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  • Motorola launches MOTODEV studio for Android developers

    Motorola really wants you to develop for Android handsets. More specifically, they really want you to develop for Motorola-made Android handsets. That’s why they’ve launched MOTODEV, an Android development resource for crackin’ out apps purposed for Motorola handsets. It’s a two-part initiative, one seemingly a bit more exclusive than the other. If you can get into… Read More

  • Samsung confirms it's working on a Tegra phone

    We’ve gotta admit it: we’re pretty dang excited about Nvidia’s Tegra chipset. 720p video pumped out of our handsets? Yes please. Gorgeous graphics on the go? Hardware accelerated Flash? Android support? Yes, yes, and yes. All of this, and the battery requirements are better than what’s in most phones? Oh, hells yes. If Nvidia manages to meet all their promises… Read More

  • Samsung T659 gets shot

    In the weeks after that big ol’ T-Mobile launch list leaked back in April, details and photos emerged of just about every handset mentioned. One, however managed to stay off the radar: the Samsung T659, otherwise known as “Scarlet”. Of course, we’re talking about Samsung here, and Samsung phones just don’t get announced without leaking first, and the Scarlet is… Read More

  • Latest trailer and screenshots of the Dexter iPhone game

    I’m beginning to think that this game won’t ever come out. I mean, it’s been more than a year since it was first announced. Anyhoots, here are the latest screenshots and trailer for the upcoming iPhone game from Marc Ecko Entertainment. It’s slated for a late summer release with three additional episodes to follow shortly after. Oh, and there’s an official… Read More

  • Bicycle-mounted mobile phone chargers actually improve Kenyan lives

    Two dollars is a princely sum in Kenya. But that’s what people there have to pay to charge their mobile phone at a charging station—sometimes just an old car battery on the side of the road. So, in yet another example of technology actually improving people’s lives (rather than just giving hipsters an opportunity to bump into other hipsters), two students have developed a… Read More

  • comiXology launches Comics app at Comic-Con

    Here’s a nifty new app from comiXology for all the comic book geeks to try out on their iPhone. The aptly named Comics app is a digital comic book shop, library and reader for your iPhone and iPod Touch. The following publishers along with Robert Kirkman are onboard: Read More

  • Garmin nuvifone finally about to ship out (to Taiwan)

    Do you remember where you were back on January 30th of 2008? CrunchGear was at a Garmin event in New York City watching the GPS company announce its very own smartphone. Fast forward to today, and the device is finally about to ship. Two devices, actually — the Linux-based nuvifone G60 and the nuvifone M20, which runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Read More

  • Google Latitude Comes To The iPhone. No, It Doesn't Run In The Background.

    Google has finally gotten around to launching its location-based network, Latitude on the iPhone. The service, which has been around for months on the web and Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices may finally be ready to take off now that it’s on the hottest smartphone on the market. But there’s a problem — and it’s a big one. Latitude, like all… Read More

  • Palm releases webOS 1.1.0 updated, fixes iTunes syncing

    Take that, Apple. Palm just dropped webOS 1.1.0 and it fixes what you broke with iTunes 8.2.1. Is this how it’s going to go down from here on out? Palm Read More

  • Review: T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google [Update]

    It’s been nine months since I first dabbled in the world of Android. It wasn’t a pretty picture then, but a lot has changed in those short nine months. The platform has grown and become more stable. The Market is filled with useful and enjoyable apps. Cupcake has had the biggest impact thus far but we eagerly await what Donut has to offer. Read More

  • The Secret of Monkey Island launches on iPhone, raids our wallet

    Late last night and seemingly out of nowhere, the iPhone-port of The Secret of Monkey Island appeared in the App Store. Coming in at a whopping 400MB, you’re going to want to camp out next to a nice, fast WiFi hotspot if you decide to buy this – which you absolutely, positively should. Read More

  • AT&T's Q2 Earnings: Millions of iPhones sold, Billions of dollars made

    AT&Ts Second Quarter Earnings are up. There’s not much to be said here beyond what the numbers clearly show: AT&T is doing well (though profits dropped about 16% from the same quarter last year), largely on the success of the iPhone. On to the facts: Read More

  • Budget-friendly HTC Click steals more camera time

    Can’t get enough of the wallet-friendly HTC Click? We hear you. Sure, it’s kinda small, and maybe it’s not the most exciting design ever – but it’s (supposedly) only going to cost a buck shy of $100, and it’s fueled by Android. Read More

  • Once upon a time, the NHSA wanted to ban the use of cellphones while driving

    Seven years ago the National Highway Safety Administration called for a complete and total ban on the use of cellphones while driving. That includes hands-free kits, too. Now, a lot has changed in the seven years since this draft proposal was made—for one, the number of cellphones in the U.S. has gone from 170 million to 270 million. Read More

  • Is this the HTC Leo aka Firestone?

    Here’s a rendering of the purported Snapdragon powered HTC Leo aka Firestone. According to WMPowerUser’s sources, the Firestone will be a media-centric device with hot-swappable microSD card and rather large speakers on the front and back. Aside from the 1GHz Qualcomm processor, the WinMo device will include a 5-megapixel AF camera with dual-LED flash, Wi-Fi, BT and a 4.3-inch… Read More

  • Palm Pre now available online – everyone, please don't rush

    Long after the Palm Pre hype machine has been turned off, Sprint is just now making the Pre available for purchase via There really isn’t advantage of ordering the phone online besides you don’t actually have to leave the comforts of your basement. Purchasers will still need to mail in a $100 rebate to bring the cost down to $199. But if avoiding the general public is… Read More

  • Tinkerers tack third-party motion sensor onto the Toshiba TG01

    All accelerometers are not created equal. Some are more sensitive than others, while some are capable of working alongside other hardware. When Usuda Research Institute and Systems Corp started dabbling with the accelerometer in the TG01, it just wasn’t enough for their needs. What were they to do? Yell at Toshiba? Tuck tail and give up? Nonsense. Rather than bothering with the built… Read More

  • Prankster tracks down Verizon CEO, yells at his house

    When John Hargrave of (otherwise known as “that one site that allegedly pranked the SuperBowl“) found out that the wireless carriers were doing a whole lot of nothing to keep the data store in cellular customer accounts safe, he decided to do what any good angry person does: grab a bullhorn. Rather than camping out on a soapbox and spitting his spite to random passersby… Read More

  • HTC going 50% Android in 2010?

    Its taken a bit longer than we all might have hoped, but it seems that Android is really starting to pick up the steam it deserves. Be it Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson.. if they’re a big gun in the mobile manufacturing world (Well, outside of certain obvious exclusions), they’re probably working on an Android handset or two. The first off the bat and the most dedicated so far has been… Read More

  • Unboxing: Samsung T559 Comeback for T-Mobile

    The FedEx guy just stopped by MobileCrunch HQ with a box full o’ Samsung Comeback, so we figured we’d go ahead and give it the ceremonial undressing. It’ll be a day or two before we’re ready to really talk about this thing, but our first impressions aren’t the best. While the handset feels absolutely outstanding when held in the flipped out, QWERTY-exposed… Read More