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  • Apple’s iPhone Selling Well in Germany

    Since its German launch last November, the iPhone has sold more than 100,000 units. T-Mobile, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, has the exclusive contract to sell the popular device in Germany. Chief executive Rene Obermann, while speaking at an annual general meeting, said the iPhone is the most popular multimedia device sold by Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile cell phone… Read More

  • FlyTunes adds new channels, video and podcast support

    FlyTunes, a free radio streaming application for the iPhone/iPod touch, just got some upgrade love. They’ve added over 200 new channels to the list, bringing the number of available streams up to around 350. Not bad for free, when you consider that subscription satellite services like XM and Sirius only manage to offer about 70 channels each. They’ve also added support for video… Read More

  • New Jawbone headset released, simply called "new Jawbone"

    Apparently, Aliph isn’t a big fan of model numbers or extraneous branding. They’ve already managed to re-associate the word “Jawbone” with “really friggin’ good headsets”, so there isn’t really any reason for them to call a new one “Ultra Jawbone Facerocket Plus” or something. As such, Aliph’s newest Jawbone is simply going… Read More

  • Android vs. LiMo: What’s the difference?

    With LiMo’s recent announcement that Verizon had hopped onto their Board of Directors, things are starting to heat up between the LiMo platform and Google’s competing product, Android. Both are open-source Linux-based platforms, and both are aiming to rock the handset market sometime in the next year or so. LiMo is Linux-based. Android is Linux-based. But they’re far from… Read More

  • Exclusive: New international features coming to Twitterfone beta today

    TechCrunch recently took a look at Twitterfone, Pat Phelan’s new voice to text transcription service for Twitter, mentioning that it should be available in more countries soon. We just got word that local support has been added for 13 more countries, bringing the list up to 17. Any Twitterfone user can dial into any of the numbers, making it perfect for firing off tweets while… Read More

  • LiMo Foundation member count grows, Verizon joins Board of Directors

    Filling the last available seat on the Board of Directors, Verizon has become the first American carrier to join with the LiMo foundation. LiMo is the main competitor of Google’s Android in the area of Linux-based software development platforms. However, Verizon will not be dropping their intentions to support Android; by supporting both, Verizon is more or less guaranteeing themselves… Read More

  • Philips X800 all-touchscreen WinMo phone confirmed

    The Philips X800 that Peter told us about last week has been confirmed according to GSM Arena. It’s a tri-band GSM/GPRS device running Windows Mobile with a 2.9-inch display that covers most of the face. It’ll also have a 2-megapixel autofocus camera, Bluetooth, and memory will be expandable via microSD. Battery life looks okay, too, at 850 hours of standby time and 8 hours of… Read More

  • Juniper Research: Mobile Web 2.0 to be worth 22.4 billion in 5 years.

    The UK’s Juniper Research published a report this morning which predicts massive growth in Mobile Web 2.0 revenues. According to the report, they expect social networking, user generated content, mobile search and instant messaging to more than triple the Mobile Web’s current estimated worth of $5.5 billion up to $22.4 billion by 2013. I will have to check the accuracy of this from… Read More

  • Rogers Wireless becomes first in North America to use Yahoo's oneSearch

    Nothing points out the flaws in a mobile browser like attempting to quickly open it up and run a search for something. If you’re using the carrier’s default WAP homepage, the built in search often doesn’t search past things that will make the carrier money. If you’re trying to use a standard search engine, the results take forever to load and any elements of the page… Read More

  • ACCESS' NetFront browser now embedded on Blackfin processors

    ACCESS announced today that their NetFront mobile browser has been ported over for embedded use on Analog Device’s Blackfin processor, allowing for on-the-go internet meandering without as much strain on the battery. The NetFin browser has already made its way onto over 500 million devices, including Samsung’s recently launched Glyde. The browser can be pretty featured pack… Read More

  • Are You Hyperconnected

    A survey conducted by research firm IDC and sponsored by Nortel Networks asked 2,367 people what item would they choose to take with them if they had to be absent from their homes for 24 hours. More than 38% chose their mobile phone over things like keys, a laptop or music player. Less than 30% thought their wallet was the most important item. It looks as though many of us have bought into… Read More

  • Blackline looks out for mobile workers with LonerMobile

    It took me a few passes to realize that the “Mobile” part of LonerMobile should be read like it would in “mobile phone”, not “Batmobile”. I thought they had announced the Lonermobile, the ultimate car for people with no friends. Having a down day? Lonermobile thinks you look amazing. Stuck alone in traffic, and the carpool lane is wide-open? Activate the… Read More

  • Schmap launches city guide web app for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Schmap, publisher of over 200 free online travel guides, has opened access to their guides for iPhone and iPod Touch users by way of a remarkably nifty web application. The guides cover cities throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and provide information on everything from the city’s historical background to the best places to get your drink on. As portrayed in… Read More

  • SK Telecom denies Virgin/Helio merger rumor, calls it "groundless"

    Last week, CrunchGear reported on a rumor that Helio and Virgin Mobile had gone to the table to discuss the possibility of a merger. SK Telecom, one of Helio’s two parent companies (the other being Earthlink), is calling shenanigans. According to a spokesperson for SK Telecom, there had not been “any sort of talks” between Helio and Virgin, saying all rumors as such were… Read More

  • Human Hearing Basis for Audience’s Voice Processor

    Whether you believe in evolution or creationism, it is hard for technology to beat the natural world when it comes to design and function. Often it is best to study nature and try to emulate its wonders. That’s what Audience has been doing for its voice processor that can be found in NTT DoCoMo’s new mobile phone, Sharp SH705iII. Audience created the A1010 Voice Processor and based… Read More

  • iPCS Inc. Sues to Stop Clearwire WiMax Network

    Last week Sprint Nextel announced that it was partnered with Clearwire to build a high-speed WiMax network in major U.S. markets. Investors like Intel, Google, Comcast and Time Warner Cable have agreed to invest $3.2 billion in the Sprint and Clearwater partnership. The new company, called Clearwire, is slated to have over $15 billion in assets. But lawsuits filed in Illinois by iPCS… Read More

  • Car vs. iPhone: Who shall win?

    Umm… looks like the car won. Reader Meir ran over his iPhone with a Mercedes — if you’re going to destroy your phone, do it in style, people — and quickly hopped out to retrieve the device, now artfully crazed like a 18th century glazed ceramic chamber pot. His story: A couple of days ago, due to a series of very unfortunate events my iPhone
    found itself being driven… Read More

  • Blackberry Bold coming this summer: Next-gen RIM device

    RIM has finally made the Blackberry Bold official. No exact release date yet, but the press release does mention that the Bold should be available “around the world beginning this summer. “

    Key points from the announcement: 624MHz CPU 802.11 a/b/g and GPS Half-VGA screen (480 x 320) Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support microSDHC support up to 16 GB Quad-band EDGE, Tri-band… Read More

  • Microsoft and RIM bringing Windows Live Hotmail/Messenger to Blackberry

    Did I miss something? When did Microsoft and RIM become all buddy-buddy? While there were empty rumors that Microsoft was looking to purchase RIM back in September of ’07, I don’t think we’ve seen the two companies in a headline together since. Putting aside the whole matter of being competitors and all, the two have announced that they are collaborating to bring Windows… Read More

  • Eye-Fi adds two new wireless memory cards to their product line-up

    Eye-Fi announced two new wireless memory cards today, and they’ve dubbed their original card with a new name. The new line-up: Eye-Fi Explore: The Explore card can automatically locate nearby WiFi networks and geotag your photos using Skyhook’s global Wi-Fi positioning system. It can also automatically connect to any of Wayport’s 10,000+ hotspots (in other words, pretty… Read More