CrunchGear's Reviewing the Unknown Contest Update

Entries are rolling in and you guys are GREAT at making up stuff about stuff. Take this one, for example:

The teenage years are by far the best and easiest part of parenting. At the age of 16, teenagers are finally able to get a job like they have always wanted. By that age, they are very responsible with money and will offer to use it to help their parents pay down the mortgage rather than waste it by buying video games and a car. Also, the education they are getting in high school will turn them into geniuses, enabling them to get full academic scholarships to the best Ivy League schools, insuring that they get very high paying jobs as soon as they graduate. By then, the parent’s financial problems will be over, because their child can support them forever.

Vote early and often, friends! To recap, readers of CrunchGear know full well that 95% of the time we have no idea what we’re talking about. Well, we want you to get in on some of that action by reviewing something you’ve never seen, touched, or even know exists. Two posters with the most comments, votes, and number of votes, wins either an 80GB iPod Classic or a 80GB Zune 2. Here’s what to do.

1. Pick an item that you’ve never seen. It could be a Kindle or a Zune or God.
2. Log in to BFF and post your review. The headline should be “Blind Review of XXX” where XXX is the item you’re reviewing. This is important so I can programmatically generate the scores.
3. Tell the world about your review and have your friends comment, vote, and generally create a ruckus. Sometimes friends are slow and don’t know how to vote. Those friends can leave comments.
4. Repeat.

Enter many times or just once. Most importantly, however, make us laugh and/or cry. Add a picture by hotlinking to your flickr stream or wherever else — BFF can’t host pictures yet. Also, write in your best CG style which includes misspellings, half-baked opinion, and ranting. We will close entries next Tuesday at noon EST.