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    CrunchGear's Reviewing the Unknown Contest: Last Day!

    Readers of CrunchGear know full well that 95% of the time we have no idea what we’re talking about. Well, we want you to get in on some of that action by reviewing something you’ve never seen, touched, or even know exists on BFF. Two posters with the most comments, votes, and number of votes, wins either an 80GB iPod Classic or a 80GB Zune 2. Here’s what to do. Read More

  • CrunchGear's Reviewing the Unknown Contest Update

    Entries are rolling in and you guys are GREAT at making up stuff about stuff. Take this one, for example: The teenage years are by far the best and easiest part of parenting. At the age of 16, teenagers are finally able to get a job like they have always wanted. By that age, they are very responsible with money and will offer to use it to help their parents pay down the mortgage rather than… Read More

  • Banana Zune coming [Updated]

    Holy bonkers! The flash Zune will soon add a 16GB model that’s yellow! Yes, you read that correctly. It’s going to be 16GB of banana-colored goodness. Ok, not really, we’ll see 16GB, but not yellow. I thought the Social was over? You make it you, right? Updated: One of CG’s faithful, Brian R., just sent this in saying he’s seen a yellow Zune in a tv spot: I… Read More

  • Zune 2 sells out across the Web. Wait, what?

    What’s the hardest to find and most sought-after portable MP3 player on the market? Is it the fantastic iPod Touch? The new fat Nano? Nope. It’s the Zune. Read More

  • Ballmer gets immortalized with a Zune Original design

    This is how you know you’ve made it. That tattoo of Clippy is pretty awesome, too. Zune Originals ‘Ballmer’ Frigtard [iPhone Savior] Thanks Rymon! Read More

  • Zune firmware hacked for USB drive goodness

    I was unaware that you couldn’t use the first-gen Zune as an external drive via USB without hacking it and now, apparently, the new firmware has locked down that hack. I wouldn’t know, I hardly used my Zune since I didn’t have enough hard drive space on my MacBook to install Windows, which I’ve done since my upgrade to Leopard and I finally got myself an external. Oh… Read More

  • Zune Originals up and running, steer clear of the Tattoo Series

    So, I just took a quick look at the Zune Originals site and the Artist Series looks great. I may just have to cave in and get one because they’re that cool. The Tattoo Series is a different story. I’m so happy they didn’t include any tribal designs because I’d just barf, but it’s nothing special. It’s all crappy tattoo flash that you’ll find at the… Read More

  • Customizable Zunes are wicked cool

    I think I’m beginning to understand the whole You Make It You thing, but I could be wrong. I think it’s very cool that MS is taking the laser engraving beyond some stupid text like Apple does, but you’re really not making it you, per se, when you’re using graphics from 18 different artists that includes 27 unique designs. Wait. No. That’s pretty damn cool and if… Read More

  • Zune 2 review roundup

    This guy needs to get laid. Does it suck? Will it kill the iPod? Will you buy one? Do you care? The general consensus seems to be that Microsoft is at the cusp, but they’ve fallen short once again, though, it’s a vast improvement over the first gen Zune. It takes Microsoft a bit of time to catch up, but once they do, I think the Zune will be a worthy opponent. We’ll see how… Read More

  • CompUSA selling 80GB Zune for $1,113.07

    Looks like CompUSA has been selling the 80GB Zune 2 for some time now and for $1,113.07! It’s probably a typo and I doubt that people would spend that much money on a Zune, but it’s pretty funny when retailers make such bloopers. They’re sold out online so who knows. It’s not a typo. CompUSA will sometimes put the release date as the price in items that haven’t… Read More

  • Flash Zune already sold, but doesn't work

    Zunerama forum’s n00b, eds, has acquired him/herself with a brand spankin’ new Zune before the Tuesday launch. That’s all well and good, but he/she can’t use said Zune 2 until the firmware is released on the 13th. What a bummer. Totally takes away all the fun of having it first if it won’t work, right? Oh, but what about the install CD? Yeah, I guess it… Read More

  • Zune update next week

    I know we’ve covered this multiple times in the past, but I was just filtering through some e-mails and came across this from the Zune team. Maybe you’re just joining us and haven’t been bombarded with all the Zune 2 coverage so take note that November 13th is the day your 1st gen Zune will be updated to unleash new features and all that jazz. You make it you or something… Read More

  • Zune ad team, I don't get it

    Video: Zune TV Spot Between the new Zune ads and Sony’s PS3 gibberish, I’m beginning to lose faith that I’ll ever see a good advert ever, again. This new ad is very arsty fartsy, but I don’t understand what’s going on in it. He’s watching a video of animated ice cream, which makes him daydream about climbing… Read More

  • You Make It You: First Zune 2 ad

    v2.0 of the Zune is fast approaching its November 13th launch date and the first ad appeared yesterday revolved around the “You Make It You” campaign. I can’t quite understand what’s going on in the ad so watch for yourselves. A new site, http://www.zunejourney.net, was also launched for the campaign to help educate consumers on the basic features of the Zune and what… Read More

  • Zune 2 already on sale?

    Apparently this is the case at a Walmart in St. Louis. zune 2 in the wild! [itsnotlikethat] Read More

  • Zune dos to get text messaging over Wi-Fi…NOT

    A recently leaked support document reveals that the Zune 2 will include an inbox where Zune Socialites can send and receive messages amongst each other, but that doesn’t necessarily entail text messages in the way we’re used to. In fact, this is all just a crock of poopoo. If you look closely at this particular slide you’ll notice that it never mentions ‘text… Read More

  • Zune 2 80GB interface demo

    Here’s a pretty in-depth look at the interface on the new Zune 80GB. I won’t lie, it looks pretty slick. Read More

  • Zune 2 launch date confirmed

    We just received confirmation from our little birdie that the launch date for the new line of Zunes is November 13. Yeah, Amazon already leaked that info, but it’s nice to have confirmation. Read More

  • Zune Tattoo Guy to get more Zune tattoos, less girls

    We like the Zune series of music players. We really do. We’d like them more if they’d work on our Macs, but that’s another story. We don’t, though, like them as much as Steve Smith of Sioux City, Iowa. Steve has not one, not two, but three Zune tattoos on his body. And, now that the new Zunes are out, he’s planning on more. Our editors wanted me to speak with… Read More

  • What do you think of the Zune 2?

    Now that you’ve had some time to digest everything, what do you think about the Zune 2? I like my first generation Zune, but it’s difficult to manage because I don’t have a PC and I’m not about to run Boot Camp or Parallels for it. In most instances I like it over my iPod, but I have the first photo iPod and that’s obviously ancient compared to the Touch iPod. Read More