Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a South African-born, Canadian-American businessman, inventor, investor and philanthropist. He founded Zip2, a web software company, with his brother, Kimbal, and sold the company to Compaq in 1999. In March 1999, he co-founded X.com, an online financial services and email payment company, which later merged with Confinity, a company that operated the subsidiary PayPal.

In June 2002, he co-founded SpaceX, which aims to advance the state of rocket technology, lower the price and improve the reliability of orbital spaceflight, and enable human exploration of Mars. In 2004, Musk invested in Tesla Motors and in 2008 became its CEO and chief product architect.

Elon Musk is chairman of the Musk Foundation, a philanthropic organization that focuses on science education, pediatric health and clean energy. He also sits on the boards of The Space Foundation, the National Academies of Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, The Planetary Society and the Stanford Engineering Advisory Board.