The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • InnoGames raises funding from Fidelity Growth Partners Europe to expand browser games

    InnoGames out of Germany has raised a round of funding from Fidelity Growth Partners Europe to expand its browser-based games portfolio. InnoGames has titles which now streatch across 50 million registered players worldwide such as Tribal Wars, The West, and Grepolis. The company was founded in 2007 by Eike and Hendrik Klindworth along with Michael Zillmer. All the games are free-to-play with… Read More

  • Google makes $68.2 million cash offer for Global IP Solutions

    Google Acquisition Holdings, a Google subsidiary, is to make a public cash offer to acquire all shares of Global IP Solutions for $2.12 in cash per share, which represents an aggregate price of approximately $68.2 million based on the currently issued and outstanding share capital of GIPS. Global IP Solutions, formerly known as Global IP Sound, was founded in July 1999 in Stockholm, Sweden and… Read More

  • Gadget Break – New London bus has that crucial Fifth Element look

    The Mayor of London, yes, they have a mayor, revealed the long-awaited new London bus today. For those of you unaware that the Old London Bus needed updating, I can assure you it did. And the long bendy ones favoured by other countries just would not do for Ye Olde London – aside from their habit of killing cyclists on tight corners and bursting into flames. The old Routemaster bus is… Read More

  • Is Groupon buying CityDeal actually a disaster for German innovators?

    The Groupon acquisition of CityDeal is being hailed by many across Europe as a good exit for the German-based clone (yes, there is no point in saying it is anything else but a Groupon clone). But luckily there are more than just clones in Germany. The burgeoning cluster in Mitte, central Berlin, is producing startups such as Soundcloud, hiogi, Babbel, Twinity, SongBeat and aka-aki. Nokia… Read More

  • Industry moves: former Joost CEO lands at Inform, Skype hires new execs

    Skype this morning announced that it has expanded its senior management team with a new Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer (Neal Goldman) and a fresh Chief Marketing Officer (Doug Bewsher). Both men will be based in Luxembourg and report to CEO Josh Silverman. Former Joost CEO Matt Zelesko, meanwhile, has landed the CTO position at semantic web technology company Inform Technologies. Read More

  • Can social media help clear up the #gulfspill?

    Here in Europe we’re a little preoccupied with the volcanic ash cloud but apparently there was a major oil spill over in The Gulf of Mexico. Once again, social media is coming to the rescue. As we discovered recently, a group of a dozen or so organizations including BP, the EPA, the U.S. Department of Interior, the Department of Defense, and OSHA have set up Deepwater Horizon Response… Read More

  • TechCrunch Europe wasn't invited to Google Zeitgeist London. Apparently we're seeing too much of eachother.

    Right now entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and Google executives are milling around in a swanky hotel outside of London at Google Zeitgeist. Last year we were there too and managed to even break some news. But this year we’re not allowed in. Why? There’s not enough room. Here’s my email exchange with their PR people. Read More

  • Summit Partners acquires majority stake in e-payment services firm Ogone

    Ogone, a European electronic payments service provider, has received an undisclosed majority investment from US-based growth equity firm Summit Partners. In conjunction with the transaction, which is expected to close by the end of this month, Christian Strain, a Principal of Summit Partners, and Scott Collins, a Managing Director with Summit, will join Ogone’s board of directors. Read More

  • yoomoot wants to improve the conversation

    Discussion forums are broken and threaded comments found on blogs don’t cut it either. Too much of the conversation gets lost and any lasting knowledge is buried. That’s the view taken by yoomoot, a new startup just out of private beta. The standalone site aims to make public online discussions more productive and useful, although in the future yoomoot is planning a… Read More

  • predictive ads platform expands London team to focus on UK, is a advertising platform for behavioral targeting with a twist. It does this by predicting user behaviour but doesn’t use any user identifiable data. So it surfs the current wave of privacy issues right now. It’s now wisely placing the focus of its international activities on the UK advertising market, the strongest in Europe, despite the recession. Ajay Daved today joins… Read More

  • Breaking: Groupon acquires German clone CityDeal

    We have just learned that German Groupon clone CityDeal has been acquired by the world’s original and leading collective coupon buying platform Groupon. CityDeal, which was invested in by Rocket Internet, the incubator of the Samwer brothers, has raised around 20 million Euros and was heavily competing with their counterpart DailyDeal – another german Groupon clone backed by… Read More

  • Case with keyboard turns iPad into a mini notebook

    The iPad’s international release is just weeks away and it divides opinion. There are those that love it, and those that remain to be convinced. But it’s clear you’ll need a case to keep it protected. So so why not get a case with a keyboard? That’s the concept behind the ClamCase which features a bluetooth keyboard, an iPad case, and a stand in a simple design. It is… Read More

  • France's ToRoulette brings Chatroulette to your Facebook Fan Page

    So while the rest of the world was busy making Chatroulette clones, French start-up ToRoulette decided to kick-it up a notch; that’s right, the company decided it was time to develop a professionally-oriented version of Chatroulette destined for Facebook Fan Pages. Sure, there are already a number of Chatroulette applications hiding out on Facebook, like Chat-o-Rama or what-have-you… Read More

  • Your public Facebook status updates? Now publicly searchable outside Facebook

    While the debate rages on about Facebook’s attitude to privacy, and in particular the views of Mark Zuckerberg, the current situation is that an awful lot of people make their status updates public, whether they realise the full implications or not. A stark reminder of this comes today in the form of a new search engine thrown together by two developers. FacebookSearch simply takes… Read More

  • Britain’s new government has the chance to save the digital economy

    This guest post was written by Jeff Lynn, Chairman of The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec). Jeff is also CEO and Co-Founder of Seedrs. He explains how the coalition government between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats could result in Britain being spared from the effects of a harmful new law, namely the Digital Economy Act. The UK tech startup community and the government… Read More

  • Why the hell does Google Buzz think I am Chris Messina?

    Google is weird. I mean seriously weird. Or maybe it’s just Google Buzz. With all the Facebook privacy issues going on right now I thought I’d go and check out Google Buzz. I’d heard a rumour you couldn’t delete your profile. On the face of it, it would appear you can. At the bottom of the Edit Profile page, there is a link to deleting your Buzz profile which says… Read More

  • How long will it take to repeal the Digital Economy Act?

    Web consultant Colin Tatehas launched a site to track how long will it take to repeal the controversial Digital economy Act, which was drawn up largely to favour music companies, threatens web site blocking and could lead to users being disconnected form the Internet. The Repeal The Digital Economy Act site does what it says on the tin, featuring a big clock. Read More

  • Next10: plista expects new funding round, launches one-click ad creator

    Last summer, plista closed a Series B round with Dumont Ventures and Hightech Gründerfonds. Now the company is preparing to raise more capital. TechCrunch Europe sat down with CEO Dominik Matyka at this week’s Next2010 in Berlin. According to Matyka, who heads up a team of about 30, they have 4 VC term sheets on their desk and the new round is expected to happen within the next 8 weeks. Read More

  • Next10: NextWidgets announces new side tab e-commerce widget

    Founder and CEO Alex Savic presented his company NextWidgets at this week’s next2010 in Berlin. The company’s product creates fully transactional banners for websites and facebook pages that enables anyone to integrate their online retail store into a banner. TechCrunch Europe took the opportunity to talk to Savic about what is next for the Swiss startup, including details of a… Read More

  • Guest post: Next10 showed Europe is Next

    This is guest post by Paul Jozefak who is a managing partner at VC firm Neuhaus Partners. In this post he gives his impressions of the Next10 conference, which just took place in Berlin, and takes the current pulse of the European startup scene, along with sharing some tips on how to make the most out of attending a conference like Next10. What is it with German events? Take an established… Read More