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  • HTC Desire Z priced at €549, £499, or £430, depending on where you look

    While not entirely relevant to our friends in the US of A, have now placed a price on the freshly announced HTC Desire Z. And what is that price, I hear you ask? €549, which is currently about US$717. To put this into perspective, when the Desire (vanilla flavour) went up for pre-order on, it was €519. Read More

  • Windows Phone to support USB Tethering, no extra fees allowed?

    Whether you’re shouting your love for Windows Phone 7 from the tallest buildings or bashing it at every opportunity, one bit is mostly inarguable: it’s..a bit short on selling points. Most of what it does, the competition does already; most of what it doesn’t do, the competition does that too. If this seemingly solid rumor turns out true, though, it might have at least… Read More

  • Pew Survey Finds Predictable Trends Among Mobile Phone Users

    Pew Internet has just completed a survey of nearly 2000 mobile users in the US and has come up with some not particularly startling statistics about phone and app usage. Still, it’s good to have some cold hard numbers to look at, even if the sample size seems a bit small. Here are a few highlights from the survey and writeup: 23% of Americans are now landline-free
    Higher than I expected. Read More

  • Palm's WebOS 2.0 Shows Up On YouTube

    WebOS was initially a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. Sure, there are die-hards that love it, but lets be honest, most people went with Android or the iPhone. Palm’s hoping to change all that with WebOS 2.0, and while there have been some still shots floating around, no one has seen any video until now. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • TRTL BOT Annouces Two New Eco-friendly iPhone Cases

    Design group TRTL BOT announced two new iPhone 4 cases today, both reportedly eco-friendly and specially designed to work with the iPhone 4. Both are produced using recycled plastic, and have special features to make your iPhone 4 more user friendly. Read More

  • Sprint fires up 4G in Nashville, TN

    Nashville, Tennessee is famous for three things: Being the one place on Earth where Carmen Sandiego hasn’t been Being the home of the World’s Largest “World’s Largest” museum, which is comprised of nothing but pictures of World’s-Largest items from around the.. erm, world. Being the latest place to get Sprint 4G network coverage Yeah, I made two of those up. Read More

  • iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch now available to developers

    4.2 means different things to different types of geeks. To SciFi-geeks, it’s the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything divided by 10. To Apple-geeks, it represents the most important software update in months. Why? Because it’s the first build of iOS 4 (with its folders, multitasking, etc) compatible with the iPad. Steve promised that 4.2 would… Read More

  • Video: Russian 4G handset shows off its dual displays

    While it’s tempting to start with an “In Soviet Russia…” joke, I’m going to do my part to let that meme finally get the rest it deserves. So, with this awkward intro in mind, I present to you a video of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev handling a 4G prototype phone that has a display on both sides of the device! Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve 9330 coming to Sprint Sept 26, will get BBOS 6 upgrade later

    Last month, we talked about the likelihood that a replacement for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 — known as the Curve 9330 — would come to Sprint sometime soon. Well, hey now, look at this! A shiny Press Release confirming a September 26 release date! The device packs 512MB on-board memory plus a MicroSD slot (with 2GB included card) for the media hungry, a 2MP camera, WiFi b/g/n… Read More

  • HTC Restocks The Android Bandwagon With The Desire HD & Desire Z

    HTC loves them some Android phones and just outed two somewhat brand new handsets at a London event. But no surprises here. You already know these phones. The Desire HD is a re-packaged EVO 4G and the Desire Z is an HTC Sense-enabled G2. Read More

  • Parallels Mobile Lets You Run Windows On Your iOS Device (At Last!)

    Look at your iPad. Now look at your desktop PC. Now back to the iPad, now back to the PC. Sadly, your iPad doesn’t run Windows 7. But with Parallels Mobile, it could run it indirectly via VNC. Look again. Your virtual machines are now diamonds. Read More

  • Droid X to get Android 2.2 soon. Maybe. Hopefully?

    If the rumor mill was always right, we’d have seen Android 2.2 hit the Droid X way back in early August. Or, if we were cutting it a bit of slack, late August. Or last week. Name a period of time in the last few months, and Android 2.2 on the Droid X was almost certainly “coming soon.” But this time, it’s for real! Probably. Read More

  • Local Merchants, It's Time To Ditch The Sidewalk Chalkboard For Foursquare Welcome Screens

    As Foursquare becomes more and more popular, so is the sidewalk chalkboard sign beckoning Foursquare users into the local coffee shop or bar and hailing the store’s current Mayor. While the chalkboard signs are quaint and add a nice personal touch, they don’t really change much throughout the day. What if a store put up a digital sign instead that welcomed the Mayor whenever… Read More

  • LG announces the Android-powered Optimus Chic and Optimus One, right on schedule

    Fun, Completely unrelated fact: My MacBook Pro essentially exploded last night, so all of today’s posts will be written on an iPad. Blame all typos/crazy formatting errors/frustrated rants on the fact that I’m using a touchscreen keyboard, won’t you? When we found out yesterday that LG would be announcing two Android-powered additions to their budget-friendly-ish Optimus line… Read More

  • New beta version of Nokia Maps brings Check-ins, karaoke

    You may have heard that that Nokia World 2010 is on right now, yeah? You may have seen all the hardware announcements, yeah? Well, it’s not all about hardware, y’see, with Nokia today announcing the latest upgrade to their rather popular Ovi Maps app. And what new features will this upgrade bring? Well, first up: check-ins. You can now use Ovi Maps to check-in to Facebook… Read More

  • Video: Windows Phone 7 and the Samsung i8700

    We first spied images of the Samsung i8700 last week, and quipped then about how steady the leak of WinPho7 devices has been, and now — whaddaya know? — with predictable reliability, we have a video of said phone. Now, I know that you’ve probably seen as much as you need to regarding functionality of WinPho7 (short of a proper review, that is). And I know that this video is… Read More

  • Video: A quick hands-on with the Nokia E7

    For those interested in the new Communicator, the Nokia E7, you could do worse than check out the quick hands-on video that SlashGear made on the floor of Nokia World 2010. Marvel at the orange aluminium shell! Be dazzled by the clarity of the AMOLED display! Listen in awe to the satisfying click that the display makes as it slides out to reveal the chiclet keyboard! I can guarantee this will… Read More

  • Angry Birds and Nokia's Perception Problem

    Today Nokia announced the availability of Angry Birds on the Ovi Store for Symbian. That Nokia saw this as news worth recounting is one thing. After all, the game made its bones on the iPhone and is only available on Ovi, iTunes, and the Palm Store. Heck: it’s the #1 game in Moldova and the only thing I know about Moldova is that they make nice wine. What’s more, Nokia… Read More

  • Nokia announces C6 and C7 candybar phones

    At Nokia World today, Nokia unveiled two new mid-range candybar phones running their latest Symbian^3 OS. The C6 sports a 3.2 inch AMOLED screen featuring Nokia’s own Clear Black Display (CBD) tech that promises to improve outdoor visibility, and will rock an 8 MP camera with dual LED flash and 720p video capabilities. The C7 rocks the same 8MP camera, but has a larger 3.5 inch screen… Read More

  • Nokia sells 260,000 smartphones a day

    For all the crap Nokia has been getting lately about falling behind, not innovating, or releasing products that don’t really compare with the competition, you could be forgiven in thinking that they may be on death’s door. So you’d probably be surprised to hear that Nokia still move more smartphones than the Big Two. How many you ask? Try about 260,000 a day. To put that… Read More