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  • LG Viewty II gets a new name and temporary official acknowledgment

    For just a few hours early this morning, a post heralding the LG Viewty II could be seen at LG’s official German blog. Apparently it went up too early, because it was pulled down within hours – because that somehow fixes things. Except that this is the internet, and people are just too dang good at keeping an eye out for this stuff. PhoneArena caught the goods this… Read More

  • AT&T launches FamilyMap, let the spying begin

    Sorry school-skipping teenagers and spouse-cheating losers, AT&T has launched FamilyMap, which will track a phone’s location either by GPS or cell-phone tower triangulation on a Microsoft Live Map. Other providers have offered similar services for a while, but now AT&T has gotten into the big brother spy game. Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 is out

    If you’re a developer dabbling away with the latest builds (or one of those clever dastardly gents who managed to get access to the beta firmware through other means), you’ve got an update waiting for you. Apple has just pushed iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 out the door. The changes seem minor, but here’s whats been noticed so far: Obligatory performance improvements MMS now works… Read More

  • Will the S8000 be Samsung's first Android phone?

    In an occurrence that seems to be happening on an almost weekly basis as of late, an online retailer has put up details about a thus far unannounced device. This time around, it’s the Samsung S8000. They caught their error after a few hours – but not before much of the spec sheet had began its adventure across the internet. GSMArena managed to catch most of the droolworthy… Read More

  • Oh, how far we've come Warning: This is not news. But it is kind of amazing. Extracted from some incredible time capsule ensconced sometime around 1846 (read: 1990s) and then… Read More

  • Fixing a hole: Toshiba's 2009-2010 product roadmap leaked

    Mario and Luigi must be working some incredible overtime these days, what with all the leaks that keep springing up across the Interpipes. Lucky for us, until they get around to fixing all these holes, we all get to enjoy some exciting unknown product rumors. According to the leaked info, Toshiba has 5 new 1 GHz Snapdragon + WinMo 6.5-based devices (2 smartphones/3 MIDs) planned for release… Read More

  • How to take screenshots on the Palm Pre

    Sure, none of us have the Palm Pre yet – but once you get it, won’t you want to take a ton of screenshots to show off to your friends document the experience? On the iPhone, taking a screenshot requires no wonky software or hackery – just hold two buttons. I figured a similar function might exist on the Pre, but we had a heck of a time finding anyone who had any idea what we… Read More

  • Samsung Propel Pro now available from AT&T

    Samsung’s latest Windows Mobile slider is now available from AT&T. The chromed out Propel Pro features WinMo 6.1, GPS, Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth, a 3-megapixel AF camera and a microSD card slot. Get you some Windows Mobile action for $150. Read More

  • Android "Cupcake" build nearly golden brown: Preview SDK released, feature list finalized

    Four months of discovery and hearsay later, the Android build that we’ve all been waiting for is nigh. Run inside, everyone – run inside and charge your G1s, for Cupcake (Firmware v1.5) is nearly upon us. (Actually, it’s still a few weeks away. But you should charge your G1 anyway, seeing as it’s a G1 and the day is halfway over, so the battery’s probably… Read More

  • Palm's "Touchstone" induction charger to cost $70?

    $70 is probably a little more than most people plan on spending on a charger. But if we’ve learned anything over the iPhone years, it’s that people will pay through the nose for must-have accessories, and this is certainly a must-have accessory. According to a leaked pricing sheet Engadget got their hands on, $70 will be the asking price for Palm’s hot little touch-charger. Read More

  • Rumor: Palm Pre must be prepped for launch by May 16th

    Who woulda thought: you start telling Sprint employees about the Palm Pre, and suddenly the details start pouring out. If you’re all antsy in the pantsies about the possibility of an April release of the Pre, you might want to breath a little; all signs are pointing to May, including this latest leak. Read More

  • A Closer Look at Classic on the Palm Pre

    With the Palm Pre hauling a brand new OS in tow, a surprising number of long-time Palm fans have come out of the woodworks to express their desire for legacy application support. At CTIA09, Palm and MotionApps answered these calls with the annoucement of Classic, a PalmOS emulator for the Pre’s nascent platform, webOS. There was plenty of demo footage floating around following the… Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia twisting it up with Sidekick-tastic QWERTY handset?

    Check out that mock-up over to the right; now, imagine the Nokia logo floating around on it somewhere, with a little “Verizon” badge slapped on the front. All together, it’s a Nokia-made S40 QWERTY swivel handset for Verizon. Think that’s sounds crazy? Don’t worry – so does everyone else. Well, except for Nokia and Verizon, it would seem. Read More

  • selling unlocked iPhones for a price

    Don’t feel like dealing with jailbreaking you iPhone and killing iTunes updating? Got $799? has an iPhone for you. The retailer is now selling the Jesusphone fully unlocked and with a full Apple warranty. It isn’t cheap at 800 bones, but think about what you get without all the legal worries. Finally, the iPhone can now legally work on the T-Mobile network and travel abroad… Read More

  • Palm may have more Touchstone where that came from

    Call the president! A Palm marketing manager let slip that Touchstone is a full family of near-field induction products and that the little Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre – basically that magnetic charger thing that you stick the Pre to in order to grab some juice – is just one of many products. Read More

  • Samsung announces the AT&T SGH-A657, safe from dust, shock, and ladies

    Alright, fellas – lets get this one out of the way: the Samsung SGH-A657 isn’t going to score you any points from the ladyfolk. These military spec phones never do. That said, if you’ve actually got a reason to be carrying a phone like this, you’re probably too busy rappelling out of helicopters to care what people think about your mobile. Or, you know, you work… Read More

  • Hands-on with Sony Ericsson's G9 and the KDDI iida mini projector

    I had the opportunity to test Sony Ericsson’s newest mobile phone, the G9, in Tokyo today. The device is the first KDDI au is selling in Japan under the so-called iida brand. It’s not officially on sale yet, but I could lay my hands on finished versions for a few minutes in a KDDI showroom. The G9 will be available in Japan next week. Read More

  • RIM picks up ex-Apple and Microsoft design guru

    Don Lindsey has been a busy man the last decade and a half. Going from Apple where he might have had a major role in early iPhone developments, to Microsft where he worked in Live Labs, he’s been around the block a time or two. Now it’s RIMs turn who made the man VP of User Experience, which confirms that the companies commitment to developing stellar OSs. Research in Motion needs… Read More

  • Sprint employees begin Pre training

    Whether it means the Pre is weeks or months away is anyone’s guess, but Sprint employees have now started gettin’ comfy with the devices. There’s not much more to it than that, really – here’s how its all gone down so far: Read More

  • Photo report: Japan's KDDI au presents new designer brand for cell phones (iida)

    KDDI, Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier, currently showcases a number of cell phone design prototypes (and a working one) in their five-floor Design Studio [JP] in central Tokyo (where I went today). The cell phones (and peripheral devices) are part of the so-called iida brand [JP], which is supposed to be focused on the development of unusual handsets only. Read More