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  • I'm in China this week, guest posts and adding a contributor

    This week I will be heading over to China to take part in a pretty interesting trip. I’m heading out to the inaugural China 2.0 Tour which is shaping up to be one of the most interesting opportunities to learn about startups and high-tech in China I’ve ever heard of. I’ll be in Beijing (Nov 10-12), Shanghai (13-14) and Guangzhou (15-16). The trip is being organized by The… Read More

  • Babbel acquires FriendsAbroad in cash deal

    Berlin-based language learning site Babbel, which won an undisclosed round of funding from German VCs KIZOO and VC-Fonds three months ago, has acquired FriendsAbroad, the older UK-based language community startup. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed but is understood to be for cash. Under the deal FriendsAbroad will be closed after six months and its 500,000+ users encouraged to… Read More

  • Freemium cloud apps prospering in the downturn – no kidding

    So-called Freeconomics, or the business of giving stuff away to get people to buy added-value services (known in the internet business as “freemium“) – may work better than some think in a downturn. The accepted wisdom is that startups which offer too much for free will have to monetise faster in a down market. If they don’t, and their audience still expects a lot… Read More

  • Apparently MP3s work across devices. Who knew?

    In a rather pointless campaign Britain’s music download retailers are going to market the fact that MP3s work across different devices. The Entertainment Retailers Association, the trade body behind the move, says their “MP3 100% compatible” initiative should also help consumers identify legal sites. Horse. Bolted. Gate. Shut. Read More

  • Setback for DN Capital as Digital Railroad runs out of track

    Pan European VCs venturing into the US may be a trend which will have a tough time catching on in the next few years. Within four months of opening a US office back in July, pan-euro VC DN Capital has seen one of its investments shutter. Stock photography startup Digital Railroad reduced its staff and was “aggressively pursuing additional financing and/or a strategic partner” but… Read More

  • Yammer goes down, companies all over go silent

    Back in the heady, sunlit uplands of Summer 2007 we used to complain when Twitter went down, so useful had it become. Even Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis once decided Twitter was so crucial to his business that he would pay $100 a year for a premium account. Well, as we all now know, a few people cottoned on to that idea, and so Yammer was born to bring the usefulness of Twitter to internal… Read More

  • Upcoming startup events, and a TechCrunch UK event/party

    I figured I was over-due with a heads-up on upcoming events that are of note, so here’s a brief run-down below. If you want to “get into” the UK tech scene then you would be well advised to go to as many of these events as you can. (At least, that’s what I usually say to people who ask me such questions). Also check out the TCUK group on Upcoming for the regular… Read More

  • PerfSpot preps member marketing scheme, but will it work?

    PerfSpot is a MySpace-line social network which has rarely merited much mention, other than by TechCrunch UK last year when it was ranked as one of the UK’s fastest-growing social networking sites, beating Facebook at the time. Now the site, which claims 24 million members, is launching a word-of-mouth marketing service called Friendvouch. One can understand the desire to quickly monetise… Read More

  • RouteNote offers a different approach for bands online

    RouteNote is a music distribution startup in the UK which offers unsigned or independent artists from anywhere the ability to get their music distributed to a bunch of online stores. Artists upload tracks to the RouteNote catalogue and select partnered retail outlets that they wish their music to be available through (e.g. Napster, Snocap, Samsung Mobile). There are no sign up fees and the… Read More

  • New regular feature: "Send me an Angel"

    Given that we are now in a major economic down-cycle (to put it mildly), raising money for a startup is likely to get a lot harder. But the broad consensus I am picking up on is that private seed investors will become more important for early stage startups. Why? Because if your are an individual with a pot of cash, you are not going to look to the stock market to bring you high returns any more. Read More

  • Trutap races to be the mobile IM aggregator of choice

    If instant messaging, and now mobile IM is a commodity market, then UK-based mobile startup Trutap has decided to try and become the aggregator of choice for the mainstream consumer. The TechCrunch40 finalist from 2007 now supports a host of IM protocols, accessible from within a slick Java interface. However it’s in a race with startups like Mig33, Nimbuzz, eBuddy, Palringo and… Read More

  • Girls in the Middle East like dressing up their virtual Stardolls

    Stockholm -based Stardoll emerged from a simple Geocities page in the early part of the century, to “Paperdoll Heaven” in 2004. As Stardoll it took $4 million in Series A funding from Index Ventures in February 2006, and $6 million in a B Series round lead by none other than Sequoiain June the same year. Now it’s about to enter the Middle East after seeing growing traffic… Read More

  • Latest classfied ads on the CrunchBoard

    Below are the latest jobs and classfied ads on CrunchBoard. Every week we showcase the top ads from the board to TechCrunch UK readers. Here’s the CrunchBoard UK RSS feed and you can subscribe to the email newsletter here. Post your ad up today for the limited special offer of £20 per ad. Senior Web Developer London Social Media/ Web 2.0 leader seeks Technical Delivery… Read More

  • Come to Helsinki for the TechCrunchBrunch@Slush event

    It’s cold and dark in November, especially in Finland. But you can’t keep a good Finn down! That’s why Slush is going to be a cool new event for tech startups showcasing all the major Finnish Internet era success stories from F-secure to Jaiku, from Habbo Hotel to MySQL, along with all the latest Finnish startups. TechCrunch UK is partnering with Slush, and we’ll be… Read More

  • LinkedIn grabs UK's Huddle with launch of OpenSocial apps

    LinkedIn has today launched its OpenSocial applications platform and one of the first providers will be UK collaboration and project management startup In fact, it is the only European company on the applications provider list. Huddle Workspaces will be a bespoke application inside LinkedIn’s service with all the key functionality of its main service. In a nutshell you can… Read More

  • Intern wanted for TechCrunch UK (maybe)

    This is not set on stone as it really depends on finding the right kind of person. If I don’t find them then there’s no vacancy. But anyway: I’m looking for an intern for TCUK. Someone curious (ok, very curious) about Web/Mobile tech startups, possibly (probably!) already blogging and willing to take direction. Ideally located in London. Also there is some database work to… Read More

  • London TechHub – It might actually be happening

    Back in July I got a little tired of the perennial problem that hampers the development of startup eco-systems in the UK and Europe: The lack of definable geographic clusters where startups can congregate. This is not just a “nice to have”. Silicon Valley became a big deal – admittedly after decades – because people there were largely in tech. They met eachother and… Read More

  • London's Playfish raises $17m series B round

    London-based Playfish – which we speculated at one point was doing very well out of its social games on Facebook – has raised a whopping $17 million series B round led by Accel Partners and Index Ventures. This confirms the growing view that VCs will start to put more money into their strongest performing portfolio companies than into riskier early stage startups. Kevin Comolli… Read More

  • Startups show their wares at Web2Expo Europe

    The TechWeb/O’Reilly Web 2 Expo Europe event in Berlin last week saw some Silicon Valley stallwarts come together with Europe’s Web 2.0 crowd. They were joined by a bunch of startups all trying to get some exposure to a swathe of VCs who flew in to work the halls and walk disinterestedly passed the Expo booths. This year the event was much better located and in a hugely better… Read More

  • TechCrunch LateCrunch Event Wrapup

    What’s a good strategy when about 1,000 developers and startups converge on one point? Throw a Techcrunch party of course. So it was with some relish that we threw an end of conference networking event for startups following the Web 2.0 Expo Europe O’Reilly / TechWeb conference in Berlin. We decided to call it LateCrunch, opened up tickets and over 300 people turned up. Read More