The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • raises more money for expansion

    Well, who knew. It turns out trying to hire a baby sitter is actually a pretty competitive space online. In the US, there are three big players:, (which recently raised $8m) and, which has raised $16m. But in the UK-based Findababysitter has been building buzz about its service and has now raised a further £220,000 for expansion outside of the UK into… Read More

  • It's LOL over folks – Popjam finally deadpools

    [UK] That’s that for Popjam then. The site has put up definitive evidence that it’s all over, pictured. For those of you none the wiser, here’s the run-down. After a few months in stealth mode, Popjam launched in February 2009 as a ’social humour’ site with a the Twitteresque ‘friend/follow’ model of social networking. It was a kind of… Read More

  • European startups scramble to emulate the Groupon explosion

    The Chicago-based Groupon has been valued at $280 million after closing their recent $30 million venture round with Accel Partners and previous investors. Clearly Groupon’s new take on group buying is a hot space right now. Now in Berlin, a Groupon-like startup, has attracted Stefan Glänzer (an early investor in, Michael Brehm (Ex-StudiVZ) and Jochen Maaß as… Read More

  • Whoops, Google doesn't own

    The launch of the Nexus One handest yesterday was Google’s iPhone moment. Heck, even Andy Rubin – the genius behind Android – is being talked about as if he were The New Steve Jobs. So this was a very important moment. The world continues to compare and contrast the Nexus One and the iPhone, and argue about whether Apple is competing with Google, or not. So you would think… Read More

  • TweetSwitch – send, receive and filter tweets by IM

    [UK] TweetSwitch is a new project from the team behind London-based Comufy, the communications platform for businesses. Built on top of Comufy’s technology, TweetSwitch provides a simple but deceptively powerful service, enabling you to send and receive Twitter updates via various Instant Messaging (IM) clients. At its most basic, the functionality provided by TweetSwitch is similar… Read More

  • LinkedIn opens first office in mainland Europe, based in Amsterdam

    Business social network LinkedIn has set up its first office in Continental Europe, and announced today that it will be led by Eugenie van Wiechen, who previously led / in the Netherlands as Managing Director. The new offices were set up at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The move comes nearly two years after LinkedIn first established an… Read More

  • Social network Badoo is banned in Iran

    Badoo, a social network popular in emerging markets like Russia and Brazil, has been banned in Iran. As of December 2009 Badoo says it had broken the 50 million user mark globally, with 250,000 of those coming from Iran. Pictured is the text that comes up when trying to access Badoo from inside Iran. Badoo runs a fine line between a social network and a dating or (more accurately) a flirting… Read More

  • Samwer brothers pump millions from France and Sweden into their German startups

    [Germany] While others hunted for presents, Germany’s most prolific startup founders used the holiday season to collect even more investor money and to start another company. Shortly after Christmas eve, the Samwer brothers switched on MyCityDeal. The Groupon clone will offer daily deals with up to 50 per cent discounts on stuff to do, see, eat and buy in cities across Germany. But until… Read More

  • Over 3 billion iPhone apps fly off Apple's shelves

    Let’s see now, where are we? There are about 1,000 apps on the Palm Pre. About 20,000 on Google’s Android app store. On the Apple iPhone App Store there are over 100,000 apps. But today Apple says more than three billion iPhone/Touch apps have been downloaded in less than 18 months. That is a hell of a lot of apps. For some context, Nokia has been saying the Ovi Store is… Read More

  • 1DayLater, a feisty time tracking solution from the North East of England

    [UK] Tracking time spent on work for clients and customers in order to invoice them correctly can be a real headache for freelancers and companies alike. Which would also explain why time tracking solutions is a very crowded market. But that isn’t stopping 1DayLater, a feisty new startup from the North East of England founded by David and Paul King. The two brothers say that having worked… Read More

  • Shozu – the mobile contender that turned into a write-off

    I’m sure there may be longer histories written about Shozu. The service was founded way, way back in 2001 and was initially most exciting for allowing you to post mobile phone pictures to sites like Flickr. I remember people coming up to me and simply raving about this service in the early part of the decade. In many ways it was the “UK’s Twitter” for the early 2000s. Read More

  • Hotel reputation management service ReviewPro has big international plans

    [Spain] I like writing about startups coming out of Spain that clearly have international competition, and not just in the US. It’s a very good sign. Clearly, if more than one company in different parts of the world sees the need for a solution, then they’re probably onto something. It also makes it really interesting to see which ones will succeed and which ones will fail and why. Read More

  • Done deal: Critical Path acquires Shozu, CEO Chris Wade stays on as consultant

    Our earlier report about Critical Path buying mobile services startup ShoZu turns out to have been right on the money. Tomorrow morning, both companies will jointly announce that they have come to an agreement for Critical Path to acquire all of ShoZu for an undisclosed sum. We’re trying to get a hold of the price the London company, which was backed by $36 million in venture capital… Read More

  • MiniQR brings URL shortening to QR Codes

    [Austria] Franz Enzenhofer, an Austrian developer, has merged two current Internet trends and created something pretty neat: MiniQR, a URL shortening service for QR Codes. Imagine you are a company and want to create your very own QR code for a product, service or any other use. MiniQR enables you to do just that but also adds a URL shortening feature to the mix. Enter as the… Read More

  • oneDrum secures £1m in funding for Office collaboration

    [UK] We’ve confirmed that towards the end of the last year UK-based startup oneDrum, which launched the beta of its free, real-time collaboration platform for Microsoft Office users, secured £1 million in funding. This comprises £900,000 from Amadeus Capital Partners and £100,000 in grants from the UK Technology Strategy Board (creative industries fund) and Scottish… Read More

  • TagUin, a social network for gamers, closes first round from well known Spanish angels

    [Spain] TagUin, a vertical social network for video gamers, has secured a first funding round of €200.000. 19 investors in total have taken part and comprise of friends and family, and some renown Spanish angels, such as François Derbaix (of Toprural, among others), José Luis Vallejo and Juan Pané (Buyvip co-founders), Carlos Blanco via Grupo ITNet and Axel Serena via BeGreat. The… Read More

  • Could Google be planning to add its own SIM card to the Nexus One?

    Tomorrow Google will unveil at a press conference, well, something. Most of the press and blog coverage surrounds the speculation that it will be about Google selling the Nexus One (running Android) directly from its site. This will likely be an unlocked handset. The reason this is big news in the US is a) it would mean Google selling hardware direct b) most handsets there are sold locked to… Read More

  • Smoopr adds real-time content stream to any text on the web; we have invites

    [Austria] Smoopr, a new project by former Six Apart employee Gregor Einetter, recently went into private beta. The service, which “automatically analyzes text and instantly serves up the relevant status of Now”, acts as a real-time content recommendation engine for any piece of text on the web. At first sight Smoopr seems to be similar to 2007 Seedcamp Winner Zemanta, although… Read More

  • Croatian presidential candidate rips-off Obama branding and website

    [Croatia] Lots of politicians have been “inspired” by Obama’s messaging, branding and marketing techniques. However, there’s a fine line between inspiration and stealing. Unfortunately, the creative team behind the visual identity and website of Nadan Vidosevic, a very popular Croatian presidential candidate, crossed that line. Read More

  • NSFW: Hey! Look behind you! It's the tablet of the future!

    There are several reasons why I would never describe myself as a “futurologist”. The first reason – obviously – is that “futurologist” isn’t a real job, any more than is “mixologist” or “sandwich artist” or “social media expert”. The second reason is that I am absolutely terrible at predicting things, especially in… Read More