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  • Google Clones Free 411

    Google Clones Free 411

    As TechCrunch reported, Google just launched a free 411 product into Google labs. The new service can be reached at 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone. Unlike Free411, which already has over 6% market share, it is not currently ad supported. However, as the platform evolves, a pairing with Google’s on demand radio ad service seems sensible. Google’s whole 411 service… Read More

  • Mobiode: Surveys Tailored for Mobile

    Mobiode: Surveys Tailored for Mobile

    Now that people are finally accessing mobile content on their phones, it’s good that someone is putting metrics in place to judge how good that content is. Mobiode by Wirenode is a survey tool for mobile phones. Using the built-in WAP or WHML browsers on today’s handsets, site operators can ask user’s opinions on any range of topics, and get the results fast. In theory… Read More

  • MyGADs for Storing, Retrieving Factoids

    MyGADs for Storing, Retrieving Factoids

    Those of you familiar to the old days of IRC might recall infobots, handy little scripts that live in IRC channels and spout out factoids when they see a certain trigger. For example, my favorite infobot on Slashnet is Zuul. If you ask Zuul about me, he’ll respond with, “Matt Hickey is the brain that underpins Web,” an obvious reference to my genius. But Zuul doesn’t… Read More

  • WiFi Joins the Mile High Club

    WiFi Joins the Mile High Club

    The Wall Street Journal reported Colorado-based aeronautical communications company, AirCell, will be able to bring WiFi access to airplanes soon. The service will be carried over the frequency once used for air-phone service, which the company bought last year for $31.3 million at FCC auction. The connection will provide internet bandwidth equivalent to WiFi on the ground for devices… Read More

  • Moka: All the World's Wisdom in 160 Characters or Less

    Moka: All the World's Wisdom in 160 Characters or Less

    Are you down and out? Are you on the street? Does evening fall so hard that you’d like Paul Simon to comfort you? Fear not, brave soul. Moka has some content for you. Moka is an odd SMS service that condenses and sends the key thoughts from many popular self-help books (Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life,” Wayne Dyers “Inspiration,” God’s… Read More

  • Samsung Bundles Podcasting on Mobiles

    Samsung Bundles Podcasting on Mobiles

    Samsung has announced today that they will be bundling VoiceIndigo‘s advertising supported Podcasting service with their phones. The first model to be shipped with the service will be the dual Samsung’s faced mp3 player/phone, UpStage. VoiceIndigo service is a mobile application that downloads podcasts to your phone so you can listen to the whole thing, whether offline or online. Read More

  • Palm Loves Digg River

    Palm Loves Digg River

    Palm and Digg announced today any agreement that would deliver Digg River to Treos everywhere. Treo owners need only launch their Blazer Web browser and the service will be available to them as a content item. Digg River is a mobile version of the popular Digg service that is scaled for mobile use. It delivers to mobile devices the same ranking and prioritizing of content that is available… Read More

  • Microsoft Swims Into Mobile with Deepfish Service

    Microsoft Swims Into Mobile with Deepfish Service

    Microsoft announced recently that, like Yahoo and Google, it would be throwing itself into the mobile arena more fully with the release of its Deepfish service. The service aims to better replicate actual computing. Although it is currently only available in private beta, it is expected to be available for WinMo users in the near future. Deepfish Read More

  • Sonopia: Be Your Own MVNO

    Sonopia: Be Your Own MVNO

    TechCrunch just posted about a new mobile startup called Sonopia. Sonopia lets you create you own mobile social network on top of Verizon’s phone service for fun and profit. Anyone can create a network (called Sonopia) in a couple of minutes. The idea is that organizations will build there own branded networks, attract subscribers, and provide exclusive content relevant to their users… Read More

  • Pinger Now Commitment Free

    Pinger Now Commitment Free

    Voice messaging service Pinger no longer requires recipients to be pinger members in order to listen to messages on their mobile phones. Instead, upon receiving messages from Pinger users, recipients will be prompted by a text message to click and call a local number to hear the message. Previously non-members were emailed Pinger messages. Sending messages out and managing contact lists will… Read More

  • YouTube Geting a Mobile Mini-Me

    YouTube Geting a Mobile Mini-Me

    Katie Fehrenbacher over at GigaOm is reporting U.S YouTubers will be treated to a mini version later this year at the conclusion of the exclusivity clause in YouTube’s contract with Verizon wireless. The service will be live in Europe later in May. The mobile version will be a condensed version of YouTube, featuring 800 videos picked by YouTube’s editorial staff. No word yet on… Read More

  • Yahoo! Trailblazes With Its New Mobile Publisher Services

    Yahoo! Trailblazes With Its New Mobile Publisher Services

    Yahoo! has announced a new service that will be kind of a big deal for the mobile arena. Yahoo! Mobile Publisher Services is a suite of services designed to enable publishers to increase the discovery, distribution and monetization of their content on mobile phones. The suite is comprised of Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network, Mobile Content Engine, Mobile Media Directory and Mobile Site Submit. Read More

  • VoiceSignal VSearch: Embedded Voice Search

    VoiceSignal VSearch: Embedded Voice Search

    VoiceSignal makes the majority of voice recognition systems found in almost every major handset made. Never heard of them, you say? Well, that’s because they’re so embedded that its a struggle for them to even get their logos on the handset screens. Any time you issue a voice command, however, there is an excellent chance you’re using VoiceSignal technology. Now… Read More

  • HOMBRE: Ajax-alike Thin Client for Any Phone

    HOMBRE: Ajax-alike Thin Client for Any Phone

    HOMBRE, which stands for Hands On Mobile Runtime Environment, is a 65 kilobyte environment for building mobile applications. It can run on almost any handset and actually uses the handset’s on board applications and API calls to play video, audio, and access network features. The UI itself is quite nice and reminiscent of Helio and Adobe’s Web 2.0 reflection-tastic UIs you find on… Read More

  • Microsoft's ZenZui Launches Mobile Widget Browser

    Microsoft's ZenZui Launches Mobile Widget Browser

    TechCrunch has covered the release of a new mobile widget platform, ZenZui, who launched their mobile widget browser this morning. The browser has lets users search through a grid of 36 widget tiles by panning and zooming around the grid by touchscreen or keypad. Each of the widgets in the browser serves as a mobile optimized interface to a website like Zillow or Amazon. It’s essentially… Read More

  • Gemini eXplo: Like Second Life for Your First Phone

    Gemini eXplo: Like Second Life for Your First Phone

    I’ve been scouring CTIA for MobileCrunch worthy material and I think I’ve found something. What do you get when you meld Second Life with mobile ad serving with Japanese teenagers? eXplo. EXplo is an odd 3D environment that runs on almost any handset and allows you to chat, share photos, and view video and stream music in a simulated world. The world I saw was fairly small &mdash… Read More

  • MC at CTIA Wireless

    I’m headed to Orlando tomorrow for CTIA Wireless. If anyone is looking for me, you can bug me at john @ or call me at 6468270591. For those so included, CrunchGear and Jellyfish are holding a smack shopping event to coincide with the festivities. What is this “smack shopping” you ask? The site offers a limited number of products at a deep discount. The… Read More

  • Adds Anonymized Phone Numbers to Classified Listings Adds Anonymized Phone Numbers to Classified Listings

    Without a doubt, the most popular classified ads site on the Internet is Craigslist. The simple, utilitarian site is a shining example of how the p2p Web can work, and one of the secrets to its success is the anonymization of its users by email forwarding and masking. Many people who wouldn’t want their real email addresses published can use an anonymous, temporary address… Read More

  • Palm Buyout Reaching Conclusion; Future Still Uncertain

    Palm Buyout Reaching Conclusion; Future Still Uncertain

    At some point this week, the wheels of commerce may be set to turn over, changing the logo on forthcoming Treos to that of Nokia or even Motorola. The two have been bidding on Palm, maker of the Treo, for a few weeks now, and a couple of private equity firms have entered the fray, and the rumors are that things will finish up this week. Nokia wants the Treo name recognition, and Motorola wants… Read More

  • Yahoo! Debuts oneSearch Mobile Portal

    Yahoo! Debuts oneSearch Mobile Portal

    Yahoo! is being aggressive with its new mobile portal, called oneSearch, and it shows. As a portal, Yahoo! knows that content is king, and that getting to said content is what Mobile 2.0 is all about. Enter oneSearch, a new page (at on your handset) that aggregates a large number of Yahoo!’s features onto one easy-to-use page, including Y! Messenger, Y! Movies, and even a… Read More