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  • Apple rejects "iSinglePayer" app for being "politically charged"

    It’s tempting, in these cases, to look on Apple as a sort of mother figure. They keep the apps in the app store wholesome, keep you from growing hair on your palms, and prevent you from being exposed to anything that might be controversial or fun on any terms but theirs. Actually, I’m going to give into the temptation – Apple takes a smothering mother role to the iPhone… Read More

  • Walmart is now selling the Palm Pre for only $79

    So ya think that the Pre is still overpriced at $100 from Amazon, eh? Well, if you’re willing to buy the Pre at Walmart and deal with mail-in rebates, you can snag one for only $79.99. Read More

  • That's a sexy fake Hero you've got there, China

    Knockoffs are nothing new, but usually they run some weirdo OS that’s skinned to look like the original, as with the HiPhone. Not so in this case: since Android is freely available to install on any hardware whatever, the primary difference will be the hardware, which doesn’t look that bad. The Tiger G3 is obviously a Hero knockoff, but it’s got a front-facing camera and… Read More

  • Chinese iPhone pricing revealed: it's the exact opposite of ours

    China Unicom, the country’s second-largest carrier, will offer the iPhone starting in mid-October. And in pricing that is rather the opposite of the low upfront cost and high monthly pricing at AT&T, they’ll be selling the device almost at cost and pairing it with plans that make ours look positively extortionate. Prices will start around $300 for an 8GB iPhone 3G, which seems… Read More

  • BGR previews the MOTO CLIQ (prototype)

    Motorola has got a thing for four letter words. No, no – not those words. You know, device names like RAZR, ROKR, etc. Thus, it came as no surprise that its first entry into the Androidian landscape, which was announced earlier this month, is yet another four letter word: CLIQ. Although not expected to ship until sometime next month, the ever-resourceful Boy Genius has got his hands on… Read More

  • Got $240,000 and no sense of shame? Check out this BlackBerry.

    Lets say you’ve got way, way too much money. You’ve dumped it out of planes, shot it out of cannons, swam in it Scrooge McDuck style – but now you’re bored. What else is there to do? Well, if you also happen to have absolutely no sense of shame, you can drop some (read: $240,000) of that cash on a fully glitzed BlackBerry Curve 8900. First, they replaced the outer… Read More

  • How should RIM react to increased competition from Apple, Palm?

    Poor RIM. One or two analysts lower your stock rating from “buy” to “neutral” (or the equivalent), and then your stock drops some 16 percent. You know who to blame, too: it’s those busybodies at Apple and Palm, what with their iPhones and Palm Pres eating into your bottom line. (Never mind that your own “iPhone killer” was sorta meh.) What is RIM to do? Read More

  • Don't show your parents: HTC Tattoo spotted on video

    HTC’s first foray into a cheap budget-friendly Android smartphone comes in the form of the previously revealed Tattoo (what are you trying to say, HTC, all us poor folks have tattoos?). And just like a real tattoo, HTC wants your Tat to be personal and unique, so the phone comes with removable/swappable front and back covers to provide for that extra level of personalization (or… Read More

  • The AT&T iPhone MMS update is now live

    Welcome to the future, everyone! As we mentioned earlier this morning, AT&T is rolling out MMS for the iPhone today. If you’re one of those folks who couldn’t be bothered to sit in iTunes and click the “Update” button for hours on end, go check now. We just got hit by an onslaught of reports saying that it had gone live and, sure enough, we just got our update. To… Read More

  • Baby Name Finder finishes off the list; there really is an app for everything now

    Do you often find yourself thinking, “Oh, crap. We forgot to name this baby. We need a name, stat!”? I know I sure do. While most people tend to spend months toiling over their child’s name, digging through their family history and fretting over each potentially offensive rhyming variation, you’re a modern parent. This is 2009, after all – we have the power of… Read More

  • Happy MMS on the iPhone day, AT&T customers!

    It’s time to go back, folks. Waaay back. Back to a simpler time; back when the government was busy with Enron and leaving No Child Behind. Back when the best Nintendo handheld the world knew had one screen and looked vaguely like a clam, and smart phones cost upwards of $600 – on contract. We’re talking, of course, about 2002. Why are we having this little time travel… Read More

  • Shutup, Internet: The Palm Pre will be available on Verizon Wireless

    How many hours ago did it “break” that the Palm Pre wasn’t going to be available on Verizon Wireless? Yeah, well, now word on the street is that, forget everything you read last night, because there’s no way in hell the Palm Pre won’t be available for Verizon Wireless. Or, to remove the double-negative: yes, the Palm Pre will, indeed, be available on Verizon… Read More

  • Android ROM modder gets Google's lawyers in a tizzy

    If you’ve rooted and modded your Android phone you’ve probably found Cyanogen, one of the best sources for modded Android ROMs out there. All of his ROMs are stable, usable on the G1 and MyTouch, and well-designed. Google, however, takes issue with him releasing closed-source Google apps like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube and has sent him a cease and desist. They’re not… Read More

  • Palm Pre on Amazon for only $100

    Amazon has been known to offer cell phones at cut rate prices. Just the other day, allĀ AT&T phones expect for ones that start with the letter “i” werea penny on Amazon. But today, you can save $50 off the retail price and snag a Palm Pre for only one bill. Read More

  • Philips K700 is a – oh god it has a chin

    I’m sure the K700 is really nice. And if it were ever going to come out in the USA, I’d love to take it out some time just to talk, maybe grab some gelato, or whatever. But I’m just not feeling that connection… oh, all right, if you must know, it’s the chin. A strong chin is sexy on some handsets — I hooked up with an original Hero once — but it… Read More

  • Verizon: No Pre for us, thank you

    In a rather surprising move considering Verizon’s lack of compelling handsets, the nation’s biggest wireless carrier has decided it’s going to pass on the Palm Pre, if reports are to be believed. This is a serious blow to Palm’s aspirations, and their stock took a 5% hit as if to rubber-stamp it. Although the team here is divided over Palm’s new efforts (and… Read More

  • WinMo 7 to support Silverlight

    WinMo 6.5 might still be a month out, but that hasn’t stopped the mobile folks in Redmond from spilling the beans on an upcoming (albeit foreseeable) addition to WinMo 7 – MS’s own Flash killer competitor, Silverlight 3. Read More

  • T-Mobile myTouch gets lopped down to $149.99

    (With the image above, close your eyes and pretend that instead of bottles of shampoo, the price cut signs are pointing at a shelf full of MyTouches. Our photoshop talents only go so far. And by “so far”, we mean not very.) If you were on the cusp of buying a T-Mobile myTouch but just felt it was a little too expensive, we’ve got good news: it just got cheaper. Early this… Read More

  • SmartScreen: The most wonderful thing you'll never see on your (non-jailbroken) iPhone

    Widgets. They’ve been all-the-rage slowly simmering as the go-to “next big thing” in mobile since 2004. Though no one has yet to launch a massively successful widget engine, some are still banking on the idea as a means of competing in a world suddenly filled with full-fledged Apps coming out of full-fledged App Stores. Now, thanks to a handful of ingenious developers out… Read More

  • Confirmed: Sprint Samsung Instinct HD dropping Sept. 27

    Circumstantial rumor > confirmed rumor > official confirmation. Such is the storied life of a mobile gadget these days. It was just last week when word of a September 27 launch date for Sprint’s Samsung Instinct HD leaked onto the Internethers, and today that rumor became substantiated. Read More