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  • Some Droid X displays having issues (updated)

    It seems like launch hiccups are going to be part of the bargain with all these new superphone launches. With all that cutting-edge technology packed in there, you can expect a few issues — like faulty USB controllers or wet glue — and in the Droid X’s case, some display problems. Read More

  • TechCrunch TV: Inside Windows Phone 7

    This morning, MobileCrunch’s Greg Kumparak delivered his pre-review preview of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. The soon to be released mobile operating system is far from finalized, as Kumparak explains, but it is a grand departure from 6.5 and represents Microsoft’s best mobile effort to date. In this video, we explore the operating system’s key highlights, including… Read More

  • 1 part Palm Pre, 1 part Droid: What is this weird Droid-branded portrait slider?

    When a momma Droid and a daddy Pre love each other very, very much, they get trashed and make sweet, sweet handset love like the sun won’t rise tomorrow. Nine months later, the awkward Pre-esque Droid Mini love child is born — and if we’re really lucky, someone will be there on the scene with a camera slathered in butter, waiting to take the blurriest photos in the history… Read More

  • Fancy a game of badminton on your iPhone?

    Although it’s not the world’s best mobile gaming platform, there are lots of games available for the iPhone. There are lots of iterations and variations of the same games. Would you like to try something new? How about a game of badminton? It’ll give you an excuse to say “shuttlecock” without feeling silly. And, interestingly, there is only one badminton game on… Read More

  • Nokia Siemens buys Motorola's switching business for $1.2 billion

    Motorola’s slow decline was halted, briefly, by the launch of the Droid line of phones. Now, however, it looks like the company’s money-making switching subsidiary is no longer going to be making money as it’s just been sold to Nokia Siemens for $1.2 billion. While the company still owns its own handset and set-top box operation, the switching side was Motorola’s bread… Read More

  • Sprint announces the Motorola i1's launch details

    Sprint has announced that the Motorola i1 will be available for purchase on July 25 through direct ship sales channels, and will hit retail outlets in early August. As you may recall, the i1 is the first Android smartphone to include Nextel Direct Connect technology and sports a hardened body that meets military specs for shock, dust, and rain. $149 (after $50 rebate) for new customers and… Read More

  • Proporta takes advantage of your pain

    Proporta, case makers to the stars, is offering 20% off some of its iPhone 4 cases if you return your free bumper case to them. Why would you do this? I’m not quite sure. Read More

  • Pre-Review Preview: Windows Phone 7

    To make a short story shorter: for the last three days, I’ve been one of but a handful of people carrying around a handset running Microsoft’s unreleased Windows Phone 7 operating system. This specific handset isn’t one that’s ever intended for release, and, while it’s looking pretty close to done, the build running on the handset is by no means finalized. With… Read More

  • Droid X update coming today (maybe)

    The first update to the spankin’ new Droid X was actually pushed to a small number of handsets before the device was even released, but whispers abound the webz today are saying the update could be making its way onto everyone else’s handsets as early as right freakin’ now. Read More

  • Fix Apple's boo-boo with a Band-Aid

    Do you feel that it’s unreasonable (or simply not possible) to change the way you hold your iPhone? Do you also think that the bumper case is aesthetically akin to the Car Bra? Don’t mind a bit of Kitsch? Sweet. Listen up. Apple, while trying to wiggle out of it, made a bit of a boo-boo with the iPhone 4’s antennae. And what makes boo-boos all better? A band-aid, of course! Read More

  • Video: NTT Docomo's 3D phone display shown off in glorious 2D

    If you want to look to the future, Japan is usually a good place to start. Example: 3D phone screens. NTT Docomo — Japan’s biggest mobile provider — has shown of some 3D lenticular displays at Wireless Japan 2010. Now, you and me both will have to take their word as proof, as it’s at least a little difficult to show off 3D tech on video. So, prepare yourselves to be… Read More