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  • Android-powered Garmin devices coming second-half of '09

    2009 is set to be Google’s Androids big year with more and more manufacturers jumping on the open-source platform. Garmin has at least one smartphone slated for the second-half of ’09 release and with perhaps more on the way. We’re still too far away from the launch for exact details. There is a chance that the mobile might not see a Stateside release as the tidbit… Read More

  • Interview: Tracy DeMiroz, VP of Marketing at Skyfire

    I spent a few minutes earlier this week chatting with Tracy DeMiroz, the VP of Marketing for Skyfire. Skyfire is a free mobile browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian, and the only browser of the bunch to support Flash, Silverlight, and a number of other technologies generally reserved for desktop browsers. With Skyfire now open to the world and quickly approaching a 1.0 release, I figured it… Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile G2 coming January 26 of '09?

    If this one turns out true, it looks like T-Mobile’s followup to the G1 might be on the shelves as early as next month. Note the emphasis on “might” there – while there’s nothing red flagging it as false, we’re taking this one with the finest grain of salt we have to spare. Be it that the specs pan out, the G2 should be a pretty substantial step up from the G1. Read More

  • HTC Touch HD with US 3G Support? Not so fast.

    Earlier this morning, a wave of excitement broke out amongst HTC Touch HD hopefuls here in the US after some eagle-eye spotted 850 / 1900 MHz UMTS (AT&T’s 3G frequencies) bands in the not-for-public-consumption service manual. This, of course, went against October’s announcement that no such version was in the works, leading some to believe that HTC had silently changed… Read More

  • T-Mobile mysteriously revives the Sidekick Slide

    Did T-Mobile randomly stumble across a warehouse full of outdated Sidekicks or something? A few weeks ago, the Sidekick iD popped back up in T-Mobile’s lineup, after having been absent for months. Now the Moto-made Sidekick Slide has returned from the grave, after discontinuation back in August. What’s going on here, T-Mo? If you’re looking to snatch up a Slide during its… Read More

  • Samsung prepping Android smartphone for Sprint & T-Mobile Q2 launch

    Word is that Samsung is planning on launching its first Android-powered sometime in the second quarter of ’09 on both Sprint and T-Mobile. The device is reportable going to be similar to the Omnia or Instinct, just powered by Google’s mobile platform. So if the phone does take after those two Samsung devices, chances are it will lack a hardware QWERTY keyboard and feature minimal… Read More

  • Japanese prefecture to ban cell phones in schools

    In what can only be described as the most insane move of all time, Japan’s Saitama prefecture (analogous to a state or province elsewhere) will be banning cell phone use by students at most of its primary, middle, and high schools. If this doesn’t incite Japanese schoolgirl riots and widespread destruction, I don’t know what will. Various reasons are cited, including… Read More

  • iPhone thief nailed by MobileMe contact sync

    Say what you will about MobileMe, but there’s at least one iPhone owner out there glad that he plunked down $100 bucks for it. Not only did it lead to the return of his stolen iPhone, but it left him with a tale for the e-ages. Here’s how it went down, according to TUAW: One day, a gent named Rob went to the dry cleaners, and somehow managed to walk away one whole iPhone lighter. Read More

  • T-Mobile kills off upgrade fees, wants to keep customers

    Good news, T-Mobile fanboys and girls!  T-Mobile will no longer be charging customers its customary $18 ‘Handset Upgrade Fee’ when they want to buy a new mobile device (but apparently it won’t be refunding any recent customer upgrade fees). It’s about effing time that one of the major mobile companies realizes that the best way to retain customers is to not treat us… Read More

  • LG KP500 Cookie launches in Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, and the UK

    It’s been a few months since we first heard about the LG KP500 “Cookie”, but it has finally made its way onto the shelves in various parts of the world. Even after all this time, I still have a little bit of trouble calling the phone the “Cookie” without hurting a little inside. As expected, the Cookie KP500 will set you back right around $220 USD (£99). Read More

  • "Cupcake" roadmap tells tales of video recording, stereo bluetooth and more coming to Android

    digg_url = ‘'; Oh, Android – How do I love thee? Let me count the ways; I love that you’ve essentially eliminated the need to hypothesize what might be coming in future firmware updates as, due to your open source nature, it’s put out there for all to see. I love that.. well, there are… Read More

  • More upcoming Motorola '09 phone hotness

    We were treated to some upcoming Motorola phones 24 hours ago and now we have three more via the Boy Genius. Also like yesterday, details like price, release date, and OS are absent, but at least we have some great pics. The Niagra, pictured above, has some RAZR juice running through its circuit. The other two phones, Calgary and Harmony, are destined to become “free phones.”… Read More

  • Death to the embargo, CrunchGear MobileCrunch edition

    (Biggs posted this on our sister site, CrunchGear. In hopes of slowing the barrage of e-mails and IMs, I’m posting it here, too. -Greg) I’ve been a full-time blogger for nigh on five years and a journalist for almost ten. In all those years I’ve signed NDAs and followed embargoes with reckless abandon, potentially John Hancock-ing my life away just so I could look at a… Read More

  • rolls into public beta, launches iPhone application

    When we wrote about back in July of this year, we called it the “real video Twitter“. Rather than droning on for 19 hours on what they had for lunch, users of have – you guessed it – 12 seconds to get their point across on video. Later this morning, 12seconds will be making the transition from invite-only alpha to public beta, opening their… Read More

  • More upcoming Motorola '09 phone hotness

    We were treated to some upcoming Motorola phones 24 hours ago and now we have three more. Also like yesterday, details like price, release date, and OS are absent, but at least we have some great pics. The Niagra, pictured above, has some RAZR juice running through its circuit. The other two phones, Calgary and Harmony, are destined to become “free phones.” (pics after the jump)… Read More

  • SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry coming on December 30th

    Just a few days shy of one full year after Sling Media announced that they’d be porting SlingPlayer Mobile to BlackBerry, things are finally coming to fruition. On December 30th, anybody and everybody with a BlackBerry (and a Slingbox) will be able to grab a copy of the beta. Officially, it’ll only support BlackBerry handsets with 3G and/or WiFi – namely, the Bold, Curve… Read More

  • Huawei Android phones coming later than previously expected

    Wuh oh – Looks like China’s Huawei Technologies might have spoken too soon when they announced that they’d have an Android-powered phone ready in the first half of 2009. According to CNET, a Huawei spokesman has confirmed “that their first Android smartphone is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2009.” Read More

  • InPlay unveils WriteSense digital pen technology

    InPlay Technologies, developer of human interface devices for computing and communication products, introduced its latest endeavor – WriteSense digital pen technology – in a press release earlier today. The patent-pending technology couples active RF pen input with capacitive touch systems (an iPhone’s screen, for example) thereby: eliminat[ing] the need for a separate… Read More

  • Beejive IM for iPhone to go on sale tonight at midnight

    As the proud owners of some of the most callused thumbs you’ll ever see, we’re pretty fond of the landscape keyboard and overall stability offered up by Beejive for the iPhone. What we’re not so fond of, however, is the $16 dollar price tag. For the sake of the folks out there looking to give away copies of BeejiveIM as e-stocking stuffers (and, presumably, as an effort… Read More

  • Sprint opens their location-based platform to third party developers

    This morning, Sprint is announcing a partnership with WHERE and WaveMarket to allow third-party developers to make location-aware sites, WAP, SMS campaigns, and mobile applications for Sprint customers. Read More