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  • HTC Desire shows up on Verizon's site, but probably not how you'd expect

    Hey there, friends! You know what time it is? It’s “Good news, bad news..” time! The Good News: An anonymous tipster just spotted this little gem on Verizon’s own website, listing the “HTC Desire” as one of the items that came in the Droid Eris box. And the bad news is.. Read More

  • Palm now worth nothing

    Woof. Analysts have placed a sell rating on Palm and are now valuing their stock, at least in hyperbolic terms, at $0. Quoth CNN: Shares of Palm (PALM) plunged 19% to $4.59 a share early Friday, a new 52-week low. Investors are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the company’s future and several analysts downgraded their positions on the stock to “sell.” Two analysts… Read More

  • Sprint Moment and Hero to get Android 2.1 in "the coming weeks" [Updated!]

    See that image above? It’s notable for two reasons: I’m fairly confident it takes the much coveted title for “Hardest to read leaked document ever”. It, in all of its tiny text, confirms that the Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will be upgraded to Android 2.1 soon. Update: We’ve now got a more legible picture and a full transcription after the jump. Read More

  • AppGate: App review sites ask for money in exhange for reviews

    In the fine tradition of lazily naming any sort of controversy after Watergate, I hereby present AppGate. It seems that certain iPhone App developers are paying low-rent “review” sites for favorable reviews, thereby creating the false impression that their App is cool and everything. Read More

  • Video: This is easily the coolest thing I've seen an iPhone do this week.

    You hear that sound? That’s the sound of my mind being blown. When the folks over in Cupertino strapped a little speaker to the bottom of the iPhone and released an SDK, do you think that any of them thought “Oh, people are totally going to use this to make apps that can push little Styrofoam balls around a fake soccer field.” Yeah, probably not. But sure enough, people have. Read More

  • Hacked Windows Phone 7 emulator demoed on video

    Earlier this morning, the Windows Phone 7 emulator was “unlocked” (so to speak), granting anyone with a few spare minutes and basic tinkering abilities an opportunity to get a look at a bunch of stuff Microsoft didn’t originally include. Not everyone is prepped and ready to get their hack on, though. Maybe you’re on a Mac. Maybe it’s Friday and you just… Read More

  • Windows Phone 7 emulator hacked. Sweet, sweet secrets spill out.

    As anyone in the history of ever who has ever written a single line of code that might be subject to hacking knows, the only way to keep something “hidden” in an application is to just not include it at all. Sure, you can obfuscate the hell out of it out in the source code, or add some crazy configuration value that enables it; just don’t expect either of those to work for… Read More

  • Ready for Windows Mobile 6.5 on your Sprint Touch Pro2? The upgrade is now available

    Here it is, folks! Its been a few long months for Sprint fans toting Touch Pro2’s, given that the same device on all of the other carriers saw upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.5 months ago while their own Pro2s stayed back at WinMo 6.1. We knew the update was coming sometime in March, and then we pinned the date down to some more specific: today. Read More

  • Palm: We coulda been a contender

    In Greek tragedy, the flaw of hubris was the decisive plot point that brought down many great men. Palm, then, is the Oedipus of a modern tragedy, their efforts to rebuild hampered by a failure to see past their own greatness and a refusal to enter the market on the market’s terms. To be honest, I was a Palm fan, then I wasn’t a Palm fan, and now am part of the chorus of voices… Read More