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R&D Roundup: Tech giants unveil breakthroughs at computer vision summit

Computer vision summit CVPR has just (virtually) taken place, and like other CV-focused conferences, there are quite a few interesting papers. More than I could possibly write up individually, in fact

Dear Sophie: Is immigration happening? Who can I hire?

Despite the administration’s efforts, immigration is STILL possible during this pandemic.

Dear Sophie: Will the US suspend H-1Bs and other work visas? How should I prepare?

It's important to remember that giving unsolicited advice (especially advice regarding things that have yet to happen) is scary and a huge gamble.

Long-term profitability is the only growth metric that matters

The majority of Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley startup marketing budgets aren't optimized for long-term profitability.

Dear Sophie: How can I bring my brilliant friends from Guatemala to work at my startup?

There’s no rule that prevents you from hiring people who you happen to be friends with, but unfortunately there’s no immigration category for friends, either!

In uncertain times, jump start your SEO

Follow these seven steps to quickly go from having no SEO to a foundation for organic growth and visibility that will serve you well through any economic situation.

Dear Sophie: Which visa should a startup pursue to hire someone from Mexico?

Our company has never sponsored anyone for a visa. What type of visa should we pursue, how much will it cost, how long will it take, and what should we keep in mind?

Dear Sophie: Can I create a startup on a dependent visa from Australia?

I’m eligible to receive a visa and a work permit under my husband’s visa. Can I form my own startup with that dependent visa and work permit or do I need to find a job with an American company?

The best investment every digital brand can make during the COVID-19 pandemic

Customers don’t just forget about the companies that treated them well — and post-crisis, they’ll be more likely to return to the vendors who gave them a good experience.

We throw away 80% of our content ideas, and you should too

Plenty of ideas have merit, but when it comes to which ones you move forward with, make sure you’re investing time and budget into the ideas with the highest probability of value and success.

Dear Sophie: Can I work in the US on a dependent spouse visa?

My spouse’s startup is transferring her to the U.S. to help set up an office there. Will I be able to go with her and work in the U.S.?

Why micromobility may emerge from the pandemic stronger than before

Since its inception, shared micromobility services have been in a precarious position — one supported by millions of dollars in venture capital. But the COVID-19 pandemic has brought even more turmo

Why is Eugene Kaspersky funding a travel accelerator during COVID-19?

Eugene Kaspersky made a name for himself in cybersecurity as CEO of Kaspersky Labs, but the Russian security expert has a new passion project: he’s funding an online accelerator that aims to sup

Dear Sophie: What’s the best option for international founders to expand in the US?

Thanks for reaching out. Based on your situation, the E-2 visa for treaty investors and employees may offer the best option.

Dear Sophie: Can I still get a green card given COVID-19, layoffs and recent H-1B changes?

"I was recently laid off but found another position at a growing biotech company. How long do I have to apply for a green card?"

Dear‌ ‌Sophie:‌ Will a PPP loan‌ affect my visa renewal or green card?

Will‌ ‌receiving‌ ‌PPP‌ ‌funding‌ ‌count‌ ‌against‌ ‌me‌ when I renew my E-2 or file my I-485 for my green card given‌ ‌the‌ ‌“Public‌ ‌Charge”‌ restriction

Dear Sophie: How can we support our immigrant colleagues during layoffs?

When you lay off employees on an H-1B or TN visa, they will have 60 days or the visa end date plus 10 days — whichever is shorter — to find a comparable job or another visa to remain in the U.S.

Dear Sophie: How do I extend my visa status without leaving the US?

I'm an E-3 visa holder and I usually go back to Australia to extend my visa. Given the COVID-19 travel restrictions, how do I extend my immigration status from inside the U.S.?

Don’t apply for a PPP loan unless your affiliation issues are resolved

Because the terms of the PPP are so compelling, it simply has to be looked at as a financing source.

Dear Sophie: Is unemployment considered a public benefit?

Would getting unemployment benefits hurt my or my spouse’s green card petition under the new public charge rule?
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