TechCrunch+ roundup: Find your valuation, international visas, hiring for growth

If your face doesn't appear on the team slide in your company's pitch deck, this would be a good time to cancel your upcoming vacation. And maybe one of your subscription boxes.

Dear Sophie: What are the visa options for international founders?

I started a startup in Pakistan with a couple of co-founders a few years ago. One of the co-founders and I want to move to the United States to access the market. What are our visa options?

Dear Sophie: Any USCIS updates on automatic work extensions and premium processing?

My H-1B expires soon and my employer filed an extension. I’m thinking about self-petitioning an EB-2 NIW green card -- what's the latest on premium processing?

TechCrunch+ roundup: Finding product-market fit, pitch deck teardown, getting into YC

"Trust me with what you don’t know or what’s not working," says GV investing partner Freerique Dame, "because once we invest, we’re going to have to work on this stuff anyway."

Dear Sophie: When should I sponsor engineers for green cards?

The engineers that we’re trying to recruit to work at our startup are increasingly requesting that we sponsor them for green cards. Can you give me a rundown of the green cards that are available?

TechCrunch+ roundup: Immigration law Q&A, finding your problem, why a16z pitched Deel

This week, we're running several articles on entrepreneurship as TechCrunch staffers recap their conversations and panel discussions from our Early Stage event earlier this month. Stay tuned!

TechCrunch+ roundup: Churn rate basics, BNPL fraud, fundraising IP checklist

The venture capital market is slowing down, which means early-stage founders are chasing a smaller pool of money. We asked VCs to name a pro forma pitch practice they think founders should retire.

10 IP and commercial contract loose ends to tie up before you approach investors

For startups, ensuring their intellectual property and commercial contracts are in order can be helpful to achieving a smooth financing.

Submit your questions for a TechCrunch+ Twitter Space with immigration law attorney Sophie Alcorn

If you're a startup worker or founder who has questions about living and working legally in the U.S., please join this upcoming Twitter Space with immigration law attorney Sophie Alcorn.

Dear Sophie: Can a startup sponsor a graduating co-founder?

What are the options for an advanced-degree graduate from a U.S. university who wants to co-found a startup upon graduation? Can the newly minted company or other co-founders sponsor the recent grad?

Dear Sophie: I didn’t win the H-1B lottery. What are my next steps?

My employer entered me in the H-1B lottery, but I wasn't selected. I heard that my degree now qualifies as a STEM field, making me eligible to continue working under OPT. How can I stay in the U.S.?

Dear Sophie: Supporting Ukrainians with H-1Bs and beyond

We entered a prospective Ukrainian employee who fled to Poland in the H-1B lottery, but they haven't been selected yet. How can we support them?

TechCrunch+ roundup: YC demo days, pitching warm up drills, Kentucky’s Bitcoin miners

Clearly, demo days are a showcase for tech media, but how much value does this performative Silicon Valley tradition create for founders and investors?

Dear Sophie: What can we do to help employees who are Ukrainian citizens?

We have several employees who are Ukrainian citizens. We want to make sure they can continue to live and work in the United States. What should we do?

Dear Sophie: How long does it take to get International Entrepreneur Parole?

Both my co-founder and I have E-2 status. We need to find a quick visa option, as a VC investment will dilute our equity and we will no longer be eligible. How long does IEP take? How can we expedite?

Dear Sophie: Is there an easier route to L-1As and STEM O-1As?

As my Indian company continues to grow, I’m considering coming to the U.S. with my family and purchasing a home. What are my best options?

Dear Sophie: How long does it take to get International Entrepreneur Parole?

My co-founder and I have E-2 status and we're expecting a VC investment. We are interested in International Entrepreneur Parole, but we’re concerned about timing. Should we consider an alternative?

Dear Sophie: 2 questions about the latest immigration news

My goal is to co-found a fintech startup while on an F-1 OPT. I heard that I could to qualify for STEM OPT given the expanded list of STEM fields. Can I continue working at my startup on STEM OPT?

Dear Sophie: How can US tech companies support Ukrainians with immigration?

Here are some guidelines for how U.S. founders, tech companies, and VCs can support Ukrainian citizens with U.S. immigration.

Dear Sophie: Startup visa news, H-1B and STEM OPT queries

My crystal ball says that there is actually hope for a startup visa in 2022!
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