The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • TechCrunch50: Croatia's Shoutem rocking the DemoPit

    Shout’Em (from Croatia) is a “roll your own” hosted mobile social network which has an Android client already. You can start your own co-branded microblogging social networking service on it and they are going to be at Seedcamp in London next week. I caught up with CEO Victor Marohnic: Shoutem from Mike Butcher on Vimeo. Read More

  • TechCrunch50: Moscow's Problemator is like a Twitter for problems

    Problemator is a startup hailing out of Moscow which I caught up with in the Demo Pit at TechCrunch 50 today. The site is basically designed to “share problems related to organizations, products, persons, regions”. Essentially it seems like a “Twitter for bug-tracking” for, well, just about anything, as Andrei Pavlov explains below. Personally I wonder about how… Read More

  • TechCrunch50: Brit startups give their first impressions

    I’m at TechCrunch 50 Mon/Tuesday this week and bumped into two British startups attending the conference: Michael Smith of MoshiMosters and Alicia Navarro of Skimlinks. I asked them about their impressions of the morning session at TechCrunch 50 where several startups launches in the ‘youth’ category. The upshot? Toonstunes (more here) seemed to be their favourite: TechCrunch… Read More

  • TechCrunch Europe meetup just after TechCrunch 50

    TechCrunch 50 is rocking and rolling this week in San Francisco, but it’s easy to for European startups to miss out on the opportunity to hang out together amongst all the Valley buzz. So we’re putting on a special TechCrunch Europe networking event this Wednesday night. We’re teaming up with DrinkTank, the London meetup event organised by Huddle, and Susan Mactavish Best of… Read More

  • 3i's portfolio goes to a grouping of three rivals

    So, everyone has been wondering for some time what the hell was going to happen to 3i’s portfolio when it announced it was pulling out of private equity last year. There’d been whisperings that 3i and top-tier European VC firm DFJ Esprit had cooked up a deal. But now it’s been announced that Coller Capital and HarbourVest Partners, together with DFJ Esprit will acquire a… Read More

  • WITTC50?: Want me to ignore the ridiculous conflict of interest and write a glowing review of TC50? There’s an app for that

    Huzzah! It’s that time again! Time for TechCrunch 50: where thousands of struggling entrepreneurs spend three grand they can barely afford to watch fifty of their peers dancing like malnourished bears for the approbation of Jason Calacanis! It’s like Christians and lions meets Satan’s own version of speed dating, with added Scoble! What’s not to love? I’m… Read More

  • Investor writes Spinvox down by 90%, says it's for sale

    It’s ironic that on a day when voice-to-text transcription company SimulScribe signed a – potentially – $17 million exclusive deal with Ditech Networks to resell SimulScribe to its carrier customers, it’s now emerged that competitor Spinvox may in fact be up for sale. However, the difference between the two is marked. Simulscribe raised only $5.7 million and says it is… Read More

  • Seedcamp announces teams for the big week

    Seedcamp – the closest thing Europe has to a Ycombinator style startups model – has announced its list of the 21 teams that will be competing for funding during the Seedcamp Week in a fortnight’s time in London. They are: * Advertag – London, UK
    * Boxed Ice – Bromsgrove, UK
    * Brainient – Bucharest, Romania
    * Codility – Warsaw, Poland
    Read More

  • Banzai Group's Liquida acquires Italian memetracker BlogBabel

    Liquida, an Italian user generated content based blog aggregator owned by RGB srl, a Banzai Group company, has acquired one of the most popular memetrackers and blog directories in Italy, BlogBabel, for an undisclosed sum. BlogBabel was put up for sale on August 30th by its founder and CEO, Ludovico Magnocavallo, who set up an auction on Ebay starting at €4999,00 (approx. $7300 USD), that… Read More

  • Seedcamp data shows the startup trends in Europe

    Seedcamp – the rolling European startups programme which started out as an annual competition and which has morphed into a pan-European network of mentors, investors and startups – will today announce it’s list of startups that have made the cut for Seedcamp Week in a fortnight’s time in London. But at a press conference in London CEO Reshma Sohoni and Chairman Saul… Read More

  • Facebook and StudiVZ end legal dispute

    Facebook and StudiVZ have reached a settlement in the alleged plagiarism case, with the German social network operator paying Zuckerberg and co an undisclosed sum as part of the deal. Both companies will be withdrawing their respective claims both in the United States and Germany and continue to operate their business as before (statement in German). StudiVZ and Facebook have agreed not to… Read More

  • Nosco tries to inject some startup mojo into corporates

    How can you engage employees to come up with ideas and take ownership of corporate innovation? Usually startups don’t have that problem because ’employees’ are part of the innovation engine. But plenty of other companies would like that mojo. So Nosco has built an online suggestion box to support Idea Exchange management within a company, and hopefully answer that question. Read More

  • A fresh Italian tech scene emerges over wine and pizza

    Italy, like a few other European countries, is way behind in the construction and creation of a “tech startup scene”. That being said, as of last Saturday there was almost no scene in Italy. Not because we lack the actual people, but because we do lack the sense of community and cluster of a place like, for instance London or Berlin. There are different explanations for this. Read More

  • Mobile Monday launches a new local chapter in… Malta?

    Mobile Monday – a global network of Mobile industry professionals present in over seventy countries – is launching a Maltese chapter. In fact, Jari Tammisto, President of Mobile Monday Global will be delivering the opening keynote on this tiny island nation on Monday, 14th September. Madan Mohan Rao – a consultant in over sixty countries on matters mobile, and a close… Read More

  • German bloggers' Internet Manifesto on journalism's future makes waves

    After stirring up their own country, the German blogger elite has launched an international version of their Internet Manifesto in English. Fifteen authors of Germany’s most popular blogs have signed a declaration about How journalism works today. The 17 articles run down from statements like “the Internet is different” and “the Internet improves journalism”… Read More

  • CeeVee opens up to offer a mega-simple CV page builder

    Coming along to give VisualCV and JobSpice a run for its money is new online CV builder CeeVee. It’s now opened up after being in private beta and aside from the cute sounding name, it’s aim is simple – to be the simplest CV builder out there. But what is the point of CV sites like this when we have LinkedIn? Well, not everyone is into LinkedIn’s sparse, rather… Read More

  • Silentale lets you archive and search your every conversation

    According to one estimate the total data storage capacity produced by humans each year is expected to surpass 1 Yottabyte by 2013. Demand for storage is doubling every 18 to 24 months. And the mountains of content being produced by ordinary people as lifestreaming becomes more and more popular is only adding to that growth. So how are we going to deal with it – search it, store it? Read More

  • Social travel guide tripwolf goes for a total revamp

    Tripwolf, the self proclaimed “social travel guide”, just launched their new and revamped version – tripwolf 2.0. Some new features have been added to the new version, and – at least at first sight – the usability of the site has been greatly improved, with an up-to-date contemporary look and feel. However, underneath the design and UI improvements, some… Read More

  • Monitor your brand or event's Twitter impact with

    Manchester-based developer Martin Rue has just launched, a tool “to help companies produce documents that facilitate brand monitoring, competitor analysis and market analysis through the power of Twitter”. Uh? Let me explain. Companies need to keep an eye on what their customers are saying, mainly so they can spot when things are going wrong and intervene before a… Read More

  • Germany's Facebook cloner made €10m – but isn't happy

    StudiVZ founder Ehssan Dariani, who got booted from his own company shortly after acquisition, has finally unleashed what appears to be a tsunami of pent-up anger at the event, in an interview with German quality newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. He tries to compare his genius to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, but the interview leaves mostly the impression of someone with plenty of cash… Read More