed software update for the Blackberry Storm through testing. Right now, it’s still unknown what the soon-to-be released software will do for all you patient Storm owners out there, but what we do know is when you can get your mitts on it: you can… Read More

  • From the Good Name Department: ITG xpPhone

    Truth be told, I’d be more inclined to buy one of those old people cellphones than something like this (or the iPhone for that matter!) The ITG xpPhone, which will debut at Computex, is, yes, a cellphone that, yes, runs Windows XP. Yes. As a Mac user, the only reason I’d boot into Windows XP is to fire up uTorrent, or play Team Fortress 2, neither of which I see running too well on… Read More

  • HTC Hero coming to Orange in the last week of June?

    Almost immediately after we opened our tips line, someone whispered to us that France Telecom was prepping the HTC Hero for launch on Orange UK and Orange France sometime in the last week of June. This was the first time this source had contacted us, so we were a bit wary; we dug a bunch, couldn’t find any leads, so we held off on posting it. Now, a second, entirely unrelated source has… Read More

  • HTC Hero Promo Video Outted, Taken Down, Put Back Up

    Whether it was an intentional leak or someone just missed the “Private” button, we’re not sure – but for just a few hours today, a promo video for the as-of-yet unannounced HTC Hero found its way online. It was taken down pretty quick, but not before the guys over at AndroidCommunity managed to snatch it up for reposting. It doesn’t show much we haven’t… Read More

  • Sharp to aggressively expand cell phone business outside Japan

    The majority of those awesome Japanese cell phones I keep blogging about unfortunately never leaves this country (at least in legal ways). But this may soon change, as Japan gets older (which results in a rapidly shrinking customer base) and is severely hit by the recession. Especially Sharp seems to now be bullish about bringing some of their cell phones to America and other areas. Read More

  • Seniors call for cellphone bill crackdown

    Sure, your grandparents never seemed like the most tech-savvy people on the block, but a recent release by The Seniors Coalition aim to change that. According to them, not only do old folks know their stuff, they want to change things for the better. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Alias2 for Verizon Wireless

    It seems like all the attention these days is focused on smartphones. The reality is, not everyone who needs and uses a cellphone wants a pocket-computer and/or to pay for the hefty data services required to take advantage of said smarties. With that in mind, it’s nice to see that Samsung is still working on improving its more standard fair / “dumb” phones, if you will. Read More