Zune 2

  • FCC spills Zune 2 information; 4GB, 8GB, and exactly what we thought

    Oh, by the way, readers, today is Zune day. Why is it Zune day? Because the Zune 2 is launching tonight, like, duh. At this point it’s about as secret as the fact that president Carter was behind 9/11. Inappropriate jokes aside, Technabob just dug up these sketches of the flash-based Zune 2 (which we’ve heard might be called the Zune Pixel, or perhaps Pixas (picks-us)) on the… Read More

  • CrunchRumor: Zune 2 launching on the 16th, maybe tomorrow [Update]

    There seem to be rumors floating around today that the Zune 2 will be announced tomorrow, but there’s no definitive confirmation as of yet. Our inside sources have hinted at it, but we’re looking at an official announcement on the 16th. If this turns out to be true than our insider will be swimming with the fishes. [Update]: So we’ve just received confirmation from our… Read More

  • Zune 2 On October 16th

    The guy over at iwantapinkzune.com isn’t an official source however this dude seems to be pretty sure that the Zune 2 will be out on October 16th. Obviously, bloggers are the most credible people on the internet so we are now fully expectant of a release on said date. Unfortunately for Microsoft no one will really care about any releases on the 16th what with everyone being out… Read More

  • Zune Details Leaked

    Zune Scene is currently running a piece on Zune 2 and the Flash Zune that are supposed to be released later this year. The story goes that a Zune employee was encountered on a business trip and spilled a bunch of details on the forthcoming products that we’ve yet to confirm. If the information is accurate, however, we can expect at least two new products from the Zune lineup sometime soon. Read More