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  • AIM for Windows Mobile comes out of beta

    Pic via With a notable chunk of the mobile market being made up of IM-addicted hooligans, a solid AIM application is pretty much an absolute must for any platform. It’s somewhere that Windows Mobile has been lagging behind for years – while there are plenty of AIM offerings for the devices, the vast majority look and run like they were designed for Windows 3.1x… Read More

  • LG KC910, the 8-megapixel Viewty II

    PhoneArena‘s got the scoop on LG’s newest all-in-one multimedia endeavor, which will be known as the LG KC910 until someone gets around to rebranding it. Skipping the obvious aesthetic comparison to that other touchscreen handset, we’ll go ahead and get to the marrow of the story: this one’s a friggin’ beast. Check out these specs: 8 mp shooter w/ Xenon flash… Read More

  • Skyfire beta open to all until August 30th

    Aching to try out the Skyfire browser, but just can’t seem to find a way into the beta? In order to get the word out there about the recently added Silverlight support , Skyfire has decided to open up the doors to everyone for the next 8 days. On the eve of the Olympics, we added Silverlight support to Skyfire, meaning that Skyfire users can watch any ofthe 2200+ hours of Olympics… Read More

  • FCC spills the beans on Nokia 2680 for AT&T

    Sometimes, the FCC can be an outlet for the most interesting of goods. Other times, the only things they have to share are things like the Nokia 2680 slider phone. There’s nothing wrong with the Nokia 2680 – baseline handsets are a key product for the huge chunk of the market that isn’t completely obsessed with their phone. Hell, we wouldn’t even make fun of you if… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel price slashes tethering plans.. sort of.

    (Sort of) Good news, everyone! Sprint has decided to cut prices on their phone-as-modem tethering plans, taking it from $50 dollars per month down to $15. Of course, there’s a bit of a catch. With the change, tethering has become an add-on rather than a stand-alone option. First you’ve gotta rock a separate data plan, which will set you back somewhere between 30 to 70 bucks a… Read More

  • New QuickPwn released, iPhone firmware 2.0.2 jailbroken

    Bam! Just 3 days after its release, the 2.0.2 firmware update has been made safe for jailbreak lovers by the always prompt iPhone dev team. It’s a Quickpwn, meaning they’ve taken a lot of the cludge out of the process to speed things up. However, it also means that it won’t update (or unlock) your iPhone/iTouch – just jailbreak it. It’s up to you to update… Read More

  • Disney planning new mobile offerings

    Even after shuttering its MVNO business last year, Disney hasn’t given up on its pursuit of the mobile world. Forbes reported that the kid-focused giant plans to plans roll out a mobile storefront, IM system and virtual world widgets for the 9 to 14 year old tween market. Larry Shapiro, executive VP of business development and operations for Disney’s Internet Group, estimated… Read More

  • iPhone 3G gets blinged out with 475 fine cut diamonds

    Hah! Just when we were starting to think today might be a slow news day, word came in on this little gem: bedazller jeweler Knalihs Anthem has studded out 50 iPhone 3G handsets with 475 diamonds each, and wants to sell you one. How much, you ask? If you manage to nab one of the first 10, you’ll walk away with it for a paltry $10,000. Jeez! That’s less than I pay my butlers per… Read More

  • Nokia’s Tube touchphone in time for Xmas?

    Reg Hardware reported a Nokia touch-based handset could hit shelves in time for holiday shopping. Devinder Kishore, Nokia India’s marketing director, confirmed that the company has been working on “the Series 60 platform for touchscreen user interface, and a mobile device is expected to be launched by the year-end.” Though Kishore didn’t mention any specific… Read More

  • ZTE's C79 clamshell available from MetroPCS

    ZTE’s slick C79 clamshell is now available from MetroPCS. The C79 features AWS, 60 MB of internal memory, MP3 player with external music keys, a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth and picture messaging. The handset is available now, with no contract for $169. Read More

  • Move Networks brings TV to Intel's MIDs

    Internet TV service Move Networks announced that it will bring its media player to Intel Atom-based Mobile Internet Devices. As part of the joint development Intel demonstrated Move’s streaming technology for MIDs at its Developer Forum in San Francisco this week. Move’s suggested uses for streaming TV to MIDs include: “a sports fan could view a live football game in… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson makes the 3G-ready TM506 official

    This one has been hanging out in the rumor mill for a few weeks now, but now Sony Ericsson’s gone and made the official announcement. Just in time for the 3G rollout, the TM506 flip is Sony Ericsson’s first handset to support T-Mobile’s high-speed offerings on the AWS spectrum (1700/2100). Also packed beneath its shiny shell (offered in Chrome/Amber or Emerald) are a 2 mp… Read More

  • LG pushes into emerging markets

    As part of its plan to take over the (mobile handset) world, LG said today that it will speed up its push into emerging markets, hoping to up its global market share from 9.3% to 15% over the next 18 months. Scott Ahn, president of LG’s mobile communications division, told the Financial Times: “We want to become a firm top-three player by 2010 and become number one… Read More

  • Q&A with Vuclip CEO Nickhil Jakatdar

    Just yesterday, the mobile video search and delivery service announced that they had reidentified themselves as after a year and a half of developing under the radar. Unlike most video delivery services which pre-encode and store a library of videos for each handset’s required format and resolution, Vuclip transcodes videos from a number of popular video… Read More

  • Japan to market cell phones abroad?

    Word on the street is that with its supersaturated cell phone market, Japan is looking for larger, overseas markets, possibly even targeting U.S. consumers for its shiny, super fast handsets. The AP reported that the “aggressive push” to market handsets abroad is a collaboration between the government and an industry group of Japanese carriers and handset manufactures. The… Read More

  • Femtocells could upset the UMA-based fixed-mobile convergence market

    Apparently the fixed-mobile convergence market is on the brink of very interesting times, according to analysts at ABI Research anyway. While so far most fixed-to-mobile solutions have been UMA-based, such as T-Mobile’s Hotspot@Home service in the U.S. and similar services offered by Orange in France, Spain and the United Kingdom, Sprint’s new femtocell-based Airave solution… Read More

  • Vuclip promises easier, faster mobile video

    After a year in self proclaimed “stealth mode” has resurfaced, with a new name (Vuclip) and a redesigned consumer service and platform for mobile publishers. The company says its redesigned Web and wap sites “make it easier than ever for users to search for and watch any Internet video on their mobile phones.” Hoping to address the fragmented mobile… Read More

  • 3 and Skype announce newer Skypephone

    UK carrier 3 and Skype have announced a next generation Skypephone. The S2 update seems to be about mobile surfing and multimedia functions as the Skype connectivity seems unchanged. Updated features include a bigger 320 x 240 screen, (improved from 176 x 220), a 3.2-megapixel camera (better than the older models 2-megapixels) and 50MBs of internal memory, as well as compatibility with up to… Read More

  • LG PRADA II shot leaked

    The Boy Genius just pushed this live shot of what’s purported to be the next product coming from the LG/PRADA partnership, aptly named the PRADA II. Borrowing much from the aesthetics of the original PRADA phone, the only visible change is the slide-out keyboard. Nothing is known about the handset besides what you can see in this shot, so it may be a while before we get wind of… Read More

  • Video: How to disassemble the BlackBerry Bold you don't have yet

    Sure, chances are you’re part of the huge majority still waiting for their carrier to release the BlackBerry Bold. Just in case you wanted to see how to splay one out in under 3 minutes, some folks up in Canada have put the whole strip-down on film. Check it out up above. [Via MobileSyrup] Read More