Zune 2

A few more Zune details [Update, again, again]

So I just got off a call with Microsoft regarding the Zune and we have a few more details for you.

Zune Social: Discover what music your friends like, then buy buy buy

I’m probably in the crowd Let’s chat about the Zune Social, Microsoft’s music-centric social networking (Isn’t “social networking” redundant? When are you “an

Video: Bill Gates explains why the Zune 2 is ::thumbs up::

Hey, you know what’d be great? If Bill Gates told us why the Zune 2 is good. I gotta say, that Wi-Fi music sync features is pretty clutch. Hopefully this will force other companies to get on boa

Zune 2: Can someone tell me what 'you make it you' means?

If I have one problem with the Zune 2 (other than not working too well with my iMac), it’s the new slogan—”you make it you.” What does that even mean, Microsoft? I make it me o

Zune 2: Don't immediately discount them

Microsoft launched the Zune 2 family last night while I was dreaming about being a New York City police officer (that’s real, btw), to, nearest I can tell, nearly zero fanfare. (That’s wha

Here's what happend at Microsoft today, hands on with the Zune 2

Sweet Zune o' Mine: Where do we go, now, where do we go?

So now the new Zunes are out and about, cool. They’re a big improvement to the original, which had been out less than a year. And while we’re supporters of the Zune and the Zune marketplac

Zune 2 family launched: We're digging Dad and the kids

Not sure if you heard about this, but Microsoft, a software and technology company out of Redmond, Washington, is just today announcing a new portable media player. It’s the first sequel to the

Zune press release sneak peek leaked, MS shrieked, source's outlook bleak

Holy moly, Zune day is rolling along nicely. Somebody, and we’re not saying who, mostly because we don’t really know, has leaked the embargoed Zune press release set for midnight tonight.

FCC spills Zune 2 information; 4GB, 8GB, and exactly what we thought

Oh, by the way, readers, today is Zune day. Why is it Zune day? Because the Zune 2 is launching tonight, like, duh. At this point it’s about as secret as the fact that president Carter was behin

CrunchRumor: Zune 2 launching on the 16th, maybe tomorrow [Update]

There seem to be rumors floating around today that the Zune 2 will be announced tomorrow, but there’s no definitive confirmation as of yet. Our inside sources have hinted at it, but we’re looking

Zune 2 On October 16th

The guy over at iwantapinkzune.com isn’t an official source however this dude seems to be pretty sure that the Zune 2 will be out on October 16th. Obviously, bloggers are the most credible peopl

Zune Details Leaked

Zune Scene is currently running a piece on Zune 2 and the Flash Zune that are supposed to be released later this year. The story goes that a Zune employee was encountered on a business trip and spille