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  • Samsung Gloss hits US Cellular, everyone makes fun of it for looking funny

    The conversation I had with a female roommate this morning, upon receiving the press release for the Samsung Gloss: Me: Check this out! It’s called the Samsung Gloss. It’s a QWERTY flip phone built for the ladyfolk. Her: Misogynist! Me: It’s pink! It has flowers! It’s called “gloss”! Her: Still. Plus, why is it called “gloss”? If they’re… Read More

  • Palm Eos coming in the second half of 2009

    After we broke the story of the Palm Eos’ existence back in April, the information came pouring in. Alas, one thing that no one could seem to nail was a release date. Read More

  • AT&T to see Android in August

    AT&T is playing with black magic, and some of its closest ties may get burned. AT&T will be launching the HTC “Lancaster”, powered by Google’s Android platform, making its way to retail stores in August of this year. Having AT&T’s first Android-powered device being released soon looks like this isn’t something that AT&T is setting on its back… Read More

  • Palm Pre coming to O2 later this year

    According to the Guardian, O2 has scored the exclusive on the Palm Pre for the UK. It’s been quite a while since we first saw a GSM variant of the Pre at MWC, but things have been quiet ever since. Beating out Vodafone and Orange, O2 – the UK’s largest mobile provider- hopes to stock the upcoming Palm device by the holiday season. But that’s not the only must-have… Read More

  • KDDI au rolls out 8 new (and partly awesome) cell phones

    Japanese telecommunications giants SoftBank and Docomo unveiled their summer 2009 line-ups last week and were followed by the country’s No. 2 carrier, KDDI au, today. While SoftBank is to roll out 15 new cell phones this summer and Docomo even presented 17 models, KDDI au showed only 8 new candy bars [JP] in the morning. But some of these are amazing. Read More

  • Exclusive: Everything There Is To Know About Nokia's Next Tablet

    Move over, Nokia N97. Your bigger, badder, unannounced brother is on the way – and one of our sources at Nokia has just clued us in on all of the details, from worldwide launch targets to hardware specs. Read More

  • Pre warning: other micro-USB chargers won't work

    According to Palm’s little accessory guide here, non-Palm micro-USB charging solutions won’t work. What the hell? I can’t just plug it into my computer? That Touchstone dock is cool, but I don’t want to have to carry it everywhere I go. Besides, weren’t we supposed to all be moving towards a unified charging solution? I guess like with all highly-anticipated… Read More

  • Windows Mobile sharing not really "sharing," just "backuping"

    I was about to ignore this email from Microsoft but it seems there is a nugget of wonderful info in there. Remember when we said you could share your apps with four friends – behavior that essentially works on an iPhone and the App Store when you sync to the same iTunes instance? Well you can’t. OK? You can’t. Be quiet. Read More

  • Android OTA 1.5 Cupcake download available now

    A man once told me that I could not have my Cupcake and eat it too. He was obviously dead wrong. Today’s big buzz on the Android front is that the official OTA install package for Android 1.5 (lovingly known around the internets as ‘Cupcake’ update) is now available for direct download and manual patching. For those of us who have waited patiently for the official patch… Read More

  • Review: TeleNav for the G1

    The GPS Navigation system has become a utility that is essential to travel, whether it be daily commute or cross country excursion. Once seen a luxury, this now-necessity has been a sweeping success all around the globe, allowing the world’s atlases right at your fingertip with near surgical precision in tracking and guidance. TeleNav, established veteran of the GPS marketplace, has… Read More

  • ‘iPhone 32GB’ briefly appears on Austrian T-Mobile site

    Something called the “iPhone 32GB” was spotted on T-Mobile Austria’s Web site; it has since been removed. This is huge news because… well, it’s probably not huge news, no. Read More

  • Locate a Sprint store that will stock the Pre with this handy tip

    Now that we know that the Pre will be in very short supply at Best Buy, you may want to try a Sprint store. But, in Sprint’s and Palm’s infinite wisdom, not every store will stock them right away. At least you can use the Store Locator tool on Sprint’s website to figure out which stores will stock the phone on June 6th. Read More

  • Best Buy stores to only stock 4 Pres on launch day, better bring your sleeping bag

    We knew that the initial stock of Palm Pres was going to be light, but only 4 per Best Buy store seems down right suicidal. The total amount of Palm Pres in Best Buy’s inventory will be 4,250, which works out to be 4 per store according to one source. Better go dig out the sleeping bag and lawn chair now if you were planning on getting a Pre on June 6th Read More

  • Palm Pre will be blind: no Visual Voicemail upon launch

    Well, Twitter has become the pinnacle of gossip, grapevine chatter, and frankly, just good ol’ breaking news.  Yesterday, Palm made a very subjective statement through the company’s Twitter account in response to the question about Visual Voicemail: “Palm Synergy presents integrated messaging in lots of useful ways, but not that particular way”. From the statement, it… Read More

  • Palm Pre now on – for $849 (?!?)

    Whhaaa? This must be some sort of pre-release nonsense ’cause we already know that Best Buy will sell the Palm Pre for $199 without a rebate and the off-contract price will be $549. Still, why wouldn’t the correct price be set on the Palm Pre product page from the getgo? More as we get it. [Thanks for the tip, Nate] Read More

  • Not safe: Poll finds 1-in-4 Americans text while driving

    A new survey shows that 1 in 4 Americans text while driving. That’s not good news for road safety, no sir. Read More

  • Yahoo! Chases After Google, Adds Voice Search To iPhone App

    Not too long ago, Google added voice recognition to their iPhone search application. Not one to be behind the times, Yahoo! has gone and done the same. Well, that’s what we should have been able to say. Instead, Yahoo’s voice recognition add-on comes nearly 6 months after Google’s. Of course, Yahoo’s application is a bit more complex than Google’s, being that it… Read More

  • Boost Mobile opening 50 new stores by 2010

    Boost Mobile, the refreshed and rambunctious pre-paid arm of Sprint-Nextel, has some news that may shock some people: Even with the economy teetering, Boost hasn’t folded it’s hand. Turns out, they may be sitting with a full house. They’re doing well, well enough to be expanding on a solid scale with 50 exclusive stores nationwide. The first of the bunch opened up May 8th… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve 8900 Hitting AT&T On Friday, Will Set You Back $200

    So you want a BlackBerry on AT&T, but not the Bold. We get it; the Bold is a bit expensive, a bit chunky, and seriously – who really needs three Gs? You’d be perfectly fine with one or two Gs, but no one seems to offer that. If that sounds like you, you should be set come Friday. On May 22nd, AT&T will be releasing the slightly less portly, slightly less expensive, and… Read More

  • New Zealand Telco Seems To Further Verify New iPhone — On Twitter

    Yes, there is very likely a new iPhone coming very soon. Probably to be unveiled at WWDC and launched sometime in July. But it’s easy to forget those are all still rumors because Apple obviously won’t comment on anything and so the information is based on leaked reports, second-hand whispers, inferences and digging through software code. But it’s one of those situations… Read More