The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • Mystery maintenance bug causes Swedish websites to fail

    Monday night was a dark time for Internet users in Sweden. For about an hour the Swedish Internet failed, meaning it was impossible to access any websites with a domain name ending in .SE (that’s about 900,000 domains folks). No one seems to know how the problem occurred, except that it happened during routine maintenance work. It makes you wonder how easy it would be to shut down the… Read More

  • There's nowhere to hide if your name trends on Twitter. Is there, Trafigura?

    So the background first: Giant oil business Trafigura is accused of dumping toxic waste off the Ivory coast of Africa, allegedly causing harm to the local population that frequents those shores. In most countries the legal system has not bothered to hear Trafigura’s claims that it’s been libeled. But the UK still has libel laws which were written over a hundred years ago. These… Read More

  • Cash for questions: Amuso closes $1.5 million from Mangrove

    Online cash trivia gamester Amuso has closed its latest round of funding with a $1.5 million investment from Mangrove Capital Partners, the principal investor at its launch in 2007, alongside a series of angel investors. It will use the cash to expand in the UK and US. It’s also hired Ned Walley and Rabin Yaghoubi, both former Directors of Strategic Partnerships at Google. Bill… Read More

  • Woopra launches realtime analytics for paying users

    [Lebanon] Back in March, 2008 we first wrote about Woopra the realtime web analytics startup that originated from Lebanon which, unlike Google Analytics, offered a desktop application to track websites visits as they happen. Since then Woopra has been in beta, upgrading its desktop app and offering a web version . Today Woopra has come out of beta and introduced paid accounts, thus monetising… Read More

  • The $1.5 billion scramble for Vente Privee by Gilt, eBay and Amazon

    [France] On stage at last year’s Le Web an argument broke out between co-founder Loic Le Meur and TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington over whether Europe was capable of producing a ‘big win’ Web company or whether Skype was, perhaps, just a one-hit wonder. Like heavyweight fighters, both of them traded some heavy blows in subsequent blog posts. But during the live… Read More

  • Turkey's Markafoni aims at a global play

    [Turkey]Markafoni, the first Turkish player in the wave of private shopping clubs in Europe, is planning to start operations in seven other countries by the end of 2010. Markafoni is planning to operate in Ukraine and Greece first, and looking at other markets. Markafoni was founded in June 2008, and also now operates in Australia under the name BrandsExclusive. Tolga Tatari, one of the… Read More

  • Show me the money – Will cloud storage really be the next goldmine?

    [UK] If you employ celebrity PR Max Clifford to help advertise your business you might end up with neat quotes stating that your niche of the industry is going to grow with 500 percent by 2012. Online storage might be the next big thing, but 500 percent sounds a tad excessive. Livedrive doesn’t seem to think so and is pushing forward with new partnerships. This time with ISP… Read More

  • SkySongs will be a Zune – late, dull… and probably brown

    [UK] Presumably missing the obvious opportunity to launch “SkyTunes” to compete with the slightly better known iTunes (I guess because of the legalities) the UK broadcaster Sky is launching SkySongs some 15 months after it said it would. Kicking off next week on October 19, the service will have all the major labels and 100 independents – but its four million catalogue… Read More

  • Spotify competitor Deezer raises €6.5 million Series B round

    [France] Music search and discovery engine Deezer has raised €6.5 million in a second round of financing, bringing the total amount invested in the French upstart to approx. €12.2 million. The additional capital was raised from from AGF Private Equity and CM-CIC Capital Privé, thus joining the historical shareholders who make up the DOTCORP Asset Management funds. Deezer is one of the… Read More

  • WITN?: Yahoo didn't sentence 200,000 Iranians to death, and other misadventures in online journalism

    In one of those wonderful ironies of scheduling that make columnists weep with joy, Larry Dignan spent yesterday at a Yahoo! hack day in New York. This is the same Larry Dignan who is editor in chief of ZDNet, which is the same ZDNet that yesterday published a blog post accusing Yahoo of passing the names and email addresses of thousands – sorry, hundreds of thousands – of bloggers… Read More

  • Facebook appoints bizdev in Germany, as Twitter goes Deutsch

    Facebook finally gets its own ‘face’ for Germany: The sleuths of media newswire Kress Report got wind that Facebook could hire the advertising expert Scott Woods, who previously headed the office in Hamburg. His new job is to build up contacts with brands and advertisers in Germany, as he already did for the music site. It was only last year that Woods got appointed as… Read More

  • GooSync dumps its free service, goes premium only

    GooSync, the synchronisation service that lets you sync a mobile with Google Calendar, tasks and contacts using SyncML, has been going since 2007. But though it’s been running a premium and free version, it’s now dumping the latter entirely. Not an unsurprising move given the growth especially in mobile data use of apps like this, especially with the iPhone. The company said… Read More

  • Coull secures new funding for agency video tool

    It’s been a long old time since we checked in with Bristol based Coull, the application which helps brand owners create their own video portals and interactive video content. The startup has now has secured additional funding of £500,000 and hired Vaughan Denny the former head of rich media sales for Google Europe. Read More

  • TechCrunch Munich, 20 October

    Quite some years ago I was a young journalist sent on assignment to Munich to cover a conference. As many conferences are, it was not exactly rich with stories. But there was an upside. The Oktoberfest was on and I managed to sneak out to enjoy the echoing halls of the festival, drinking beer, singing songs and eating fantastic food. Munich is a beautiful city, rich with history and surrounded… Read More

  • Dailymotion bags another €15 million

    Video sharing site DailyMotion has raised another €15 million in financing, reveals an interview with CEO Cédric Tournay with French business website (translated version). PaidContent followed up with a report in English earlier this morning, and we’ve confirmed the news with Fred Destin of Atlas Venture, an early backer of the company. Tournay, who joined as CEO just a… Read More

  • There is no escape! Telco to bring Spotify mobiles & TVs to the Swedes

    Spotify will soon branch out even further into Sweden – the market from which it emerged in the first place. The company has signed a two-year cooperation agreement with Swedish telecommunication service provider Telia. The partnership will, among other things, launch Spotify mobile phones and new services for TV and computers. That’s an interesting new sideline for the startup and… Read More

  • Foursquare – fun game or impending privacy nightmare?

    As we just reported today, Foursquare, the location based social game from Silicon Valley, launched today in London. I’ve duly signed up to check it out, and tweeted out my username to see who’s out there on the system that I know. First of all the site has no setting to stop receiving emails when someone requests to be your ‘friend’ on Foursquare. That’s not… Read More

  • London goes live on Foursquare – get ready for the madness

    BREAKING: Location-based game Foursquare has just added London to it’s roster of cities. The news that the startup (which turns a city into one big game for users via an iPhone app) was poised to hit the biggest city outside the US came out on the company’s Twitter feed two days ago. Granted it’s already live in Amsterdam (the only other non-US city) but London is an order… Read More

  • Help us re-fresh our European Top 100 Index

    Just before the Summer we launched the TechCrunch Europe Top 100. This is a regularly updated Index of the most innovative and highest-potential European tech companies. The Index is focused on mobile and web companies (although cleantech and gadget companies have a presence) in the broad EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region. The index was created in association with Valley-based… Read More

  • Get 50% off Launch48 courtesy of TechCrunch Europe

    So, good luck to all those startup teams attending Launch48 in London in a couple of weeks. What’s Launch48 you say? Here’s the schpeel: Launch48 runs events for people who want to try to learn and launch a web business. On Friday the 16th of October we are running a conference with some of the best web entrepreneurs from the UK speaking about marketing, PR, business, technical… Read More