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  • Leaked BlackBerry slider photos – man, that's ugly

    I can’t be the only one that thinks this alleged leaked BlackBerry slider is butt ugly. Am I right? Shades of old-school Palm Pilots. It’s like they took the Pre and gave it shoulder pads. Landscape QWERTY is the way to go, my friends. Woo! Man, that thing is not looking good. At least the Storm 2 is a good-looking piece of hardware. Read More

  • Nokia Ovi store now seeing 22 app downloads per second, plus other stats

    If you’re trying to keep track of how all the app stores are performing in relation to each other (or are otherwise just a stats geek), this one ought to make your day. Nokia has just released a pocketful of statistics regarding their app store, Ovi, detailing just how well it was doing as of the end of February. Read More

  • Viper SmartStart now lets you start your car from your BlackBerry, too

    A few months back, Directed Electronics launched an iPhone app that, when paired with Viper remote start system, would allow you to start your car from just about anywhere on earth. For the bargain price of just $500, you’d never again have to worry about your car being too hot, too cold, or too not on when you got in. Alas, not everyone has an iPhone – what about the remaining… Read More

  • Palm webOS 1.4 SDK released to developers, allows apps to record video

    It’s a bit different than the “developers get the new firmware first” mentality we’ve grown used to from those other guys, but Palm has now released the SDK for webOS 1.4. The flagship feature of webOS 1.4 (besides Adobe Flash support, which isn’t available just yet) is its new found ability to record video. With this latest SDK, access to video recording has… Read More

  • Concept art: the iPhone 4G

    Who doesn’t love a good concept piece? Spaziocellulare forum user “Seraphan” just posted his render of what the iPhone 4G could look like, and his ideas aren’t too shabby. Of course, it’s one man’s idea of what the phone of the future should look like, including an expanded color pallet, built in microSD slot, and front and rear cameras complete with a built… Read More

  • Pricing details for the T-Mobile HTC HD2, and Motorola CLIQ XT leaked

    Why hello there, Mr. Inventory Screen! How kind of you to pop by and spill all the pricing details on the T-mobile HTC HD2 and Motorola CLIQ XT. Wait – the HTC HD2 will be how cheap? Read More

  • The Complaint: Apple's Patent Lawsuit Against HTC Is All About Android

    Earlier today, Apple issued a press release stating that it has filed suit against cell phone manufacturer HTC for patent infringement. No mention of Android or Google was in the press release. But one of the actual legal complaints, which we’ve obtained and embedded below, makes no bones about it. As expected, this lawsuit is about Android. HTC, of course, is one of the largest… Read More

  • Apple goes for HTC's throat, sues for infringing 20 patents

    Man – what a terrible way to wake up on a Tuesday morning. You roll out of bed, pop onto your favorite gadget blogs to catch up on all the latest news bits. New hardware coming next week.. some service is shutting down in a few months.. your company is being sued by Apple for infringing 20 patents… wait, what? That’s what happened to HTC this morning, who only found out that… Read More

  • Mister Gruber looks at the Winphone

    Mmmm… there’s nothing better for lunch than a tasty sandwich of John Gruberisms. Today John looks at Windows Phone, noting his concerns with the platform in his usual calm, inimitable style. Read More