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  • If Your Phone Requires A Headset Adapter, Your Phone Sucks.

    Listen up, 2.5mm-to-3.5mm headset adapters. You too, crappy shape changers required by an absurd chunk of the worthwhile phones out there: We’re through. Game over. Just like voicemail and hand shakes, we’re officially declaring war on any middleman component required to pump audio from a cell phone to decent headphones, along with the phones that use them. There was a time when… Read More

  • Finally! Verizon announces new Storm software

    Well, it’s about time! After a few missteps, Verizon has finally gotten their act together and managed to get a much needed software update for the Blackberry Storm through testing. Right now, it’s still unknown what the soon-to-be released software will do for all you patient Storm owners out there, but what we do know is when you can get your mitts on it: you can… Read More

  • From the Good Name Department: ITG xpPhone

    Truth be told, I’d be more inclined to buy one of those old people cellphones than something like this (or the iPhone for that matter!) The ITG xpPhone, which will debut at Computex, is, yes, a cellphone that, yes, runs Windows XP. Yes. As a Mac user, the only reason I’d boot into Windows XP is to fire up uTorrent, or play Team Fortress 2, neither of which I see running too well on… Read More

  • HTC Hero coming to Orange in the last week of June?

    Almost immediately after we opened our tips line, someone whispered to us that France Telecom was prepping the HTC Hero for launch on Orange UK and Orange France sometime in the last week of June. This was the first time this source had contacted us, so we were a bit wary; we dug a bunch, couldn’t find any leads, so we held off on posting it. Now, a second, entirely unrelated source has… Read More

  • HTC Hero Promo Video Outted, Taken Down, Put Back Up

    Whether it was an intentional leak or someone just missed the “Private” button, we’re not sure – but for just a few hours today, a promo video for the as-of-yet unannounced HTC Hero found its way online. It was taken down pretty quick, but not before the guys over at AndroidCommunity managed to snatch it up for reposting. It doesn’t show much we haven’t… Read More

  • Sharp to aggressively expand cell phone business outside Japan

    The majority of those awesome Japanese cell phones I keep blogging about unfortunately never leaves this country (at least in legal ways). But this may soon change, as Japan gets older (which results in a rapidly shrinking customer base) and is severely hit by the recession. Especially Sharp seems to now be bullish about bringing some of their cell phones to America and other areas. Read More

  • Seniors call for cellphone bill crackdown

    Sure, your grandparents never seemed like the most tech-savvy people on the block, but a recent release by The Seniors Coalition aim to change that. According to them, not only do old folks know their stuff, they want to change things for the better. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Alias2 for Verizon Wireless

    It seems like all the attention these days is focused on smartphones. The reality is, not everyone who needs and uses a cellphone wants a pocket-computer and/or to pay for the hefty data services required to take advantage of said smarties. With that in mind, it’s nice to see that Samsung is still working on improving its more standard fair / “dumb” phones, if you will. Read More

  • New HTC Hero Android Build Leaks, We go hands on

    As anyone who has spent some time with any recent HTC-made Windows Mobile phone ought to know, HTC has a serious knack for taking mobile OSes and customizing them – and there’s no better OS for that than Android. After cranking out the Dream and the Magic with only limited modifications, all signs indicate that HTC is going all out with the tweaks on the upcoming HTC Hero. Over… Read More

  • Verizon starts off the summer with 3 new LGs

    With handsets like the Storm 2 and the Blackberry Tour coming down Verizon’s pipeline, it’s sort of hard to get excited about anything else they’ve got. That’s not about to stop LG though – they’re poised to launch three new handsets on Big Red within the next few days. Let’s take a look: Read More

  • Android Review: Handmark's Express News. Verdict: Doesn't suck.

    Bombarded with dozens of news sources and code-heavy web sites, mobile news browsing seems to be a daunting task at best. Even on Wi-Fi, some of the most powerful mobile phones take their sweet time rendering. Searching for a solid application that can handle aggregation of popular and trusted news sources can be just as tedious as actually reading news on a mobile phone. Tedium, however… Read More

  • Verizon to sell Palm Pre, Storm 2 within six months

    First it was AT&T mouthing off about carrying the Palm Pre and now Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam is stating that VZW will begin selling the Palm Pre “over the next six months or so…” Also mentioned was the Storm 2 by McAdam, which will also go on sale in the same time frame. Side note: Palm shares went up 11 points while Sprint’s went down 3 points after this… Read More

  • One more thing: The Palm Pre syncs with iTunes

    Per a Fortune blog, the Palm Pre syncs “seamlessly” with iTunes. It’s not that shocking considering there are apps that add this functionality to many MP3 players and smartphones. However, this is the first phone besides the iPhone of course that has this ability out of the box. Don’t expect to load your iTunes Music Store purchases on the phone as it can’t handle… Read More

  • Space Ace for iPhone!

    Digital Leisure has just launched Space Ace for the iPhone/Touch. This game, for those of you too young to remember when games were groundbreaking and amazing and worth spending money on, used a laserdisc to display little cartoons that played when you tapped the buttons or controller correctly. Obviously this is about as intuitive as a do-it-yourself colostomy kit but dammit look at those… Read More

  • Google shows off Android's "Cupcake" successor, "Donut"

    Pah! Cupcake. Any true sweets connoisseur knows that the cupcake is at the bottom of the dessert totem pole, only ranking above those nasty red/white mints they chuck in alongside your bill. We’d take a delicious, engulfed-in-glaze donut over a cupcake any day – and so would Google. At today’s Google I/O conference, Google gave folks in the audience a sneak peak at Android… Read More

  • Skyfire Burns Through The Beta Tag, Coming Soon For BlackBerry

    After 473 days of beta testing and many, many preliminary releases, the rich multimedia mobile browser Skyfire has just hit version 1.0. Though Skyfire’s biggest features (namely, its ability to handle formats like Flash and Silverlight) have been in since its early days, there’s enough polish and primp in this release to justify branding it with a whole number. Read More

  • AT&T announces major mobile network upgrade

    From downloading videos and high-resolution photos, to online gaming and chatting with friends over instant-messengers, the mobile broadband networks of today are strong – but they’re starting to feel ancient. Today, AT&T clarified their plans to upgrade their network to deliver considerably faster mobile broadband speeds by way of HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). HSPA roll… Read More

  • Paper: Sexting really isn't a big deal, won't ruin teens' lives

    We’ve all heard of “sexting,” when teens send nude photos of themselves to each other via text message (well, MMS). Schools don’t like it, parents don’t like it, but, apparently, it’s all the rage among young people these days. Well, it turns out that sexting really isn’t that big of a deal; it’s merely a continuation of the age-old tradition… Read More

  • The world gets its first Buddha phone (and it's no joke)

    For geeks who a) happen to believe in Buddha and b) are able of reading Chinese, this must be excellent news: Buddhists can now actually buy a Buddha cell phone in China. The device is not a joke product, but it actually works and makes kind of sense (if you are a Buddhist). Read More

  • Ericsson to cut down on over-seas fraud

    Let’s say you’re going to Somalia for a family vacation, you know, just to get away from it all. Additionally, lets say you brought your Visa card for any transactions while you’re away, because cash is for suckers. But wait! When you go to buy that tiki-lamp that you haggled on for nearly an hour, you find that your bank has denied the purchase. Inconvenient? Sure. But how… Read More