The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • New Livestation and weComm partnership to bring live news to your smartphone

    This is rather exciting, actually. Leading mobile app developers weComm and live TV streaming service Livestation have teamed up to deliver live TV broadcasts direct to smartphones. The offering will include Android and Blackberry handsets. Read More

  • Updated: Who's bad! Michael Jackson "bought" Twitter followers from uSocial

    According to controversial “paid follower” service, Michael Jackson (or, more likely, his people) attempted to buy 25,000 followers for his Twitter account before he died. “I can’t admit that we dealt with Michael Jackson directly, though we were in touch with someone in his family recently who tasked us with conducting a Twitter campaign on an account… Read More

  • Is Google getting its ideas from the Ukraine? Maybe

    Google recently introduced a new feature which created a lot of buzz – Anti Phishing Keys or email sender verification. However, it works only in Gmail. But are they gleaning ideas from a few startups out there? SenderOK– a Ukrainian startup – has been offering this feature for over 6 months as its standard function. Moreover, it works not only in Gmail, but also in other… Read More

  • Tour to China aims at UK & Irish startups

    TechCrunch Europe is a media partner with the ChinaContact UK/Ireland Tech Tour to China as we think it could well be of benefit to UK and Irish startups to make more contacts there. From their blog: The plan is to get a group of 15-20 people travelling to Beijing, Tianjin, Xian, Hangzhou and Shanghai in late October. The group will get to meet innovators and leaders in China’s tech… Read More

  • Future Search: Hang on, what am I looking for again?

    This is a guest post by Jasper Westaway of OneDrum. Throughout the summer we’re running guest posts we like – exclusive to TC Europe – written by people on the tech scene in Europe. If you’d like to contribute get in touch. More info here. I can’t find my phone. What are my options for locating it? 1. Look for it
    2. Ask others if they’ve seen it
    3. Phone… Read More

  • NSFW: Don't bullshit a reformed bullshitter; the off-the-record gravy train stops here

    As anyone who has read my critically acclaimed, Pulitzer-Prize-winning book will know, I have not always been the paragon of honesty I am today. Truth be told, in the past I have been guilty of prevarication on an Olympian scale in almost all aspects of my life. In business, in relationships, in friendships and even – during one epically drunken evening in a London pub a couple of years… Read More

  • we7 partners with Ents24 to sell gig tickets

    Ad-supported music streaming service and MP3 store we7 now offers inline ticket sales thanks to a new arrangement with Ents24, which has deals with all the major ticket resellers. Music fans can check tour dates and buy tickets from we7’s artist pages. As part of the deal, Ents24 users browsing for gig tickets will be able to stream music via we7 from Ents24’s website, thanks… Read More

  • Flogging while blogging: Recombu tries something slightly different

    “I’m a mobile phone expert,” writes Andrew Lim humbly, as he explains the concept behind his new venture with Jamie Harwood. Recombu is part fresh idea, part Shiny Media remnants (Susi Weaser, wannabe “Queen of London” and erstwhile editrix of Shiny Shiny, is on board as a freelance, as is TechDigest’s former editor, Stuart Dredge). But it’s not just… Read More

  • Social gaming start-up wooga woos investors

    Berlin-based social gaming company wooga, whose “Brain Buddies” now has 2.5million users on Facebook (and it’s still growing by 100,000 a day), just closed a round of investment – terms undisclosed – from Holtzbrinck Ventures. It plans to develop several new games and launch them off the back of the momentum created by Brain Buddies. Holtzbrinck is a good partner… Read More

  • Zoopla confirms Propertyfinder acquisition after MBO fails

    UK real estate startup Zoopla has confirmed our recent story by officially announcing the acquisition of the the PropertyFinder Group, which was put up for sale recently by joint owners REA Group and News International. Terms were undisclosed but we believe it was for £1.5m. Under the deal, will take over and integrate the and other websites, benefiting from… Read More

  • If London is the capital of Twitter, where does everyone go when Twitter is down?

    It’s ironic that the day London is declared the Capital of Twitter (or at least the largest critical mass of twitter users in one place) that Twitter goes down. So where did everyone go as an alternative? So used am I to Twitter and Tweetdeck that I suddenly found myself trying to use Facebook like Twitter. Instead of replying to the comments on my Facebooks status update that I was… Read More

  • Write a guest post for TechCrunch Europe this Summer

    Throughout the summer we’re running guest posts we like – preferably exclusive to TC Europe – written by people on the tech scene in Europe. Here’s an example. If you’d like to contribute get in touch. One email, pitch us the idea for a post in one paragraph. We won’t be running ‘trade-off’ style material as in ‘I have something I’d… Read More

  • Let's all hit a cinema at once to see District 9

    The latest Star Trek movie seemed like a great opportunity to get everyone in the London tech scene out for a geek-out session at a cinema. But despite talking to cinemas about private screenings I drew a blank. But there’s clearly a crowd-sourcing option here which is this: TechCrunch readers all buying tickets at the same cinema for the same day and screening time. District 9 looks… Read More

  • London is the capital of Twitter, says founder @ev Twitter was featured on the BBC’s Newsnight programme last night. There weren’t any great revelations about the service, however the confirmation from the CEO that London remains the top Twitter-using city in the world is pretty interesting. This was indicated last year, but it is surprising that, a year on, London has retained this top slot, which just goes to show… Read More

  • Tweetminster launches campaign to crowdsource "ten commandments" for UK MPs

    Alberto Nardelli’s Tweetminster has been in the news a lot recently. In July, the company launched its brilliant Livewire service in partnership with the Independent newspaper, and  a week ago we reported that the start-up had secured £100k in Angel investment. Not bad going for a company less than nine months old. Now, Tweetminster has launched a crowdsourcing campaign to find… Read More

  • 200 invites to Kohive, a 'Social Desktop'

    We have 200 invites to readers to Kohive, a new “social desktop” puts several web applications into one interface. Users get what looks like a computer desktop with applications on the left and a tab panel at the bottom. Each of these tabs (“hives”) is a different space to invite people into, share content and communicate. So far so hippy. However, Kohive claims a… Read More

  • New Pipejump sales app is Basecamp meets Salesforce

    Ok, so I don’t normally write about online sales applications but one such app comes out of stealth today which made me sit up and take notice. Pipejump is a new sales cycle management startup with drag and drop features aimed at small company sales people and freelancers. It’s a kind of Basecamp meets Salesforce. It’s deceptively simple to use but actually pretty powerful in… Read More

  • Healthcare community site imedo continues expansion across Europe

    imedo, the German healthcare community launched in 2007, has continued its campaign of expansion across Europe with the acquisition in June of, one of the largest independent health portals in Switzerland. The deal follows imedo’s earlier acquisition of German medical resource site medizin-netz. and medizin-netz will retain their independence but become part of… Read More

  • Tomorrow's Web conference to showcase young UK entrepreneurs

    The Tomorrow’s Web conference in London this Saturday looks set to be a brilliant showcase of young talent in the UK tech industry. The conference will stage over nine hours of panels and discussions, with speakers like Nick Bell and Alex Tew. Anyone who’s interested in meeting some of the leading UK “teenagers in technology” (and some of us were teens once upon a… Read More

  • Can we please get back to a real definition of a "startup"?

    This is a guest post by Inma Martinez of Stradbroke Advisors (and blog), a consultancy which works with VC firms and startups in Europe and the US. Throughout the summer we’re running guest posts we like – preferably exclusive to TC Europe – written by people on the tech scene in Europe. If you’d like to contribute get in touch. I spent the whole afternoon and… Read More