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  • VC investment in Europe recovers, but it's still not great, especially for early stage

    VC investment in Europe has recovered after a record low in the second quarter but we’re not out of the woods, says Dow Jones VentureSource. Investors put $998 million (€730 million) into 201 deals in Europe overall. This is a 23% increase from the previous quarter, which was the lowest on record since Dow Jones VentureSource began reporting on the region in 2000. The UK was the No. Read More

  • Spotify's playlist doesn't include its CTO, who tweets his departure

    [UK/Sweden] Streaming music startup Spotify has confirmed that its CTO has left, effective today. Andreas Ehn tweeted about his departure this morning, in a move which has taken observers by surprise. The company is currently prepping a big launch in the U.S., a watershed which would normally suggest that this is a moment to have all hands on deck. Losing your CTO right now is probably not… Read More

  • Spotify U-turns on its 'no marketing' policy with first ever TV ad

    Streaming music startup Spotify usually makes a big deal out of the fact that its service is so awesome and delightful (hey, it is pretty good) that it’s never needed to do any advertising or marketing. Well that changes today because its first ever commercial television advert premieres today on TV Network Kanal 5 in Sweden. And here it is: Read More

  • Breaking: Twitter costs British economy less than people who gaze out the window

    [UK]There we go again. The Telegraph has published an article about some survey which claims social networks such as Twitter are costing British businesses at the very least £1.38 billion (approx. $2.25 billion) a year. Shocking findings, I daresay! Morse, the IT services and technology company who commissioned the survey, said the true cost to the economy could actually be substantially… Read More

  • Facebook opens its first ad-sales office in Italy

    [Italy] Facebook has opened a commercial office in Italy to capitalise on the social network’s growth there. The news was picked up by major italian publications, and it may have a significant impact on the ecosystem here in Milan, even if it’s only a sales and business development office. Of course Milan, as a the commercial centre for Italy, is a no-brainer to start an… Read More

  • Audioboo gets further cash from 4iP

    [UK] 4iP, quasi venture investment fund from TV broadcaster Channel 4, is putting even further, undisclosed, investment into Audioboo, the ‘Twitter for audio’ startup. As part of the deal, UBC Media, the content and software supplier to the radio industry, is also effectively injecting cash into the forthcoming Audioboo Pro version of the startup’s iPhone app by buying 8… Read More

  • BT Workspace refugees will be offered a Glasscubes account

    [UK] The failure of BT Workspace, one of the usual pathetic corporate attempts to try and produce a collaborative working platform, has left a gaping whole for those small businesses that used it. It’s been overtaken by other products, notably those from startups like Huddle. But what should former customers do? US-based SMBLive which had run the BT Workspace, has decided to try and… Read More

  • NSFW: Weezer, plane crashes and everything else that's worrying about the real-time web

    A little before 9pm on Wednesday night and I’m standing on the ‘VIP’ balcony of San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom, holding a can of something called ‘MySpace Buzz’ and waiting for Weezer to take to the stage. It’s a weird scene, all told, and not just because I thought Weezer was dead. The bulk of the weirdness stems from the make-up of the crowd: a… Read More

  • Hold everything – Playfish is still in play

    Last week we reported the rumors that VC-backed Playfish, the social games startup which has had phenomenal growth, was in the process of being acquired by games giant Electronic Arts for $250 million. However, nothing was confirmed at the time, and despite several press reports to that effect none of the companies involved has made a sound. That’s odd, because normally if an acquisition… Read More

  • Startup elevator pitch:

    [UK] Pitching in an elevator this week, we’ve got Adam Greenblatt, Managing Director of UK and Northern Europe at ‘Erm…How much do you earn mate?’ It’s a question we all hate to ask, but all want to know the answer to. JobFact thinks they’ve found the solution to the problem so that talking about salaries is no longer a taboo. They say… Read More

  • When it comes to e-commerce, there is no Europe

    European shoppers looking to purchase products from other EU countries on the Web are likely to fail three times out of five, according to a European Commission study on cross-border consumer e-commerce, published yesterday. Such failures occur when an online retailer does not accept international payments or is simply not prepared to ship its products abroad. To research the phenomenon… Read More

  • The Angel Empire Strikes Back – Why pay-to-pitch works

    This is a guest post by Chris Padfield, Investment Manager with London Business Angels and London Seed Capital. In it he reacts to our latest post from LondonVC, our VC columnist, who argues against startups attending pay-to-pitch events, which are often run by Angel networks. There has been a lot of discussion on the web over the last week regarding the business angel network business model… Read More

  • Vooch adds Android app to its location based voucher service

    [Austria] Vooch provides location based vouchers accessible from your phone while you are on the move.  It’s similar to VouChaCha in the UK and Yoose in Germany, however they seem to have gone one better as they’ve launched in beta and are catering to a few mobile platforms.   They have now added an Android app to their existing Windows mobile app and iPhone app. The site is… Read More

  • DailyMotion raises €17 million, with French government help

    The French-born version of YouTube, DailyMotion – which has now grown into a global site with 60 million users – has officially confirmed its latest fundraising of €17 million, which was early reported as €15 million earlier this month. The new information is that there was an undisclosed €7.5 million investor in the round which turns out to be a French state-backed… Read More

  • Mobile social network aka-aki raises 'several millions of euros' in funding

    [Germany] Berlin-based aka-aki, which offers a location-based social network for mobiles, has raised additional funding. The amount of this second round of financing was not disclosed, although the company did say it was ‘several millions of euros’. Investors were Creathor Venture and Innovacom. Aka-aki has been running its mobile social networking service for about two years now… Read More

  • Here's how to meet a VC (hint: not by paying to pitch)

    This is our second guest post (here was the first) written by a London-based VC. To allow them to speak plainly without jeopardising their fund or their career in the small village that is the London VC scene, I’m allowing them to post anonymously. FYI, LondonVC is a genuine VC and TechCrunch Europe has met them face to face. There’s been a lot of tremendous discussion recently… Read More

  • Money Dashboard secures £1m to create the UK's

    [UK] Money Dashboard – which is gunning to be the for the UK – has completed a new funding round, securing £1 million of investment via a consortium of investors. These are from the public and private sector and include Par Syndicate, Money Dashboard’s management team and a number of other individuals. Scottish Enterprise Co-Investment fund has matched Par… Read More

  • BookingBug signs distribution deal with Brownbook

    Online booking system startup BookingBug is partnering with Brownbook, the wiki-style business directory, to allow businesses to add live booking and enquiry information directly into their BrownBook profile page. BrownBook has seen significant growth and now lists 27 million business globally. Existing BookingBug users can build a BrownBook profile and their live availability, while… Read More

  • Smava is Germany's most successful social lending platform

    [Germany] Every financial crisis has its losers, but it also has its winners. In Germany, one of these winners is the social lending online platform Smava. The ‘peer-to-peer credit marketplace’ is backed by VC financing from Earlybird and Hamburg-based Neuhaus Partners and has seen impressive growth. Smava doubled its loan volume from €2.5m in the second quarter of 2009 to… Read More

  • Hacker arrested for blackmailing StudiVZ and other social networks

    [Germany] Berlin police have arrested a man who apparently tried to blackmail VZ-Netzwerke, the holding company for the successful Facebook clone StudiVZ and other German social networks. The man had used crawler software to harvest detailed user information (residence, date of birth, relationship status, hobbies, favourite music, favourite movie, …) not only only from the… Read More