The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • ShareMyPlaylists brings the social to Spotify

    Ever wished Spotify were a litte more… social? That you could share playlists with friends and discuss your favourite tracks? Well, you have been able to for a while with community site ShareMyPlaylists, but the site has just relaunched. The result that its name is now deceiving: you can do an awful lot more than just share playlists. In fact, with its “wire” (a bit like a… Read More

  • Greek Bloggers to give up anonymity? Not without a fight

    Back in 2004, one of the most well known members of the English House of Lords, Baroness Hale, stated that it is always difficult for the courts to make balanced judgements when more than one fundamental Human Right is in play. It seems, however, that today there are still people who cannot accept that in the era of social media and the Web the Law as applied by some European governments… Read More

  • Passpack raises €74,000 more to manage your passwords

    Online password management startup Passpack, announced it’s follow-on funding. The company raised €350,000 in June 2008 and now previous investor Zernike Meta Ventures is topping that with additional €74,000. This new capital injection will enable the company to finish the development of their product and start to actively market it. They blog about it here. The Rome-based company… Read More

  • Video: Spotify in the iPhone App store – will Apple approve it?

    Breaking Now: Streaming music service Spotify – born in Sweden but currently taking the UK and the rest of Europe by storm – has released a video of the iPhone app which they’ve just submitted to Apple, which means it could be out in a few weeks. They’ve also revealed more of their business model – mobile access on any device will require a premium… Read More

  • Calling all North East tech start-ups: can you help us?

    Part Two of our series on tech start-ups in the North East of England will look at the quality of institutional support and resources available to start-ups, and whether some well-intentioned development programs are doing more harm than good to the local digital economy. We need you to tell us about your experiences with Business Link, Codeworks, One North East, North East Finance… Read More

  • Italy tries to keep up with a new €35M fund for startups

    Fact: cash is very hard to get for Italian startups. This has been the major problem of the Italian innovation ecosystem since the dawn of time, there simply isn’t money. Investors prefer to rely on non-risky businesses such as constructions, pharmaceutical and clothing. Web startups are facing a real hard time, but there might be hope. We already reported Google’s Italy… Read More

  • Kwaga – Organizing your e-mail with semantic search

    I am drowning in e-mail. Like many web workers, my life is in my e-mail. Everything – work schedules, meetings, personal appointments – is in my e-mail. Those who follow my tweets know that I basically work from my inbox. I’ve been looking for a solution to help me organize my life and e-mail. Maybe I’ve found it with Kwaga. As Philippe Laval, Kwaga’s CEO… Read More

  • NSFW: Bringing Nothing To TechCrunch

    I don’t know about you, but I give this ridiculously misguided experiment three weeks. Three weeks until – at best – Arrington comes to his senses and realises that there’s a reason why I’ve been fired from every job I’ve had, most recently as a columnist for the Guardian. Three weeks until – at worst – I say something so insanely actionable about… Read More

  • OK, so it's not exactly "grim" up North for tech — But there are some issues

    This is the first post in a series of three about the tech start-up community in the North East of England. It is the result of interviews with start-ups, investors and advisors over the course of this week. The interviews were conducted under Chatham House rules. You can watch a selection of on-the-record responses below: In June of this year, I wrote an article for the UK’s Daily… Read More

  • Crowdsourcing software translations

    Most software is written and documented in English. Yet, people speaking English to some degree of competence are only a fifth of the world. Native English speakers are even less. For a piece of software to become globally accepted, translated interface, help files and documentation is a must.  For this reason, translation and translation management tools have been around for quite some time… Read More

  • Code in your browser with PHPanywhere

    With the rise of online writing and image editors, it was just a matter of time until developers started thinking of themselves. PHPanywhere is a new Croatian startup providing a web based IDE (integrated development environment), or in other words – a web based code editor. This way, you can work on your code from anywhere on any computer. With over 3000 active users in a few months and… Read More

  • The TC Europe Guide to choosing a co-founder

    Being an startup founder is like playing the piano. It’s something you can really only learn by doing, but some instruction goes a long way. TechCrunch Europe is therefore launching a series of articles offering advice on common issues faced by first-time entrepreneurs. Here’s the first. As Paul Graham says “Cofounders are for a startup what location is for real… Read More

  • Are Spinvox call centre staff putting voicemails on Facebook?

    Some Spinvox call centre staff are chattering away on Facebook – essentially a public platform – about internal company operations and in one incident we’ve found, posting a private call onto Facebook. A BBC investigation today has uncovered evidence of Spinvox using call centres to convert messages. It’s been rumoured for some time that this was the case, but the… Read More

  • Video Interview: BaseKit – Dynamic web dev, no programming required

    BaseKit is an automatic site builder for websites – No XHTML/CSS, PHP, Perl, or other programming languages required. BaseKit lets web designers build websites quickly and easily. It differs from other similar services by allowing users to implement functional, interactive and dynamic elements without coding. It doesn’t simply build a static site like the web site builders of a… Read More

  • Do you want an office in London? Then answer this survey

    Last month I said TechCrunch Europe was looking at maybe getting an office space in London. We thought about getting a bigger space than just your average office so that we could maybe hold smaller events in it. However, now our thinking has evolved and we’re looking at some kind of co-working space. Especially one aimed at startups outside London (in the rest of the UK and in Europe)… Read More

  • Birch-backed Wordia starts roping in celebs, but will it make money?

    Wordia, the site that pairs HarperCollins’ dictionary with user-generated videos, has gone on a high-quality content offensive. Celebrities, experts, authors and members of the public are being invited to provide definitions around a particular theme or campaign for Wordia’s new “Word Weeks”. This week it’s social enterprise. Word Weeks launched with a… Read More

  • XING launches an OpenSocial app assault on LinkedIn

    Despite being virtually unknown in the US, and still somewhat hemmed in by its core German speaking market, XING, the LinkedIn competitor, refuses to lie down. And like a scene from the Rocky movie, it’s going into training to become better, quicker and faster than the LinkedIn machine. Although let’s face it, it has it’s work cut out as LinkedIn is now worth over $1bn and has… Read More

  • Hard times? Expert panel says funding still tough, but Europe better than ever

    “The good news is, the world is still turning,” said Nic Brisbourne at the Glasshouse‘s “Show Me The Money” event in London last night. “Investment continues, though levels are obviously lower.” Nic quoted £114m garnered from VC funding in Q1 in the UK. “It’s down, but it hasn’t stopped.” Alongside Nic, who’s a partner at… Read More

  • Paul Carr brings NSFW column to TechCrunch Europe

    I won’t repeat too much of this TechCrunch post announcing that Paul Carr is to join the TechCrunch team. Suffice it to say that when I heard Paul’s popular column, NSFW, had been cut by The Guardian newspaper I lobbied to bring him over to TechCrunch and TechCrunch Europe. It didn’t take much lobbying. So from this Saturday afternoon Paul will be filing his weekly NSFW… Read More

  • Create a Touchnote direct via ShoZu on the iPhone

    You may well upload pictures from your phone via ShoZu, so it makes sense for them to partner with an outfit that can turn those cute pictures of the family into handy little postcards for Grandma, right? Thus ShoZu and Touchnote , the mobile print-on-demand service, are partnering to enable ShoZu’s iPhone mobile application a way to print any photo and have it mailed to anywhere in… Read More