Lora Kolodny

Lora Kolodny re-joined TechCrunch in San Francisco in 2016 as emerging technologies editor and video host. Earlier, she worked at TechCrunch in New York as a cleantech writer and trends editor.

She returned to TechCrunch after spending four years on the venture capital beat with Dow Jones VentureWire and the Wall Street Journal in San Francisco.

Lora began her business and tech reporting career as a staff reporter for Inc. magazine during the dotcom bust.

She also covered the business of entertainment for The Hollywood Reporter. And she wrote a blog for the New York Times called “The Prize,” covering the winners, losers, innovation and deal-making around business and tech competitions.

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  • UberCab Ordered to Cease And Desist

    UberCab Ordered to Cease And Desist

    Did Ubercab just crash and burn? Taxi and limo industry insiders in California today informed TechCrunch that the San Francisco Metro Transit Authority & the Public Utilities Commission of California have ordered the startup to cease and desist. UPDATE: Since the orders arrived on October 20th, Ubercab has remained in service under threat of penalties including up to $5,000 fee per… Read More

  • In San Antonio, Greenhouse Gases From Sewage Are Saved And Sold As Energy

    This week, a new biogas facility opened in San Antonio, Texas, and began turning greenhouse gases into a power source. Companies that partnered to develop and run the new facility are the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) which provides potable water and treated wastewater to about 1.3 million people in Texas, and Ameresco, a publicly traded energy services company. The project captures methane… Read More

  • Kontiki Raises $10.7 Million To "Ruin 'Undercover Boss'"

    Enterprise video communications company, Kontiki, has raised $10.7 million in series B funding led by the company’s earlier backers, MK Capital, and joined by New World Ventures and Cross Creek Capital. Kontiki aims to give big corporations their own private Youtube, or a way to use video to connect and teach employees, decrease travel expenses and increase… Read More

  • Brammo's Newest Electric Motorcycle, The Enertia Plus, Gets 80 Miles Per Charge

    The Oregon based electric motorcycle company, Brammo, today announced and began taking pre-orders for the Enertia Plus, the company’s fifth and latest model. Set for delievery in 2011, the Enertia Plus comes with a 6.0 kWh Brammo Power Lithium Ion battery pack, and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $8,995.
    (Electric motorcycles can qualify for federal and state tax rebates… Read More

  • Dell, IBM Top Newsweek's List Of Most Environmentally Responsible Public Tech Companies

    Today, Newsweek released its environmental rankings of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in America, and internationally as measured by revenue, market capitalization, and number of employees. The U.S. list included forty-nine tech sector companies. Their rankings were based on criteria including: “[the companies’] actual environmental footprint, management of that… Read More

  • Ice Energy Closes $24 Million To Help Power Companies Beat The Heat, Efficiently

    Ice Energy, a Windsor, Colorado company, closed a $24 million series C investment to help electric utilities shift peak energy demands in the buildings they power to off-peak during hot weather. Investors in the round included TIAA-CREF’s Global Social and Community Investing Department, Good Energies, Energy Capital Partners, Sail Ventures and Second Avenue Partners. The way Ice… Read More

  • Ten Culprits Of The Global Water Crisis (And Startups Trying To Solve It)

    Some 1.8 billion people have internet access in the world today, but 1 billion people lack access to adequate amounts of freshwater. Harsh realities about water inspired Blog Action Day this year, an initiative led by Change.org, to rally bloggers to explore the global problem, to raise awareness and money to help solve it. The issues around water in 2010 concern scarcity, access, pollution… Read More

  • GrubHub Delivers Android Beta, New iPhone App

    GrubHub, a service that lets you order food for delivery or take out from local restaurants online or by mobile phone, released a new iPhone app and an Android app in beta last week. The company also revised its native Web app to take advantage of HTML 5 features like geolocation and client-side storage. The new apps feature a GPS-enabled restaurant search. Users can find the restaurants… Read More

  • GE Acquires Smart Grid, Specialty Software Designers, Opal Software

    General Electric (GE) — one of the world’s largest, corporate cleantech investors and acquirers of cleantech companies — today announced its acquisition of Opal Software, which designs software and provides engineering services that help electricity, gas and water utilities run their operations and networks faster, and more productively. Opal’s specialty is in data… Read More

  • 2010 Global Cleantech 100 List Dominated By American And Energy Efficiency Businesses

    The Cleantech Group LLC in conjunction with the UK’s Guardian News and Media, released their second annual Global Cleantech 100 list on Wednesday. The rankings recognize private, for-profit, independent cleantech companies that are most likely to make a significant, global market impact over the next five to ten years. This year, 3,138 qualifying companies were… Read More

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Startup, Redwood Systems, Aglow With $15 Million Funding

    Redwood Systems, a Fremont, Calif. company that makes and installs network-based LED lighting control systems for commercial facilities attained a $15 million series b round of funding, the company announced today. Index Ventures led the investment, and was joined by the company’s earlier backers Battery Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners. Neil Rimer, co-founder and partner of Index… Read More

  • Study: 82% Of U.S. Consumers Bail On Brands After Bad Customer Service

    Study: 82% Of U.S. Consumers Bail On Brands After Bad Customer Service

    New research from RightNow and Harris Interactive…reveals that 82% of consumers in the U.S. said they’ve stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience. Of these, 73% cited rude staff as the primary pain point, and 55% said a company’s failure to resolve their problems in a timely manner drove them away. Almost everybody surveyed, a full 95%… Read More

  • Solar Electricity To Power 200,000 U.S. Homes By End of 2010

    Solar is likely to surpass one gigawatt of installed, power-generating capacity this year in the U.S. — that’s enough capacity to power 200,000 homes — according to a report released today by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GreenTech Media Research. The researchers believe that photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) installations in the states are… Read More

  • Sizing Up Symantec's Corporate Social Responsibility

    Symantec, the software and security company best known for its Norton internet security and antivirus software, released its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report on Monday. For the uninitiated, CSR reports put a company’s social and environmental objectives, not just their profit and revenue outlook, on the record. They are meant to encourage all businesses, no matter their size… Read More

  • Sustainable Brand Setbacks: Tesla Roadsters Recalled, SunChips Packaging Shelved

    Advocates for environmentally sustainable business are having a rough week. Two products beloved by the movement, the Tesla Motors Roadster, an all-electric vehicle, and PepsiCo Frito-Lay’s SunChips, the snacks sold in biodegradable bags, are suffering setbacks. Tesla voluntarily recalled Roadster models 2.0 and 2.5 due to a fire risk… and PepsiCo Frito-Lay announced it would… Read More

  • Security Software Startup, SocialShield, Raises $10 Million To Keep Kids Safe Online

    SocialShield, a startup that helps parents monitor their kids’ online behavior without violating kids’ privacy, raised a $10 million series A investment, the company announced today. Venrock and U.S. Venture Partners led the investement. SocialShield gives parents high level visibility into what kids are doing, and who they’re interacting with online and via mobile phone. Read More

  • IBM Releases CityOne, A "Serious Game," For Urban Planners, Civic Leaders And Executives

    The idea of gaming for more than a high score and bragging rights has been around for some time. The U.S. military used flight simulators and Mission Rehearsal Exercise video games in training programs as early as 2001. More recently, scientists at the University of Washington began using a game called FoldIt to solve problems related to molecular science and, as the title suggests, folding… Read More

  • Clean Tech Investor Vinod Khosla: "Environmentalists Get In The Way"

    “Environmentalists get in the way…and do more damage than they know,” said Vinod Khosla, one of the world’s leading clean tech investors, today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. Why? Self-described environmentalists demand or adopt technology that sounds promising without a sense of its true cost or impact to the environment. “Painting your… Read More

  • ADstruc, A Marketplace For Outdoor Advertising, Closes $1.1 Million Series A Round

    The New York-based startup ADstruc — an online marketplace for outdoor advertising — closed a $1.1 million series a investment led by DFJ Gotham, with participation from RRE, Founder Collective, Jeff Clavier, David Cohen, Kal Vepuri, David Tisch and Social Leverage (Howard Lindzon) today. The 26-year-old founder and chief executive of ADstruc, John Laramie, developed his auction… Read More

  • Intuit, GE Executives Trade Notes On Innovation And Acquisitions

    Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco today, Scott Cook, the founder and chairman of Intuit, and Beth Comstock, the chief of marketing and vice president of General Electric (GE) traded notes on innovation, investing and acquisitions. Intuit’s best-known products include Turbo Tax, Quickbooks and Quicken, software that helps consumers, the owners of small and medium sized… Read More