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  • Sony Ericcson "Kate" becomes C510, details of two new handsets leaked

    When word of this Sony Ericsson cybershot handset got out waaaay back in September, rumors indicated that it would be on the shelves by October. October came and went.. then we burned through November.. and now we’re marching right through December without any real indication of a release date better than the always slipping “next month”. While we’re not sure… Read More

  • Flickr mobile updated; videos now work on iPhone

    According to a post at the Flickr blog, a new version of has been released today, and one exciting development is that videos at Flickr should now work on the iPhone. I’ve got a video loading right now on my G1 but it’s taking ages so… yikes, what a terrifying racket! There appears to be some sort of problem with the G1’s native browser. They do say… Read More

  • Nokia makes (patent) offer RIM can’t (legally) refuse

    Mobile technology juggernaut Nokia has renewed a multi-year patent license agreement with Research In Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry line. In return for an undisclosed up-front payment and on-going royalties, Nokia has granted RIM worldwide use of standards essential mobile network patents, specifically relating to GSM, WCDMA and CDMA2000 technologies. For a minute there, I thought… Read More

  • Easter Egg hidden in Helio Connect press image

    When I clicked my way through to the image attached to this morning’s Helio Connect announcement, I couldn’t help but laugh. Not because I find social news site aggregators inherently funny, mind you – but because there’s a little Easter Egg hidden inside and, oddly enough, it’s somewhat related to yours truly. If you haven’t spotted it by now, take a glance… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile launches "Connect", a social networking dashboard for Helio

    (Disclosure: I’ve done consulting work for Helio, prior to their acquisition by Virgin Mobile) With the almost silly number of social networking applications available for the major smartphones, it’s easy to forget how much of a pain it can be to scratch that social itch on a feature phone. Sure, you can generally use a feature phone’s built-in browser to navigate to each… Read More

  • AT&T laying off 12,000 more employees

    Following the announcement of 4,600 “job reductions” back in April, AT&T has announced 12,000 more layoffs this morning. The first notes should start hitting desks sometime this month (“Merry Christmas! Oh, and also, you’re fired.”) and continue trickling out through 2009. As for who’s at risk: While AT&T is reducing jobs in some areas, it continues… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct gets Exchange/Lotus Notes calendar sync

    Are you an Instinct owner on Sprint, constantly living in fear that Friends re-run schedule on your handset may not be perfectly up-to-date with the one lingering on your Exchange server? I understand. Ross and Rachel are serious business. Fortunately, Sprint’s got a little something to help you with your anxiety. This morning, they pushed an update to their Mobile Email Work… Read More

  • Vodafone lets loose OS for BlackBerry Storm

    The 103MB OS update is available now for BlackBerry Storm users in Germany. The update likely fixes the Storm’s horrendous battery life and touch-screen woes among other tweaks. Anyone in Germany on Vodafone care to share their story? Thanks! Vodafone Germany Read More

  • Next major Android handset revealed: the Agora

    The next gPhone has arrived, and surprisingly, it looks pretty nice. Although we were all very excited about China’s Sciphone (not really), the Kogan Agora and its upgraded twin, the Agora Pro, are probably a much better bet. It looks rather like a Blackjack, but it fits all the capabilities of a G1 or iPhone into that thinner form factor. I’m a bit jealous, although I think… Read More

  • How-to: Enable transitional effects on the T-Mobile G1

    Feeling as if your G1 is a little bland in the animation department? Want those fancy sliding animations generally reserved for Google’s demonstrations? Worry no longer – afbcamaro from XDA Developers noticed that you can use a development package from the Android SDK that allows for you to access some fun features (such as sliding transitions) that didn’t make their way in… Read More

  • Land Rover partners with Sonim for rugged phone line

    In today’s most perplexing bit of news, Sonim Technologies is announcing a partnership with Land Rover to bring out a series of rugged handsets bearing the British all-terrain vehicle manufacturer’s logo. While they’ve announced two devices, the Land Rover S1 and the Land Rover S2 G4, only the former has been pictured (see right). Awkwardly, the S1 looks almost exactly like… Read More

  • HTC Shadow (II) strikes back, makes FCC appearance

    If you’re in the market for a GSM/WiFi/UMA device, and enjoy slinking around in the darkness…HTC appears to have you covered. Roughly a year since the original HTC Shadow hit T-Mobile stores (and 6 months since a beta unit surfaced on ebay), the FCC has posted some dirt on HTC’s latest Winmo device, the Shadow II. Sporting a slightly redesigned, rounder (finger-magnet glossy)… Read More

  • Software unlock for BlackBerry 8000/9000 series released

    Got just about any GSM BlackBerry laying around that you want to take to another carrier, but just can’t seem to find anyone who can get the job done? You’re in luck. From the darkest pits of who-knows-where, someone has gone and released the MFI Multiloader required to free BlackBerry 8000 and 9000 devices from their reins. It’s not for the faint of heart – coming in… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm brings along memories of the mothership

    Not too long ago, someone opened their new iPhone only to find test shots from the factory still floating around in the memory. In what I’m sure is a complete coincidence, the same thing has now happened with the BlackBerry Storm – albeit without the cute asian girl. Photos like this always creep me out a little bit. They seem.. wrong. It’s like if a baby were to come out with… Read More

  • T-Mobile UK cutting back prices on the G1, early adopters not getting screwed for once

    If you’re in the US and just dropped $179 on your G1, you might have been a bit disappointed to hear that G1 buyers over in the UK were gettin’ them gratis on a £40-a-month (roughly $60) plan. Well, prepare for a bit more disappointment. In preparation for the holiday season and the rush of competitive devices they’re expecting to be up against over the next few months (and… Read More

  • Live in Russia? Love Windows Mobile 6.1? Friend, does RoverPC have a G7 for you.

    So, you’re real keen on that fancypants G1 thing, are you? Hah. RoverPC’s newest device already has, like, seven times more Gs than that. Fear not, early Android adopters – the similarities between the HTC G1 and the RoverPC G7 stop at the name. This one’s running Windows Mobile 6.1, and packs a 3 megapixel shooter, quad-band GSM, 3G, WiFi, a 624Mhz processor, 128MB of… Read More

  • Apple announces Top 10 iPhone App downloads of 2008

    With 2008 on the way out and right around 10,000 applications behind them, Apple has released a series of lists outlining which applications scored the most downloads since the App Store’s launch back in July. The lists are separated by whether the the application is paid or free – first as an overall look, and then by each major category (games, entertainment, utilities… Read More

  • Motorola notices the world's serious lack of music phones, introduces the EM35 ROKR

    Apparently not aware of the gigantic countdown timer leading up to Nokia’s N97 announcement earlier this morning, or having forgotten the golden rule of “Lets not all announce crap on the same day (unless it’s for a convention)”, Motorola has announced the EM35 ROKR music phone. It’s not going to drop jaws at the local geek show-and-tell, but it looks like a… Read More

  • Nokia N97 demo video

    I’m not too sure what I think about this one just yet – so I’ll let the above demo video and Scott’s hands on photos do most of the talking until I get a chance to prod at it myself. From what I can tell from pictures and specs alone, however, I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of a dedicated row of number keys (likely sacrificed to allow the screen tiltage). Read More

  • Nokia World 2008: Nokia Messaging

    Nokia is pushing hard for consolidation, looking to make their smartphones the go-to device for communication. One of the major announcement at Nokia World 2008 this year is about their Nokia Messaging solution. Read on for the press release. Read More