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  • Hands-on: T-Mobile Sidekick LX (2009)

    Now that I’ve had a few hours to get acquainted with the new Sidekick LX, I figured some preliminary comments were in order. My overall impression of the Sidekick LX is still positive, but I’ve found a few things to nitpick about. So, without further ado, here we gooooo! Screen: It’s absolutely brilliant and hands down the best screen available on a mobile handset today. Read More

  • We just got the rugged, military spec Samsung SGH-A657 – what should we do to it?

    Built to meet military specifications for dust, shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures, the Samsung SGH-A657 is one beast of a phone. Sure, it’s probably not going to win any beauty contests – but if a gun fight were to break out during the beauty contest, the A657 would probably be the last one standing and win by default. What it lacks in beauty it makes up for in the fact… Read More

  • Palm Eos might be heading for Sprint as well

    If you’re taking the original Palm Eos story with a grain of salt, you’re going to want to find another, slightly smaller grain for this one. Now, we’d previously heard that the Eos was going to AT&T – and with the Pre being exclusive to Sprint and AT&T’s new-found love for exclusivity, most of us just assumed AT&T had this one locked down. Following… Read More

  • Rumor: Samsung Alias 2 and its whacky classroom theme launching on May 11th?

    Good news and bad news, folks. Good news: If you’re anxiously awaiting the debut of the Samsung Alias 2, you may only have another couple of weeks to wait. Bad news: As far as anyone can tell, it’s still sporting that absolutely horrid elementary schoolroom theme. Read More

  • RIM rumor: VZW-bound BlackBerry Niagara, Apex to debut next week

    Two bits of BlackBerry news/rumor for you to digest. One, it looks like RIM will officially unveil the niagara at its Wireless Enterprise Symposium next week in beautiful Orlando. The niagara, you’ll recall, is supposedly the greatest BlackBerry in the history of the world: a 3G world phone that’ll be available on Verizon Wireless. (Expect it to be available within the month… Read More

  • Review: iPWR Backup Battery for iPhone and iPod

    Short version: The iPhone may be good at a lot of things – but one thing its definitely not known for is its good battery life. It definitely has better battery than some devices (we’re looking at you, T-Mobile G1), but it still pretty terrible. If you’re a heavy user, you’ll want a backup battery – but there are oh-so-many of them to choose from. Which… Read More

  • WhitePages Bringing Their Mobile App To BlackBerry Devices

    Good news, BlackBerry users! Never again will you need to kludge around in your browser just to dig up a number or determine who’s behind the number that just called. Following the success of their iPhone and Android applications, WhitePages will soon be announcing the upcoming availability of a native BlackBerry application. It’ll still be a few days before the app makes its way… Read More

  • Google just put ninjas into your iPhone

    I don’t generally check to see what’s new in apps when I’m prompted to update, but I’m glad I did. The latest Google app update put a ninja into your iPhone. We’re all doomed. Read More

  • Palm EOS: Is this the Mini-Pre?

    It looks like all it took for details of Palm’s post-Pre phone to begin spilling out was for us to break the news of it yesterday. Just hours after, a blurry shot of the handset was out. Now, before the next day is even half way over, a decent shot and a full list of purported specs have made their way out. We’re getting conflicting reports of what this thing is codenamed. Some… Read More

  • Ding! Cupcake is done! Android v1.5 now hitting handsets in US and UK

    After four long months,the Android v1.5 “Cupcake” update has finally been made available to the masses in the UK and USA. As April 29th came to a close, the first reports of update notifications came trickling in, and they’ve continued throughout the morning. As usual, it’s not hitting every handset at the same time. Don’t panic if you’ve yet to see the… Read More

  • Rumored Palm webOS handset snapped by Mr. BlurryCam

    I think that’s a phone, no wait, it’s a stapler, no wait, it’s a ham sandwich. That right there is actually the next Palm webOS handset, according to A Boy Genius tipster who really needs a better camera phone. Honestly, there is no way to confirm whether this is the phone that Michael Arrington’s source was talking about, but at least the form factor seems about right… Read More

  • First unboxing of a Sidekick LX 2009

    Apparently there were a few lucky people out there who go their Sidekicks a bit earlier then others, and one of them was kind enough to take some shots of an unboxing and share it on the intarwebs for all to see. Read More

  • Forget The Pre, Palm's Got A Second Device Coming Out This Year. We're Calling It The Mini-Pre

    I came across some very interesting news today. I was mostly minding my own business, hammering away at our various sources in the hardware industry and trying to dig up some sort of information on exactly when the Palm Pre (pictured right) might be launching, and how many of them will be available. Rumors are flying about both of those issues over the last couple of days. And then, wham! A… Read More

  • Palm Looking For People To Review The Pre

    If you’re a social site maven who happens to be dying to dabble with the Pre, Palm wants to talk to you. Palm has just announced a “Real Reviewer” program, in which they’ll be giving a select chunk of socialites a “current-model” Palm phone (read: probably the Pre), along with six months of service. This is by no means the first time a phone company has… Read More

  • Palm Pre materials cost $137.83, says iSuppli

    It’s pretty much obligatory at this point: someone announces a new piece of hardware, gets a lot of attention, and iSuppli tears it apart and prices the components. Whether they’ve managed to get ahold of a Pre and actually tear it apart or they just dug up a list of components, we’re not sure – but iSuppli has pinned the final bill of materials for the Palm Pre at $137.38. Read More

  • "Calgary" will be Moto's first Android handset

    Want something that looks like Motorola’s aborted Sidekick Slide? That runs Android? That has buttons like the RAZR? Well, you’re in luck because Moto is planning to launch the Android-powered Calgary on Verizon. Read More

  • Slacker for BlackBerry hits 1 million downloads

    Not too shabby, Slacker. Less than 4 months after Slacker for BlackBerry was launched at CES 2009, Slacker, Inc. has announced that it has surpassed 1 million downloads. Now, 1 million might not seem like all that much in the shadow of the iTunes App Store and its 1 billion served – but remember, this is the BlackBerry we’re talking about. A huge chunk of BlackBerry owners… Read More

  • Rumor: Motorola "IRONMAN" to rock Android?

    While that certainly doesn’t look like any Android UI we’ve seen, BoyGeniusReport is hearin’ whispers that the handset you see up above is one of Motorola’s first outings in Android territory. Codenamed, nicknamed, or just plain name-named (they’re not sure which) “Ironman”, Motorola is supposedly aiming at a Q3 release. Specific specs are absent, but… Read More

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic turns Trekkie for the UK

    While some phones stay true to a single flick (take Sony Ericsson handsets and any Bond movie ever, for example), some leap around Hollywood like a heiress on a booze binge. One example of the not so loyal? The Nokia 5800. After making its ultra-early debut in The Dark Knight, it’s jumping over to the Star Trek camp. On May 1st (7 days before the film’s release), UK retailer… Read More

  • 14 brand new Palm Pre webOS emulator screenshots leak out

    As more and more people are getting their hands on the Pre, it looks like a few more developers have been given access to the SDK emulator. Well, either that or someone who has had access for a while got a little antsy and finally caved to leaking a ton of emulator screenshots. Read More