The product of Patreon

Patreon is aggressively pursuing a new three-year product vision that is, in the words of SVP of Product Wyatt Jenkins, to build “the world’s best membership SaaS product for creators.” With abo

Zuora partners with Amazon Pay to expand subscription billing options

Zuora, the SaaS company helping organizations manage payments for subscription businesses, announced today that it had been selected as a Premier Partner in the Amazon Pay Global Partner Program.  Th

Elastic’s IPO filing is here

Elastic, the provider of subscription-based data search software used by Dell, Netflix, The New York Times and others, has unveiled its IPO filing after confidentially submitting paperwork to the SEC

Zuora Orders aims to drive subscription renewals and expansion

The goal of subscription-based companies is to not just land the customer, but to keep them and expand over time. Zuora, which has always had the goal of helping companies manage subscriptions announc

Zuora’s IPO is another step in golden age of enterprise SaaS

Zuora’s founder and CEO Tien Tzuo had a vision of a subscription economy long before most people ever considered the notion. He knew that for companies to succeed with subscriptions, they needed

VCs are hungry for Instacart, big money for bikes and a slew of enterprise IPOs

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week was a damn corker. Instacart is fighting back! Zuora went

Subscription biller Zuora soars 43% following IPO

Subscription biller Zuora was well-received by stock market investors on Thursday, following its public debut. After pricing its IPO at $14 and raising $154 million, the company closed at $20, valuin

Enterprise subscription services provider Zuora has filed for an IPO

Zuora, which helps businesses handle subscription billing and forecasting, filed for an initial public offering this afternoon following on the heels of Dropbox’s filing earlier this month. Zuor

Zuora to acquire Leeyo to help customers cope with upcoming accounting rules changes

Zuora, the company that helps customers deal with subscription billing, and counts cloud companies like Box, Okta and DocuSign as customers, announced its intent to acquire Leeyo Software, Inc., a pri

Zuora latest cloud company to launch predictive data product

Zuora, the cloud company that helps SaaS companies and others manage their subscription businesses, launched Zuora Insights today, a product designed to help customers understand the nuances of the da

Zuora update lets customers mix and match revenue models

Zuora has always been a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to the subscription economy. Company founder Tien Tzuo recognized something in 2008 when he left a comfortable job at Salesforce to launch

Life, by subscription

The American dream is no longer for sale -- but it is for rent. We are slowly going through a subtle shift in how the economy is owned and operated, with massive implications. On an average day, you m

Zuora $115M Investment Round Validates Subscription Approach

Zuora, the company that helps customers manage their subscription models, today announced a massive $115M funding round involving not just Silicon Valley venture capitalists, but also public market in

Zuora’s Journey To Managing The Subscription Economy

The idea for subscription billing startup Zuora was born in Marc Benioff's office. In 2006, K.V. Rao, then a WebEx senior engineer, was meeting with Benioff and Salesforce CMO Tien Tzuo. Tzuo made a c

Scout, Zuora Partnership Could Help Subscription-Based Businesses Soar

Scout by ServiceSource, a company that helps customers maximize subscription revenue, announced a partnership today with Zuora, the subscription billing service. It’s seemingly a sensible partne

Zuora Lands $50M From Next World, Paul Allen, Marc Benioff & More To Help Fuel The Rise Of The Subscription Economy

Over the last few years, Startup Land has played home to the dramatic re-emergence of a tried-and-true, familiar model: Subscription commerce. The rise of smartphones, tablets, “The Cloud,&#8221

Revstream Adds Cloud For Managing The Booming World Of Subscription Services

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.revstreamone.com/">Revstream</a> has a new offering for SaaS providers and subscription-based companies that takes into account the dynamics of managing cloud serv

Old Publishers Dive Into The New: Pearson Inks API Billing Deal With Zuora; Adds Food To The Mix

Pearson, the owners of Penguin, the Financial Times Group and a number of education imprints, has made some significant strides into digital with e-books and apps, but it is always on the hunt for mor

Subscription Billings Platform Zuora Nabs $36M From Index, Greylock At $300M-Plus Valuation

<a href="http://www.zuora.com/">Zuora,</a> a SaaS startup that offers online services to manage and automate customer subscriptions and payments, has raised $36 million in new funding from Index Ventu

Steve Jobs Doesn’t Want to Kill Publishers, But Apple’s Subscription Strategy Will

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/2559416048_1cf9912909_o.png" /> Publishers have been struggling for years. Now local newspapers, magazines and even the New York Times, that
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