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  • Google Realizes That Short Links Are Smart Links In Mobile Gmail

    Google is finally figuring out that short links are just easier to deal with, especially on a mobile phone. No, it is not rolling out its own URL shortening service just yet (, stand down). But today it is introducing what it calls “smart links” to the mobile version of Gmail. When it recognizes a super-long link like one for Google Maps, it will shorten it to the… Read More

  • Sidekick Sync app brings push email, Exchange support, and more to the Sidekick LX '09

    Yo, Sidekick LX ’09 owners. Check out the Download Catalog. You should find the Sidekick Sync app somewhere in there and guess what? The app brings push email, attachment viewing, syncing, and Exchange support to your beloved Sidekick. Tits, right? (If you don’t see the app right away, check back a little bit later today) Read More

  • This August, the HTC Touch Pro 2 & Samsung Gravity 2 head to T-Mobile

    You’ll have two more T-Mobile cellphones to pick from beginning next month. There’s the HTC Touch Pro2, which still doesn’t have an AT&T release date (so T-Mo can lord that over AT&T), and the Samsung Gravity 2. Read More

  • VZW now pushing Slacker Radio to the BlackBerry Tour

    Last week Verzion pushed Slacker Radio onto the BlackBerry Storm. This time around, the BlackBerry Tour is getting the same treatment. Why you ask? Well, Slacker Radio has put a little icon within the app that links available songs to the VZW V-Cast music store. So when a tune plays through Slacker Radio, customers will be able to purchase the song right there. If for some reason Slacker… Read More

  • Hey LG BL40 – Why the long face?

    The more we look at this thing, the more we wonder if we’ll need a special pair of pants to carry it around. Will we need LG Chocolate BL40-certified pockets? Or will we need to carry it around in some sort of sling? We still haven’t touched it, but some lucky reporter over at got the opportunity to paw at it briefly. They didn’t say much we didn’t already… Read More

  • Sprint puts $483 million on the table for Virgin Mobile USA

    In what looks to be shaping up to be another healthy week for M&A activity, Sprint Nextel is putting more of its focus on the prepaid cell phone service market with a $483 million deal to buy out Virgin Mobile USA. The acquisition, which was announced earlier this morning, calls for Sprint to pay $5.50 in stock for each Virgin Mobile share, a 31 percent premium to the MVNO’s… Read More

  • Sprint set to acquire Virgin Mobile

    Sprint and Virgin Mobile sitting in a tree, m-e-r-g-i-n-g. Well, not merging per se. More like Sprint is acquiring Virgin Mobile. Seems as though this whole “pre-paid, no contract” thing is a hit and Sprint, looking to gain some ground in the mobile arms race, wants in on the action. Read More

  • That's a mighty generic-looking Android phone you got there, Philips

    It may be that we’re entering an era of lozenge-shaped phones with little to distinguish them from one another, but that doesn’t mean phone makers shouldn’t even try. Honestly, if your phone looks and acts like every other phone and its specs are for the most part the same, why did you put it out? Philips’ V808 is their first Android-based smartphone, so I guess you… Read More

  • Samsung, Intrinsity unveil Hummingbird to rival Snapdragon

    Alright, so Samsung wasn’t exactly the first kid on the block to break the mobile gigahertz barrier, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of effort. It looks like they’re ready to put that behind them, as they and partner Intrinsity have unveiled their first foray into the realm of high performance mobility: the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. The Hummingbird itself is based on… Read More

  • Resident Evil 4 now available for the iPhone

    Get it now for $8 from the App Store. [PSGallery=348318hbdf] Read More

  • T-Mobile UK to release the G2 Touch aka Hero in the wild tomorrow

    Straight from the horse’s mouth, friends. T-Mobile G2 Touch available to buy online from tomorrow and in stores over the next few days. T-Mobile UK [Twitter] Read More

  • A couple sprinkles of Donut lore as developers dig in

    So yesterday we saw the new Android version, Donut, get released to developers. Lots of sweetness inside, as we detailed then, but there are just a couple corrections to be observed. It’s not Android 2.0 — the version numbers aren’t just going to jump up like that. I suspect Google is working on having the whole idea of version numbers be secondary to the pastry names. So… Read More

  • Android "Donut" makes its first delicious appearance, packed with new toys

    This weekend just turned into an early Christmas for Android hackers everywhere. Google just dropped an early alpha version of the upcoming major Android update, “Donut”, into the code repository. User Cyanogen of xda-developers was the first to notice the new code lingering, and is already hard at work getting it up and running currently available hardware. Just from playing with… Read More

  • Hesse confirms Sprint will have an Android device this year, maybe more

    Speaking at Brainstorm: Tech, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse explicitly stated that Sprint would carry at least one Android device by the end of the year. As to why Sprint has taken this long to pick up an Android device, he said that it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. But now that the second version of the OS is out, Hesse says it’s ready. Wait. What? Second version? What the hell is… Read More

  • App Roundup: 5.2 million more iPhones? Wonder why the developers keep flocking?

    As we’ve reported, Apple sold 5.2 million iPhones last quarter. Yeah, Cupertino sure doesn’t seem to think much of the recession. Oh, and to top it off, they sold 10.2 million iPods. Assuming at least some of those were iPod touches, there are at least 6 million new iDevices in consumer’s hands. In fact, estimates that there are now 45 million App… Read More

  • Motorola launches MOTODEV studio for Android developers

    Motorola really wants you to develop for Android handsets. More specifically, they really want you to develop for Motorola-made Android handsets. That’s why they’ve launched MOTODEV, an Android development resource for crackin’ out apps purposed for Motorola handsets. It’s a two-part initiative, one seemingly a bit more exclusive than the other. If you can get into… Read More

  • Samsung confirms it's working on a Tegra phone

    We’ve gotta admit it: we’re pretty dang excited about Nvidia’s Tegra chipset. 720p video pumped out of our handsets? Yes please. Gorgeous graphics on the go? Hardware accelerated Flash? Android support? Yes, yes, and yes. All of this, and the battery requirements are better than what’s in most phones? Oh, hells yes. If Nvidia manages to meet all their promises… Read More

  • Samsung T659 gets shot

    In the weeks after that big ol’ T-Mobile launch list leaked back in April, details and photos emerged of just about every handset mentioned. One, however managed to stay off the radar: the Samsung T659, otherwise known as “Scarlet”. Of course, we’re talking about Samsung here, and Samsung phones just don’t get announced without leaking first, and the Scarlet is… Read More

  • Latest trailer and screenshots of the Dexter iPhone game

    I’m beginning to think that this game won’t ever come out. I mean, it’s been more than a year since it was first announced. Anyhoots, here are the latest screenshots and trailer for the upcoming iPhone game from Marc Ecko Entertainment. It’s slated for a late summer release with three additional episodes to follow shortly after. Oh, and there’s an official… Read More

  • Bicycle-mounted mobile phone chargers actually improve Kenyan lives

    Two dollars is a princely sum in Kenya. But that’s what people there have to pay to charge their mobile phone at a charging station—sometimes just an old car battery on the side of the road. So, in yet another example of technology actually improving people’s lives (rather than just giving hipsters an opportunity to bump into other hipsters), two students have developed a… Read More