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  • T-Mobile makes Facebook and Twitter apps available for older 'kicks

    Earlier today, T-Mobile announced the availability of Facebook and Twitter apps (already available on the Sidekick LX 2009) for its older Sidekicks – the Sidekick LX (including Tony Hawk Sidekick LX), Sidekick (2008), and Sidekick Slide. While the Facebook app remains free for any ‘kick, the Twitter app is gonna run you $1.99 PER month on the older models. So, you can either dish… Read More

  • Hero vs Hero: To chin, or not to chin – which is better?

    When Sprint announced plans to carry the HTC Hero this morning, they had a bit of a surprise (albeit one that had already been rumored) in store: it looked totally different than the Hero we’d come to know and love. The once square edges have been rounded out, and the jutting chin that has been a signature across HTC’s Android lineup thus far has been dropped entirely. Some loved… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone 3G and 3G S officially getting MMS on September 25

    After months of speculation (and frustration) MMS for the iPhone 3G and 3G S is officially arriving on September 25, AT&T has confirmed. This is a full 3 days after summer officially ends (AT&T’s original deadline was “late summer”) as our own MG pointed out earlier today, but like a lot of things with Apple/AT&T, better late than never. AT&T posted the… Read More

  • Toshiba TG01 to get the WinMo 6.5 treatment

    While the TG01 is kind of a beast on the hardware front, the software is sorely lacking. 4.1″ WVGA touchscreen? Yes please. HSDPA, WiFi, and a 1GHZ Snapdragon process? Heck yes! Windows Mobile 6.1? Er, we’ll pass. But fear not, current and potential TG01 owners: Toshiba’s fixing that shortcoming as best they can. Toshiba has just announced that the original TG01 is set to… Read More

  • Nokia N97's upcoming firmware update demoed on video

    Our review of the Nokia N97 wasn’t exactly the most positive one we’ve ever written, but just about every fault we could find with it had to do with the software side of things. Fortunately, software can be fixed a whole lot easier than hardware can. Read More

  • Ed Hardy straps his tats all over the Sony Ericsson W595

    I’m going to skip the Ed Hardy rant. I don’t know a lick about tattoos (I’ll leave that to Peter), and apparently it’s already been done. I’ll just say this: the tattoos may look gorgeous on skin, but slap 20 of them into a small space and the resulting cornucopia of color looks like something that belongs on a clown. Such is the case with the Sony Ericsson… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson unveils the XPERIA Pureness, should have been called the Weirdness

    Yesterday morning, Sony Ericsson announced the XPERIA X2, the latest in their lineup of high-end QWERTY sliders. But maybe that wasn’t exactly your cup of tea; maybe you want something a little more.. a little more ridiculous? How about a candybar phone with hidden keys and – get this – a transparent LCD? That’s what they’re packing into the XPERIA Pureness… Read More

  • Exciting rumor: iPhone 3G S may finally get MMS next week

    The iPhone 3G S launched a few months ago, but AT&T users haven’t been able to take advantage of a few much vaunted (and much needed) features as yet: MMS, Bluetooth file-sharing, and tethering are the Big Three. This, of course, despite the fact that AT&T is the “flagship” carrier! But never mind all that, because today we have some good news in the way of this… Read More

  • Update: Sprint comes clean with the HTC Hero launch info

    That was quick. Forget about the rumor, the redesigned HTC Hero will launch on October 11 at $180 after a $50 mail-in rebate. And yes, that’s $20 under Sprint’s guided missile, the Palm Pre. So let’s recap, Sprint will soon be the only carrier with three of the hottest cellphones: the BlackBerry Tour, the Palm Pre, and the HTC Hero. And the carrier has some of the most… Read More

  • Nokia pulling out of MWC

    This is a bit of inside baseball but Nokia is pulling out of Mobile World Congress and will not have a booth. Their citing costs as well as their current access to carriers as the reason. Read More

  • T-Mobile launches Pulse, first pay-as-you-go Android phone

    T-Mobile UK this morning announced the Pulse, the first pay-as-you-go Android 1.5 smartphone and the third coming from the network operator. Available for £180 starting October exclusively on T-Mobile, it boasts a 3.5″ HVGA touchscreen display, the biggest yet on an Android handset, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a TeleNav-powered GPS (more specs below). The new device comes courtesy of… Read More

  • HTC Hero coming to Sprint

    Phandroid just found a mention on the Sprint Android Dev Network for the HTC Hero, everyone’s favorite Android phone. Don’t get that excited just yet. The phone won’t be officially on the network until late October and probably won’t be for sale until December. Announcing the HTC Hero, which will be the first Android device running on the Sprint network.
    By the end… Read More

  • Rumor: You might be able to turn off SurePress on the BlackBerry Storm 2

    RIM made an interesting decision in introducing the SurePress screen (which allows them to kinda-sorta-simulate the feeling of pressing an actual button, rather than a touchscreen) on the original BlackBerry Storm. The idea of a touchscreen BlackBerry alone would have been enough to fuel the flamewars – throw in some crazy clicky mechanism, and it’s sure to see some… Read More

  • Clearwire's WiMAX continues to spread its wings, enters 10 new markets

    Yesterday, Clearwire announced the expansion of its CLEAR 4G WiMAX Internet Service to 10 new markets, bringing the total number of markets served up to 14 with coverage for over 10 million users. This is good news for all the WiMAX fanboys and girls out there, and especially for those who reside in the Lone Star state. The newly serviced areas include: Boise, Idaho; Bellingham, Wash.; and… Read More

  • TSA unveils paperless, cell phone-based boarding pass system at SFO

    Although not the first of its kind (in fact there are similar programs operating at 29 other U.S. airports, and in Europe), the newly announced paperless boarding pass system at San Francisco International Airport allows passengers to download their “ticket” onto their mobile device, be it a cell phone or PDA, by visiting a secure link that is e-mailed to them after booking a… Read More

  • Motorola launches the Debut i856, a not-totally-ugly iDEN phone

    Just a bit over a year ago, we were tearing into Motorola for launching the i776, the ugliest iDEN (Push-to-talk) handset we’d ever seen. A good few months later, they launched the iDEN Clutch ; while it wouldn’t take home any beauty pageant tiaras, it was a huge step up from the monstrosity it followed. Now it seems that Motorola has really started to get this iDEN phone thing… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 gets official

    Man – ever heard of raining on someone’s parade, Sony Ericsson? Today’s the first day of Nokia World, a big ol’ event dedicated to, well, Nokia. That isn’t keeping Sony Ericsson from holding their own seperate bash, where they’ve just announced the Xperia X2, the followup to last year’s rich-blooded QWERTY-sliding X1. We’d heard rumors a few days… Read More

  • Alltel nabs the HTC Snap

    “Oh, Snap!” proclaims Alltel, seemingly out of nowhere. Verizon glances over. “What? Don’t say that. It hasn’t been cool since nineteen ninety never. It makes you sound like a jerk.” “No, no. Not like that. I just started offering the HTC Snap.” Alltel responds, staring off into the sky. “I already offer the HTC Snap, and I own… Read More

  • Nationwide Insurance: 80 percent of Americans want legislation ‘to restrict’ driving while using mobile phone

    We’ve already noted the dangers of driving while texting, but today there’s evidence that suggests many other people recognize the problem. A recent survey conducted by Nationwide Insurance says that some 80 percent of Americans support some sort of legislation “to restrict cell phone use while driving.” How you define “cell phone use” then becomes an issue. Read More

  • Vonage goes where Google Voice can't: the App Store

    Talk about strange – while Google Voice can’t get so much as their foot in the App Store’s door, Vonage has just done a pirouette and waltzed right through. According to a recent release from the Jersey-based VOIP giant, their new Vonage mobile application has been approved for inclusion into Apple’s App Store as soon as it comes out of beta. Details at this point… Read More