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  • LG launches app store mostly for Asia

    LG is making life good for people in Asia who want an app store for LG phones. The manufacturer, #3 worldwide, has added 1,400 applications and 100 free programs. The service is available in Pac-Rim countries like Singapore and Malaysia and will hit Europe by the end of this year. No mention of a US launch. Read More

  • Video: The LG Chocolate returns, this time with a multi-touch screen

    This here video shows the new edition of the LG Chocolate, the fine-for-what-it-is cellphone that placates the I’m-not-spending-$300-on-a-phone crowd. It officially goes by the name of the LG Chocolate BL40, and it’s “coming soon,” probably around August, probably on Verizon Wireless. Probably, probably, probably. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless releases two BlackBerry Tour 9630s

    Without a doubt, the BlackBerry Tour 9630 is the nicest BlackBerry to date. It’s the perfect size (in between the Bold and Curve 8900) and has the best keyboard of all time. Anyway, Verizon unleashed two variants of the latest BlackBerry yesterday- one with a camera and one without. They’re both priced at $200 and available now. Verizon subscribers should get this and not that… Read More

  • Droid Comic Viewer rocks every Android platform (plus the DS)

    While not every comic is suitable to be read in mobile form (full-page art is hard to appreciate on a sub-3″ screen), it is nice having a few comics around for subway or bus reading. I recently downloaded a huge pack of Four Color Comics, the original home of later hits like Dick Tracy and Donald Duck, and they are perfect for carrying around with you. Droid Comic Viewer reads .zip… Read More

  • App Roundup: four apps that try to make a good game better

    When you can’t think of your own original game, steal someone else’s and make it better (or don’t). That’s the motto of this week’s app roundup, where we feature four games that attempt to improve on an existing classic. App #1: The iPhone is just perfect for racing games, and so many have been made for it. The accelerometer allows you to use the device as a… Read More

  • NFL to stream live games on the iPhone, but doesn't want anyone to watch

    Excited about the NFL streaming live football games on the iPhone? I was, too, until I heard the “but.” Announced today, the NFL has partnered with DirecTV to stream live games via an iPhone app during the 2009 season. Great news if you’re a DirecTV subscribers willing to pay $280 on an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription and a $100 Sunday Ticket SuperFan subscription and be in… Read More

  • T-Mobile US isn't getting the Hero, but T-Mobile UK is

    There’s no doubt about it: T-Mobile isn’t getting the HTC Hero. At least, not in the US. In the UK, it’s a whole different story. The word just came straight out of T-Mobile UK’s mouth (well, their Twitter account – but that’s the closest thing to a mouth they’ve got): the HTC Hero is coming to T-Mobile UK at the end of this month, and will be known as… Read More

  • Unboxing: Toshiba TG01 gets the customary unrobing

    The TG01 has arrived, folks. The swoon-worthy 1Ghz Snapdragon processor is now flying free in the UK and Japan, decoding 720p video without even breaking a sweat. As with any landmark handset release, it was only a matter of time before someone stripped this thing of its box and took pics along the way. Slashgear managed to scrounge one up, and have done the dirty deed with haste. For… Read More

  • From Tokyo: Demo of "almost finalized" augmented reality tagging app Sekai Camera (videos)

    I attended the inaugural event of the AR Commons in Tokyo today, a new initiative that’s supposed to help set “standards of augmented reality as a public environment”. In other words, the symposium is an attempt to understand what augmented reality, the mixing of the real world with computer data, really is and what consequences the concept will have on the society. And one… Read More

  • Palm Pre owners complaining about the lack of touchscreen keyboard

    Oh this is just stupid. A Strategy Analytics study has found that some Palm Pre users are complaining about the lack of an on-screen keyboard. Unbelievable. Read More

  • Hack makes Palm Pre partially Verizon-friendly

    Screwing around with CDMA handsets is no fun at all. You’ve taken the SIM card out of the equation, so a hefty chunk of the data that defines whether or not you can connect is stored on the carrier’s server. As such, getting a phone like the Palm Pre onto Verizon is as much social engineering as it is technical hackery. The above video shows the early results of an attempt at… Read More

  • Blackberry Onyx has identity crisis, steals Gemini's trackpad

    Onyx, I think it’s time we had a talk. Look, we know that your brothers Bold and Tour have set the bar pretty high. Hell, I’d cut a toe off for either one right now if I could. In the end though, your life is all about you. People will buy you and care about you, just like your brothers. I mean, just look at your spec sheet: quad-band GSM, 3.2 megapixel camera, 480 by 360 display… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone tether plan to be $55 per month, coming in September

    We all hope that eventually AT&T will get things together and out a tethering plan for the iPhone. But most of us are also nervous what AT&T is going to charge. We’ve heard everything from $40 to $60, but now one site is stating that AT&T told them directly all the details. We’re doubtful but wouldn’t be surprise if the cost ends up being close to what this site… Read More

  • Review: Nokia N97 – So close, yet so very, very far.

    Oh, Nokia N97. I wanted to touch you from the first time I laid eyes on you. You seemed like everything I wanted in a handset. You’d be the phone that surmounted the shortcomings of every smartphone before it. You were to be the mobile masterpiece. At least, I thought you were. I’ve had the Nokia N97 for roughly 3 weeks now. Usually, we push out our reviews after just a week or… Read More

  • iTunes on your Blackberry: DoubleTwist seems to be popular so far, now enters Japan's cell phone market

    DoubleTwist, a universal media management desktop application for Macs and PCs, not only has a clever marketing team behind it but also seems to be something a lot of people have been waiting for. The free software, which works like a multi-platform version of iTunes with a social networking component, has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since it launched in February (exact… Read More

  • Someone At Apple Has A Sense Of Humor

    No one likes limitations. Though Apple has been opening up more and more of their API with each software update, a good chunk of it is still off limits to anyone outside of their own team of developers. Be it because they’re unstable, unproven, or just outright blacklisted, a number of methods exist that no one but Apple is supposed to use. Of course, people try to use them anyway. Read More

  • Speeding Up RSS

    I’m sorry, but RSS feeds are way too slow. I know this first-hand. As part of my job here at TechCrunch, I monitor a lot of RSS feeds for breaking news. We also produce our own feed and I can see how quickly it propagates to various feed readers and feed-powered news aggregation services. The lag time between posting a story and seeing it pop up in the RSS feed is usually a few… Read More

  • Samsung patents crazy pop-out keyboard

    “Because the keypad is arranged at both sides of the touch screen, key input can be easily performed while viewing an image displayed on the touch screen.” You see, kids, there comes a time when you’ll want to operate a touchscreen phone, but need to see the entirety of the touchscreen while you type. Nothing allows this like Samsung’s crazy newly patented keyboard… Read More

  • Review: Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid

    Mario, Sonic, … Rolando?! Gaming purists: DON’T FREAK OUT. I’m not implying that HandCircus‘s phenomenal Rolando series is equivalent to the gaming franchise behemoths, Mario or Sonic. But, I will say that Rolando 2 is as compelling a reason to buy an iPhone as Super Mario 64 once was to buy the N64. Rolando 2: The Quest for the Golden Orchid (iTunes Link) is an… Read More

  • Nokia's 3720 Classic is ready for a beating

    The way I see it, there are really only 3 types of people who need rugged phones: Army folk Contractors and construction workers People who get angry when they drink Do any of those (#3) sound like you? The new Nokia 3720 Classic might be perfect for you. Launching later this summer at right around $175 bucks (€125), the 3720 Classic is spec’d to handle water, dust, vibration… Read More