The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • Serbian mobile startup KlikMee does tags for printed content

    KlikMee is a new mobile startup based out of Serbia a mobile application which allows users to take a picture of a special tag printed on a page and automatically open content on the web using their mobile. Its interesting that this kind of application is appears in Europe, where it’s been pretty commonplace in Asia for quite some time.Your download and use of this application is free… Read More

  • Spotify launches CD-quality streaming for subscribers

    In a move that will further delight it’s growing cohort of fans, streaming music startup Spotify is launching a much-requested feature, namely CD quality streaming. Spotify subscribers will be able to listen to music in CD quality sound as of this week. Till now the service has been available for free at a good sounding quality of 160 kb/s. But the service has moved to make… Read More

  • Gambling liberalisation in France is producing a wave of social gaming. Beterz is the latest

    It’s only the beginning, but it”s gonna be big: the wave of online sports betting is now reaching French shores. The legalization in France, programmed for early 2010, of some gambling and betting games online (Poker and Sports betting will be first) has started to attract large numbers of investors and big media groups. Backstage, partnerships are taking place and everyone wants… Read More

  • European MySpace employees wait for a bloodbath

    Four days ago MySpace announced they were laying off 30% of their staff in the U.S. and promptly sent 400 employees packing. The announcement stated that the layoffs only applied to U.S. employees. That strongly indicated that the next up for termination were over 100 of its international employees, as it has almost 30 offices around the world. MySpace in Europe covers 19 territories via 6… Read More

  • Twitterholics in Serbia will like their new URL shortener (ikrme mean “iHog”) is the first Serbian URL shortener. Ok, so it’s the only Serbian URL shortener, but hey… The guy behind the project is Predrag Stojadinovic, known from his previous work on, the first serbian OpenID provider. There is an emerging wave of Twitter and Friendfeed users in Serbia, and they are likely to make hay with this new… Read More

  • Austria – There are startups in them there mountains!

    With only 8 million people, Austria is not exactly a large country in Europe and until recently the country’s Web/Tech Scene has been correspondingly small. However, it’s getting there. A number of startups have turned up in recent Seedcamps in Berlin and Ljubjana, Slovenia and in fact three Austrian start ups were chosen as finalists in the former city. Years ago this would have… Read More

  • This week StudiVZ won a battle against Facebook – will they lose the war?

    If you’re living in Germany, you may have heard of Plagiarius, a jokey, negative awards event. The awards are “given to those companies that the jury has found guilty of making ‘the most flagrant’ design imitations.” Looking through this year’s winners, you’ll find a trolley, a door handle, a watering can, amongst others. Of course, but for these… Read More

  • French Startup ScreenToaster Acquired By Veodia

    ScreenToaster, easily one of the best web-based screen recording tools out there, is now in the hands of enterprise video platform provider Veodia. The San Mateo, CA based company – backed by $8.3 million in venture capital – has acquired the former for an undisclosed sum and intends to integrate its offering in its enterprise video SaaS suite later this year. For Paris-based… Read More

  • A Conversation With GetJar CEO Ilja Laurs (Video)

    I’m here at the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference in sunny Barcelona and today had a great conversation with GetJar founder and CEO Ilja Laurs which I recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. GetJar, in case you don’t know, is a platform and device-agnostic central marketplace for mobile applications which Laurs bills as the world’s largest independent, open application store. Read More

  • Tremors tells you the Twitter vibrations about a place

    It’s pretty obvious that wherever you are in the world, you’re usually looking for the best bar, hotel, venue you can get for your money. And all the information is out there now, especially on live streams like Twitter. The problem is searching it and finding it. So if you could somehow match tweets to actual venues you could also use that data to rate the venue itself. The… Read More

  • @TCEurope is looking for office space in London

    Our apologies for this brief intermission in our coverage, but perhaps you can help. TechCrunch Europe is looking for office space in London. Above is a picture of an ideal-sized space we saw recently. It was in the “Silicon Roundabout” area, in the same building as a bunch of tech startups, but someone else took it. As you can see it’s a large space, and the reason… Read More

  • The Europas – Pitch competition

    On the evening of The Europas itself we will be holding quick-fire pitch competition for a handful of startups. To be considered for the pitch competition you need to email TechCrunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher, with a one side of A4 text-only pitch, and also include the URL of your company/project/startup etc on CrunchBase (you can add your company onto it if it is not already there). Read More

  • Yahoo! Mobile launches in Italy – kicking off a new game?

    Two things you can say about Italians: that they’ve been eating their heart out for not pushing a Series A team to the Champions League’s final in Rome, and that they go mad about mobile phones. Italy has 88.58 million subscribers in total – that’s an eye-watering 152.4% penetration rate, one of the highest in Europe. And 3G traffic has been rising considerably with all… Read More

  • Guardian releases crowd-sourcing app to pick over MPs expenses

    Perhaps stung by the fact they were never offered – or perhaps just didn’t offer enough money? – the UK MPs expenses story which the Telegraph has made so much hay with, The Guardian is taking a different tack. Parliament has now released all of the expenses online, so the Guardian has released an application to pick through the expenses using crowd sourcing. Users can… Read More

  • The Europas Awards – Clarifying the categories

    A few people are asking me about the categories for The Europas and although most people have it right, a few need clarification. In all cases we are looking for companies from Europe primarily, but also the Middle East and Africa (effectively “EMEA”). The word “Startup” in this instance is defined as a company that has been in existence for less than three years and… Read More

  • SpinVox rolls out across Latin America

    SpinVox, the voice to text messaging provider, is rolling out across 12 more countries in Telefónica’s network across Latin America. The move follows the October 2008 launch with Telefónica’s Movistar Chile. The countries include Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, as well as Vivo, Telefónica’s… Read More

  • The Europas – How to enter and who's coming

    Preparations for The Europas – The TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009 – are coming together. I really hope you have July 9 booked in your diary, and you got your tickets and your hotel and flight booked (if needed). Remember also that you can check out, and book hotels through our hotel search partner HotelMap (which is a pretty cool rendering of hotels in London). The Europas will be… Read More

  • – the URL shortener for Twitter that generates cash for charity

    You may have heard of a new URL-shortening service on the block called It’s a product spun out Skimlinks, an affiliate links aggregator we’ve covered extensively before. The connection is that is linked to affiliate schemes which then generate cash for charities. If you use to make a product recommendation on Twitter (it’s also at @good_ly) and… Read More

  • Amuso partners with Bebo and the Metro newspaper

    London-based social “game shows” startup Amuso has launched its live multiplayer, micropayment-based trivia game platform with Bebo, and UK national free-paper Metro. Is this the first deal to be done for a between a social networking company and a newspaper business? No. But it’s one of the first in the UK. Amuso is also understood to be “in advanced talks”… Read More

  • eRepublik Raises €2 Million For Social Strategy Gaming Platform

    Madrid, Spain-based eRepublik, makers of what the startup refers to as a ‘massive online social strategy game’ (MOSS), has just raised €2 million – approx. $2.8 million – in Series A funding from AGF Private Equity. The company had previously raised up to €750,000 in seed funding from the VC firm and a host of angel investors, bringing the total invested to… Read More