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  • Review: TomTom Car Kit for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Short Version $219.94. The price says it all. The TomTom Car Kit is great; it works perfectly, and I loved using it. In fact, I wish I could keep the review unit that TomTom sent me. That said, would I ever spend 2 bills and change on it? Mayyyybe, but it’s unlikely. A standalone TomTom GPS unit can be as cheap as $100, which is half the price of the TomTom Car Kit ($119.95) + TomTom… Read More

  • Canada finally gets the MiFi via Bell Mobility

    Damn it, Canada. As an inhabitant of another country on the same continent, it is my duty to highlight all of the things we have that you don’t. I mean, who needs universal health care when you’ve got truck nuts? Every time someone would bring up the US’ lack of Poutine, I’d counter with the fact that Canada still didn’t have the MiFi hotspot. Alas, I can no longer… Read More

  • Cyber Monday CrunchDeal: "Free" Droid Eris

    It may not have seen as much hype as it’s big brother, the Moto Droid, but the Verizon Droid Eris is still one helluva handset. Generally coming in at around $99 bucks, it’s one of the cheapest ways to get in on all this Android-hullabaloo – and for one day, it’s even cheaper. And by “cheaper”, we mean free. Read More

  • LG announces GW820 'eXpo' smartphone w/ 1GHz processor and optional projector

    LG has announced a new Windows Mobile 6.5-based smartphone, the eXpo. But unlike other 6.5 smarties on the market, the newest member of the LG family is packing just about everything but the kitchen sink including a 1GHz processor, a built-in fingerprint sensor, and an optional Pico Projector. Maybe they should have named it the LG SwissArmy Knife Phone. Read More

  • Leaked Screenshots show HTC Hero running Android 2.1

    HTC Hero owners, we feel your pain. Just months ago, you had the hottest Android device in existence. While it’s still one damned-slick piece of mobile on the hardware front, the software — now two builds behind — is beginning to show its age. You wouldn’t believe how many requests I get in the tips line asking if we’ve got any details on when the Hero’s… Read More

  • Playmesh Tops the Charts with #1 Game on the iPhone: iFarm downloaded 1 million times in 10 days

    You might find this suprising, but the top social gaming companies on the iPhone are not the same ones you know of from Facebook and MySpace. Zynga, despite $54.2M in funding, has hardly made a dent on the iPhone. Neither has Playfish, which was recently bought for $300M. Playdom hasn’t done squat, either. Although “the big three” of social gaming are great at online games… Read More

  • And we're back!

    You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet on the MobileCrunch front for the past few days. After a few months of nose-to-the-grindstone, the siren call of over-packed plates and family good times stemming from the Thanksgiving holiday was too much; we locked up shop for a few days, headed home, and had a good ol’ vacation. And with that out of the way, we’re back with… Read More

  • Samsung to unveil Bada on December 8th in London

    I’m still a big bag of mixed reactions when it comes to Samsung’s new mobile OS, Bada. On one hand, Samsung has always proven themselves to be pretty bad at the software side of things (Need proof? See the hot mess that is the Samsung Behold II). On the other, that’s nothing that a bit of man-power and money can’t fix, both of which Samsung has plenty of. We’ll… Read More

  • And you thought the iPhone was already expensive

    If I had $3.2 million dollars to throw away on something like a phone, I’d much rather just build an army of robot carrier pigeons to deliver all my messages by hand. Some, I suppose, prefer a bit more rationale in their complete irrational purchases – thus the existence of this $3.2 million dollar iPhone. Read More