Zune dos to get text messaging over Wi-Fi…NOT

A recently leaked support document reveals that the Zune 2 will include an inbox where Zune Socialites can send and receive messages amongst each other, but that doesn’t necessarily entail text messages in the way we’re used to. In fact, this is all just a crock of poopoo. If you look closely at this particular slide you’ll notice that it never mentions ‘text messages’ anywhere. It does say ‘text from the message’ and that’s how it should be interpreted. There’s no secret message and I have no idea who the hell thought it meant text messaging.

Zune Socialites will be sending their friends messages through the Social and by what other method should receivers interpret a message? Is it subliminal or do all Zune owners have ESP. Learn to read before you go throwing around rumors about something so obvious. What a waste of time.

ZuneBoards [via Zune Scene via Giz]