The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • We're not yelping, now Yelp has arrived, say the local competitors

    The arrival of local reviews giant Yelp on the UK scene will have a lasting impact on the local players who have painstakingly built local reviews sites. Some mirror Yelp’s model completely, some compete on only some – but still significant – aspects of the site’s business model. I asked some of the major players in the market to comment on what they think will happen… Read More

  • Digital Mission Not Impossible: Showcasing 35 UK tech firms in the US

    So we’re taking 35 of the UK’s digital/tech companies over to the US to get into the vibe over there and hopefully do some business. Specifically this is the “Digital Mission” – a kind of trade mission, but with more sex appeal – to Austin, Texas for the South by South West Interactive (SXSWi) conference from 12-18 March this year. Established in 1994, SXSWi… Read More

  • Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war – Yelp launches into UK local reviews battleground

    Well, the war of “local” sites which started last year is really on now. US local reviews giant Yelp, the model for many such sites globally, is to launch in the UK today, under, and local competitors will be taking a keen interest in its launch. There is already a swathe of players fighting it out in the UK, most in the London hothouse. Qype is well-funded and leading… Read More

  • MADS powering Euro mobile publishers with ad platform

    Somewhere along the line someone didn’t get the memo about how hard it was to succeed on the mobile Web. Netherlands-based MADS, has announced it has won over 150 of Europe’s online publishers with its mobile ad-platform, a reach which represents 60 million mobile consumers across across 15 countries. So far publishers including Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy), Telegraaf Media… Read More

  • Facebook's ad page was not hacked, it's a suggestion from a user

    On Monday we reported on how Facebook appeared to have been hacked. For a short time the Facebook Advertising page had its title description changed from “Advertising” to “Lying”. An observant informant emailed the screen grab before the page was changed and other blogs also carried the news of the incident. However, Facebook has since come back to me to clarify. Read More

  • Demise of Library House shows databases are heading to the cloud/crowd

    Cambridge-based technology VC deals tracker Library House, which went into administration last month, has had its database of deals sold to Dow Jones. The Library House database and customers will now go into Dow Jones’s VentureSource, a larger, similar service. The news confirms a couple of interesting trends. First, it’s clear that with the downturn Library House’ main… Read More

  • SundaySky funding proves video is a key startup trend

    Israeli startup SundaySky has raised $8m from Carmel Ventures and Globspan capital. SundaySky makes automated video content solutions which generates dynamic video clips on the fly out of existing web content. The video produced is dynamic, continuously updated, high quality video clips. The obvious benefits are that it enables websites to significantly increase the appeal of their content… Read More

  • Are you ready for Elevator Pitch Friday?

    Starting this week I’ll be picking a video from our TechCrunch Elevator Pitches web site to feature here, every week. Your startup can be form anywhere in Europe. The best way to get featured is to create a video no longer than 60 seconds in length, as per these instructions. A technology startup’s CEO or founder should use that time to explain the company’s products and how… Read More

  • I can't believe the Daily Mail wasn't right about the iPhone Nano, can you?

    Well, we now know that the main news to come out of MacWorld was a new 17 inch MacBook Pro and a freshly DRM-free iTunes Music Store (and some software upgrades). What didn’t come out of MacWorld was an iPhone Nano. Interestingly enough this was predicted to arrive before Christmas by none other than The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the… Read More

  • Skype me! – Truphone adds Skype to iPhone

    With the launch of Skype integration, Truphone’s mobile VoIP service is fast becoming a unified client for other VOIP and messaging services. As well as the ability to make low-cost calls over Wi-Fi or GSM networks and send cheap SMS, it is now supporting Skype and other messaging services via its application for the iPhone or iTouch. The software comes out on Jan. 12, at which point… Read More

  • NSFW – Britney has her Twitter hacked, and it ain't pretty

    Handing your Twitter account to minions to post for you is common in the celebrity game, though some, like UK TV presenter Jonathon Ross, like to do it themselves. That latter strategy may well have been proved to be the wiser one. The perils of handing the Twitter keys to others has just been proved by singer Britney Spears. Most people know that it is her staff, not her, that updates her… Read More