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Zero Punctuation: Dark Void It’s amazing. I agree 100% with this episode of Zero Punctuation. “And that’s Dark Void. It&#8

Zero Punctuation on Demon's Souls: it's too hard!

<img src="" />This week, Yahtzee takes on the game that is, to me, the best reason to buy a PS3 right now: <a href="http://www.escapistmag

Zero Punctuation doesn't really like New Super Mario Bros. Wii or Left 4 Dead 2

Just in case you find yourself on and not, here’s Zero Punctuation’s review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Left 4 Dead 2. He’s fairly critical o

Yahtzee semi-likes Modern Warfare 2

<img src="" />Another week, another Zero Punctuation. Not surprisingly, this week has Yahtzee taking on <em>Modern Warfare 2</em>. In a nut

Zero Punctuation loves him some Batman: Arkham Asylum

<img src="" />In an uncharacteristically positive review, Yahtzee dispenses the usual accolades for this well-received title, then notes t

Zero Punctuation takes down Wolfenstein with limericks I can see why he chose this here style to give voice to his critical bile it’s quick and distinct works

In case you missed it: Zero Punctuation number 100

<img src="" />Yahtzee reviews Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for his 100th review, then goes on to indulge in a little celebration afte

Zero Punctuation on Ghostbusters

<img src="" />This week, Yahtzee takes a look at a game we've actually been looking forward to: <a href="

Yahtzee woolgathers on and around The Sims 3

<img src="" />In this pleasantly digressive meta-review, Zero Punctuation examines not only the newest Sims game, but the psyche of the pl

Zero Punctuation rips E3 a new Natal

<img src="" />Not surprisingly, Yahtzee was not amused by almost anything at E3. I can understand that; there were a lot of promises made

Zero Punctuation on inFamous

<img src="" />I was prepared to completely blow off inFamous as more hype-fueled garbage, especially after Tycho from Penny Arcade dumped

Flash: Zero Punctuation sorta likes Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

<img src="" />Quick, someone check if Hell has frozen over. This week, Mr. Zero Punctuation talked fast about <i>Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X</i>,

Shock: Zero Punctuation doesn't like Resident Evil 5

<img src="" />Yahtzee, of Zero Punctuation fame, is never wrong. In his crosshairs this week is <i>Resident Evil 5</i>, a delightful romp

Zero Punctuation on FEAR 2

<img src="" />Yahtzee makes his trademark withering remarks this week with his review of FEAR 2: Project Origin. I got to see the game

Zero Punctuation on LittleBigPlanet

<img src="" />Yahtzee hits a home run on this one. Very inspired. The intermission was particularly entertaining — although I hop

Zero Punctuation on Far Cry 2

<img src="" />Yahtzee sinks his terrible teeth into Far Cry 2, which I was just playing last night. He pretty much has the same impression I

Video: Surprise, Zero Punctuation does not like Tomb Raider: Underworld

<img src="" /> This is <a>this week</a>'s episode of Zero Punctuation. He reviews <i>Tomb Raider: Underworld</i>. He doesn't like it

Zero Punctuation on Guitar Hero World Tour

Zero Punctuation on Fallout 3

Zero Punctuation on Saint's Row 2
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